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This page features top sites of interest to book publishers, authors, and self-publishers.
Lots of book marketing tools and resources are featured here.

Note: This is a personal list, based on the judgment of John Kremer. If you'd like to nominate an appropriate website, please email John Kremer. I know that I have missed some companies I truly would like to add to this list. Your company might be one of those. - book marketing expert John Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

Acses Book Price Search Engine - This service allows consumers to compare prices from over 20 online bookstores! A good place to see what your books are selling for (after discounts and postage) at the major web booksellers. Note that this service makes its money by joining the associate sales programs of all the featured booksellers.

All Books Free - A site for sharing ebook versions of your novels, short stories, and children's books. All books are freely available for anyone to download and read. Alexa rank: 1,674,010 in October 2010.

Any New Books?, Antonio Cangiano, Founder. Email: - Features notifications to users of new books in various subject categories. They have a simple editorial policy: With the exception of areas that will be clearly marked as advertisements, all the content of our newsletter has been selected and curated by us, not by our advertisers/sponsors. This assures you that a book will appear solely in a weekly email on the grounds that itís interesting and new, not because of some behind the scenes deal with a publishing company.

AuthorBuzz - Email: Puts authors in touch with 365,000 readers, 12,000 librarians, 5,000 booksellers, and 14,800 leaders of bookclubs.

Authors Access - Internet radio show.

Authors and Experts, Five Star Publications; 480-940-8182; Fax: 480-940-8787. Email: - A place for authors, experts, and speakers to connect with the media and for those looking for speakers.

Autographed by Author - This website sells autographed copies of books direct from the authors (the authors fulfill the orders and give a percentage to the site).

Book Blog - Debra Hamel does book reviews in this blog. She also does reviews at

BookBlaster - An email query service for writers of both fiction and nonfiction. Queries sent for a price to agents and publishers. - Helps authors locate book review sites on the web as well as book signing venues in the real world. At this time, a free service with an paid upgrade service.

BookDaily - Features the first chapter of 80,000 books. Some things are free on this website, many things you must pay for. Alexa rank: 543,896 in October 2010. - You can list your book here for free or pay to get more prominent position. Their description: We are working to build a site where every book is listed (hence, we offer free listings), and provide direction to where these books can be purchased (usually the author's or publisher's website). We want to give readers access to all books that are available, not just the ones that are picked and chosen for display or distribution by larger companies. Compared with other search engines, we are book specific and allow users to place their own content onto the site.

BookLoons - Hilary Williamson, Editor. Email: Features 12,900 book reviews for fiction and nonfiction, teens and children.

Book Marketing BestSellers - Lots of solid, helpful information from an acknowledge book marketing expert - it doesn't get any better than this! We are biased.

The Book Marketing Network - This free Book Marketing Network provides blogging capability, book trailers, photo-sharing, and - most important of all - forums for discussing and sharing tips, resources, success stories, and questions and answers. We could create a vibrant sharing community here. But it's all up to you to join and get involved. This isn't my site. It's yours. But I will be active in it.

Book Pleasures - Norm Goldman, Editor. A book review and author interview site. Offers paid options for quicker reviews.

Book Reporter - Where readers and writers click. Also does,,,,, and more. Their main website is way too busy, too many ads, and doesn't really seem to feature unknown authors.

Books & Writers - Offers a regular notification of a title's ranking at and

Booksigning Tips - 40+ tips from Larry James.

BookSpot - Provides links to book-related sites, including reviews, reading lists, author sites, publisher sites, bookstores, online texts, and more.

Bookstores List of Lists - A listing of bookstore lists available via the Internet.

BooksXYZ - Dedicated to the free flow of information, this site encourages authors and self-publishers to list their works here.

BookTalk - Features author pages, publishing articles, some promo ideas, publisher and literary agent listings. Only a few author listings, apparently paid.

Children's Book Insider - The website features items and reports from the editors of the Children's Book Insider newsletter.

Cookbooks We Love - Offers cookbook picks and reviews, featuring a hand-picked selection of the editor's favorite cookbooks.

Curled Up With a Good Book, Sharon Schulz-Elsing, Editor, 5408 West 32nd Street, Sioux Falls SD 57106; 605-610-WRIT; Fax: 605-367-1198. Email: Features book reviews of literary and mainstream fiction. Second site: featuring children's books.

DailyLit, 434 Mamaroneck Avenue #105, Mamaroneck NY 10543. Email: This website allows people to subscribe to 500+ titles via email or RSS. Contact them for info on how to add your titles.

Departure Lounge Bookshop - A travel website that features books (via paid promotions).

Editorial Freelancers Association, 212-929-5400; Fax: 212-929-5439. EFA is a national, professional organization comprising editors, writers, indexers, proofreaders, researchers, translators, and other self-employed workers in the publishing industry. Founded in 1970, EFA has over one thousand members who could help you with editing your books.

Education Oasis, Kimberly Wagner, Editor, 226 N. Nova Road #386, Ormond Beach FL 32174. Email: Web: A teacher-created website that features teacher resources as well as reviews of children's books, YA books, and professional books as well as adult books used in high schools.

Feathered Quill - A book review site. You must pay for reviews. Pricing is not listed. Bad form.

First Chapter Plus - Sends first chapters of books to 35,000 subscribers. You must pay for a listing. Alexa rank: 3,456,451 in October 2010.

Free Books for All - A site where you can share ebook versions of your book for free. Alexa rank: 845,908 in October 2010.

Top 700 Independent Bookstores Data Files - This list started out as 500, then 600, then almost 700 general bookstores. It includes names of the buyers and event coordinators, address, phone, fax, email, website, and other information about each bookstore. You will be able to download six different formats (your choice of one or all) as well as an information sheet to let you know what is contained in the various data file formats (Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, and rich text format). Data file download, $40.00.

Independent Publisher Hall of Fame - Book publishing expert John Kremer highlights independent publishers who have made the big time.

Internet Book Database. Authors can list books in the database, host a forum, post a bio, and publicize your book, all for free.

Library of Congress - This particular link provides great links for book fairs. The general Library of Congress site has lots of great information for publishers, including info on how to apply for a Library of Congress Catalog Card Number.

Library Spot - Book-related and reference links.

Literary Market Place Online - A large part of this directory of the book publishing industry is browseable for free. Other parts are available only via subscription. Take a free look around all sections until the end of August, 1998.

Memoir Reviews - Lists and reviews memoirs, only memoirs.

NetRead: The Publishing Portal - This site offers tools and services for writers, publishers, agents, contractors, and booksellers.

NovelSpot - Offers some book reviews and interviews for novels. Paid service.

OnceWritten - Allows any author to submit a Meet the Author essay via the website. You write a 350-word essay about your experiences and challenges in getting published or about your on-going challenges with marketing your book.

Page One Literary Newsletter - A website for writers. Horrible home page.

Para Publishing - The site of Dan Poynter and Para Publishing. Lots of book publishing info here, including many free reports. Dan says he has more than 450 pages of free material on site.

Publishers and Agents - A paid service to connect authors with literary agents and/or book publishers.

Publishers Lunch, Michael Cader, editor; Email: This site collects news stories of specific interest to trade book professionals. Also includes commentary and insider perspective. - Matches authors, publishers, and agents. Allows searches for books, authors, publishers, agents, and illustrators.

Readers Favorite - Email: Book reviews and awards.

ReaderViews, Irene Watson, Managing Editor. Email: Offers low a la carte packages for authors, publishers, and publicists. Their reviews are syndicated by Reuters, USA Today, NBC, Fox News, etc. Also includes (kid's book reviews) and (live author interviews).

ScriptBlaster - Pitch your script to Hollywood via email.

Self-Publishing Hall of Fame - Another great resource from self-publishing expert John Kremer.

Sensible Solutions for Getting Happily Published - Solid information about finding a publisher from a pro (Judith Applebaum).

Substance Books - A paid web promotion network for books and authors.

Sunset Script - Offers screenplay analysis and coverage, pitch contests, festivals, script reading, screenplay contests, entertainment industry networking, and more.

TeachingBooks, Nick Glass, 313 W Beltline Highway #204, Madison WI 53713; 608-257-2919; Fax: 608-327-8010. Email: For K-12 children's book authors, publishers, illustrators, and teachers. 10,000+ links to great information. Also offers thousands of teachers guides on Pre-K through 12 books, hundreds of multimedia author programs.

To get featured, email Carin Bringelson, their information manager, at with the following information: URL of your website, URLs to any interviews you've done, URLs to any book guides about your K-12 children's books (including ideas on how to use your books in a classroom).

TitleZ - Currently a free service, this website allows you to check current and historical Amazon ratings for the top 400,000 titles going back to November 1, 2004.

Top 101 Independent Book Publishers - Features John Kremer's selection of the best of the independent book publishers.

Top 25 Independent Bookstores - Features the best independent bookstores in the United States along with information on the Top 700 Bookstores data files.

Verso Advertising, 50 West 17th Street, 5th Floor, New York NY 10011; 212-292-2990. Advertising solutions for book publishers.

Worthy of Publishing, Aaron Cook, Director, 79 Lynbrooke Avenue, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland 1007, New Zealand; 64-9-377-8583; Fax: 64-21-612-642. Email: This website features books or manuscripts from new authors and self-publishers. Self-publishers can include a Buy This Book link that, if clicked, costs the self-publisher 50 cents. If a publisher wants to publish a manuscript featured on the website, they pay Worthy of Publishing a 3% royalty on the book.

Write That Novel - A short website about writing novels.

Write to Win, Earma Brown. Email: Helps service business professionals and writers get started and complete a book. Brown is author of Write Your Best Book Now and Push Button Easy Book Marketing Strategies ebooks.

Writer's Digest - Provides a searchable guide to online and print publications, consumer and trade. Also many articles and features drawn from the pages of one of the great magazines for writers.

Writer's Freelance Network - A resource site for writers and editors.

Writer's Weekly - Features information on e-publishing and promotion, syndicating a newspaper column, and other freelance writing tips. Also publishes a free weekly e-newsletter for writers.

Writers Store, 310-441-5151; 800-272-8927; Fax: 310-441-0944. Features writing tips and resources for writers and filmmakers.

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