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This page features expert sites across the web. Use these websites to find help for any project you have, from book covers to website designs, from software creation to iPhone app development, from logos to articles. Search for freelance writers, designers, software developers, and more.

For legal help, check out - An encyclopedic website owned by the New York Times.

Abuzz - An expert site. You can't query specific experts but must select from interest groups or circles. - 1,500 volunteer experts staff this free site, answering questions in 45 areas. If the visitor requires more comprehensive answers, the expert can negotiate a fee at that time. This site does not verify the expertise of its volunteers.

AnswerBag - Q&A community. Experts - A directory of the experts that has approved to answer questions on their website. They have 207 million registered users.

Ask a Sales Pro - Provides free emailed answers to sales-related questions.

Ask Anything - This site acts as an outsourcing service to other Internet content providers so they can add a question and answer feature to their sites. Again, this service connects people with question to people with answers (a community of experts).

Ask Jeeves Answer Point - Normally, other visitors answer the questions but the tougher questions are sent to AnswerPoint Enthusiasts. You can sign up to be an Enthusiast by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.

Aska+ Locator - Directory of expert sites. - Food experts and cookbook authors.

Asking Point - Features answers to questions in more than 120 categories from arts and entertainment to science and computers. - Features 30,000 experts. It now draws more than a million unique visitors each month.

Authors and Experts - A place for authors, experts, and speakers to connect with the media and for those looking for speakers.

Become an Instant Guru - In this 6-audio CD program, Bob Bly shares proven, pragmatic methods you can use to quickly and easily become the recognized authority in your field in as little as 90 days. You can master the art of being a guru in about a week of listening in your car. Cost: $97. Includes two free $29 reports: How to Write a Book and Get It Published and How to Do Your Own Public Relations.

Blink - Features expert and amateur lists of bookmarks, where people can share their bookmarks with others.

Bodalgo - The marketplace for voiceover talent. If you are looking for great voice talent to narrate your audio, do voiceover for a video, etc., this site is a great place to connect with more than 2,500 voice talents who can speak in up to 50 languages.

Celebrity How-To - This site features tips on a variety of subjects. Most of the experts featured on this site are regular folks.

Clip2 - Another site that allows users to share their bookmarks with others.

College Speaking Success Boot Camp - If you want to speak at colleges, James Malinchak is the man to talk to. His boot camp will teach you everything you need to know to become a paid speaker on college campuses around the country (and earn from $100,000 to $1 million per year doing so). College campuses are a great place to promote many kinds of books. For a free report on 10 Deadly Speaker Marketing Mistakes, click on the title. Note: His next boot camp is May 1 to 4, 2008, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Consultants Directory - Lists over 20,000 consultants in 300 different categories. People come to the web site to search for consultants and/or to post projects and questions that consultants can review and send proposals.

Coroflot - A premier design portfolio and job-posting site. You pay a fee to Coroflot if you find a designer to do your job.

Craigslist - This online classified ad site can be used to solicit experts or amateur help for any design, service, or product you need.

CrowdSpring - Like 99Designs, this site allows you to crowdsource graphic designs, web design, industrial design (packaging and product design), and photography (custom photos, retouching, etc.). Could be used for book covers as well.

Design Crowd - Offers crowdsourcing contests for designers of logos, websites, brochures, posters, flyers, illustrations, business cards, book covers, t-shirts, etc.

Design Outpost - Allows you to create a budget, set project parameters, and request pitches for logos, artwork, website layouts, and other design requirements. - Provides access to freelancers around the world who will bid on your next project: writing, graphic design, software, video, audio, logs, website design, etc. Of course, you can also bid on project that you complete for others as well.

Epinions - Features reviews of new products by consumers.< - 877-968-7397. Email: This site lets users contact advisors and negotiate a price ( gets a 20% commission for putting the two together and doing the billing). Advice is provided in 14 general categories with many subcategories. They screen their experts based on education, professional background, and other criteria and make online résumés available for visitors to read. They have an in-house recruiting team for signing up experts in various categories. They currently have 20,000 experts and more than two million visitors a month. Rated the best paid expert site by Yahoo Internet Life. also offers Expert Networks for other web sites.

Expert Central - This site features 10,000 experts in 18 categories (such as pets, personal finance, careers, automobiles, or law) as well as a searchable database of previous questions and answers. Short questions and answers are usually provided free. For more complicated questions, the visitor and expert negotiate a fee from which the web site takes a 15% commission. They also have an in-house recruiting team. Now owned by

Expert City - An online marketplace for real-time, expert-assisted help, learning and advice about computers and software. Users simply send a computer question and multiple qualified experts respond within a few seconds, each submitting a bid for the session. For instance, one expert might offer to address an issue for $6, while another might bid $11 to resolve the same issue. Questioners decide based on price and quality (ratings determined by previous users) which expert they will use. - Experts pay to have their listing in this Yellow Pages directory of experts.

Experts Exchange - This site currently features experts on computers and technology only (80 detailed categories).

Freelance Help - A job site dedicated to the creative freelance market that allows writers, designers, photographers and other creative professionals to sell or auction previously completed works online. The Creative Marketplace for example, was developed to market countless numbers of articles, illustrations, designs, photographs and video segments that are completed but never produced.

Freelance Switch - You can place an ad on the Freelance Switch job board for free. Professional freelancers pay a monthly subscription to find freelance jobs.

Get a Freelancer - Get freelance help for any project.

Goofy Guy - This free service offers answers to computer questions but is currently expanding to other subject areas.

GuestFinder, Lorilyn Bailey, LORMAX Communications, P.O. Box 40304, Raleigh, NC 27629-0304; 919-878-9108. Email: This online directory brings authors and other experts to the attention of various media. $199 for a full-page listing per year. - They define themselves as “a virtual water cooler for the entire freelance industry” - a place for freelance experts to find projects, career advice, support services (like health insurance), and a forum to talk to other experts. Book cover artists: (you can list your book cover projects for proposal there). The site features 250,000 freelance programmers, web developers, graphic designers, writers, and more. - Features volunteer human resource experts who respond to questions about their particular area of expertise in HR. Visitors can ask questions and get answers within 72 hours or less and it's free. Experts and visitors can then comment on the questions or answers. Experts can publish relevant articles and add their own comments or questions to stimulate discussion.

I C Planet - ICplanet helps you find the projects that match your professional and personal needs by giving you free access to good searching and matching tools. You can showcase your talents and expertise to companies which might hire you as a consultant.

IFreelance - A place to offer freelance services or find freelancers to write, edit, create software, or any other freelance jobs. - This website will syndicate your expertise to other sites and pay you for it. You can also license material from other sites to use on your site. As of April, they had 804 providers of syndicated content going to 190,000 plus web sites. - This site has been heavily advertising in USA Today and other major media. It currently has 15,000 members who can answer each others' questions, either for free or for a fee (with Keen taking a 30% cut). People can call you direct or email you for an answer. Your personal information is never given out. All questions are relayed via

Knowpost - A free expert web site. You must answer a question before you can ask one.

Logo My Way - - Connects companies needing custom logos, T-shirt designs, business card designs, and more to artists from all over the world.

Mad Scientist Network - Features answers to common questions (e.g., what prompts a baby's first heartbeat?) from scientific volunteers.

Mahalo Answers - Ask and answer questions on any topic.

Marketing Hub - A marketing expert referral engine, searchable by category and topic. If you are a marketing expert or looking for one, this is the place to go.

99 Designs - Need something designed? 99designs connects clients needing design work such as logo designs, business cards or websites to a thriving community of 23,668 talented designers. Connections between clients and designers is conducted via contests. You select the winner and give them the award. - Allows you to hire freelance online work teams for any project.

People Per Hour - Find outsource freelancers for programming, content writing, graphic design, research, accounting, etc.

Scriptlance - Connects businesses with freelance programmers.

Service 911 - Computer know-how site.

VWorker - Formerly known as RentACoder, this is an outsourcing network for developing software, writing Javascript, designing websites, creating widgets, and now doing any other virtual work. Probably the best place to find a freelancer to write short little software programs to carry out things you need done in the real world or online.

Speak on Cruise Ships: 8 Easy Steps to a Lifetime of Free Luxury Cruises - If you would like to travel to exotic destinations at no cost (with your spouse!) and sell some books at the same time, you should check out this information program by Daniel Hall. He provides the inside scoop on how to contact cruise ship lines, which lines are interested in what topics, and how to book speaking engagements for any trip you want to make via cruise ship. We're talking Love Boat experiences galore :)) Cost: Just $97. Neat.

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