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Top 101 Internet Marketing Websites

This web page features top sites for putting together your Internet marketing program, including key search engines, submission services, exchange services, Internet PR services, information services, and many more!

Please note that this is a very personal list, based on the sole judgment of John Kremer. If you'd like to nominate a referral program, associate sales program, pay-per-click programs, or other website paying programs, please email John Kremer. I know that I have missed some companies I truly would like to add to this list. Your company might be one of those. Thanks for your support. John Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

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Internet Marketing Resources

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Useful Sites for Internet Promotion

Alert Site For as little as $5.00 per month, this site will alert you to any broken links on your website as well as any slow performance.

AlertBot Website monitoring service that tests website availability, performance, and alerts webmaster of downtime. Also provides ftp, http, pop3, snmp, https, smtp, ip, and dns server monitoring. Free 15 Day Trial.

Award Sites Rates and links to 2,000 sites that offer awards.

ClickZ One of the best resource sites for all things having to do with developing and marketing websites.

Direct Online Marketing; 800-979-3177 Features a beginning definition list of Internet marketing terms. Also offers online lead generation and Internet marketing help.

Good Free Stuff Web Review This newsletter lists free stuff on the Internet, including newsletters. Again, be sure your free offers and free email newsletters are listed here.

Internet Infomercial Toolkit If you want to learn how to create videos (both as infomercials for your website but as well as for YouTube and other video-sharing websites), you need this toolkit created by Michael Koenigs and Rocket Helstrom. It shows you how to shoot, edit, and launch your Internet videos. Also shows you how to put the resulting video on your website as well so people can see and hear you. Cost: $997.

Internet Marketing Explained This incredible series of audio, video, and more teaches you everything that Armand Morin knows about Internet marketing, and he knows a heck of a lot. More than 98% of other Internet marketers. The best Internet information marketing resource out there right now. Includes 34 CDs of content, a live seminar (which, if you cannot attend, you'll be able to listen to via the web), 8 weeks of training videos, 4 Generator Software products, resale rights to all videos on the IME blog, and a teleseminar describing how Armand generated $4 million last year from just talking. Cost: $1,997.

NetMechanic This site allows you minimize gifs, check links, and do other website maintenance for free (on web sites less than 400 pages).

NetPost Eric Ward's site promotion website. Eric has launched everyone from to Rodney Dangerfield's

Pay Per Click Search Engines Features the search engines that give you top position on specific searches, for payment.

ReadWriteWeb A resource for what's new on the web. Very useful.

SEOChat The best website for maximizing your search engine natural searches. Features lots of tools and resources for getting the most website visitors from search engines.

Slashdot Motto: news for nerds, stuff that matters. All about technology and more. Can search for stories by keyword.

Smashing Apps Features free and useful online resources for web designers and developers.

Ten Non-Techie Ways to Market your Book Online This ebook by Judy Cullins shows how to get thousands to your site daily and sell all the books you want. Discover how to augment your traditional marketing with easy, cheap, and doable online marketing. No buying ad words, just doing what you do best: writing and submitting articles. Cost: $44.95. If you want to get more traffic to your website and/or get top ten rankings in Google searches for your keywords, this program not only shows you how to do it, but they also make it very easy to do. These guys make it so easy to use video to post to your blog, drive traffic, and build awareness of what you do. A fantastic resource. Plus, the cost of joining includes some wonderful resources for creating and posting videos. Very well explained and easy to use. It got my juices flowing really fast. Cost: From $47 to $147 per month.

Virante SEO Tools A wonderful collection of tools for search engine optimization.

Web Digest for Marketers An incredible resource site for all things about web marketing.

Website Garage This site provides inexpensive tools for optimizing your site and analyzing your site traffic. For instance, they offer the Hitometer, which for $4.99 per month provides a detailed report that identifies those links, directories, keywords, and search engines that are most effective in getting people to visit your site.

Website Grader Helps you see how your website is doing as a marketing vehicle.

WilsonWeb Subscribe to their Web Marketing Today newsletter and get some free ebooks. Also check out their Web Marketing Research Room.

Blogging and Social Networks

Blogging sites and resources, blogging directories, group blogs

Knowledge-sharing websites, wikis, widgets, and more

Social networks and social networking

Video-sharing websties

Banner Ad Networks

These networks sell banner ad space on your websites to other companies and sites).

Double Click

247 Media

Other Internet advertising possibilities

Content Sources

Sources for additional content for your site or other projects. Also places where you can submit articles for other sites to feature. Click here.

Ezine directories

Online news release services

Top 5 Search Engines (featuring URL submission pages)

AOL Search: 10 to 15% of the market. 8% of searches in February 2006; 4.4% in July 2007 (comScore Networks).

Ask Networks: 5.5% of the market (2005). 6% of searches in February 2006; 4.7% in July 2007 (comScore Networks); 4.16% of online searches in the U.S. in February 2008 (HitWise).

Google: The largest web site search engine. 33% of the market (2005). 45.1% of searches in September, 2005. 42% of searches in February 2006; 55.2% in July 2007 (comScore Networks); 66.4% of online searches in the U.S. in February 2008 (HitWise); 70% of the U.S. market in October 2008 (Hitwise).

Microsoft Network (MSN): 15% of the market (2005). 11.7% of searches in September 2005. 14% of searches in February 2006; 12.3% in July 2007 (comScore Networks); 6.95% of online searches in the U.S. in February 2008 (HitWise); 5.5% of online searches in the U.S. in October 2008 (HitWise).

Yahoo!: 31% of the market (2005). 23.3% of searches in September 2005. 28% of searches in February 2006; 23.5% in July 2007 (comScore Networks); 20.6% of online searches in the U.S. in February 2008 (HitWise); 19.6% of online searches in the U.S. in October 2008 (HitWise).

Website Rankings Provides a relative ranking for website popularity. Calculates the online popularity of the most visited websites.

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