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This page features websites of a few associate programs, referral Internet sites, and affiliate program directories.

These sites pay you money for referrals or sales. For the referral programs that I participate in, see

Please note that this is a personal list, based on the sole judgment of John Kremer. If you'd like to nominate a referral program, associate sales program, pay-per-click program, or other website paying program, please email John Kremer. I know that I have missed some sites I truly would like to add to this list. Your site might be one of those. Thanks for your support. John Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books and editor of the Book Marketing Tip of the Week newsletter

Affiliate Program Resource Sites

AdGuide Offers a listing of affiliate programs.

Affiliate Match This directory features affiliate programs and also provides information on how to make money with your website. Check out their newsletter as well.

Affiliate Thing A directory of almost 1,000 affiliate programs. Provides tips on running and marketing affiliate programs, or joining and using them.

Affiliate Trade Links Network Trade links with other affiliate programs.

Associate Programs Directory You can earn commissions by referring customers to other web sites. This directory gives you hundreds of programs to choose from. In addition, they publish a weekly newsletter about such programs and feature the Top 10 Associate Programs, information on how to set up an associate program of your own, and information on how to build lasting affiliate networks. To subscribe to Associate Programs Newsletter put SUBSCRIBE in the BODY of an email to: They feature more than 2,500 affiliate programs.

Associate-It A directory of affiliate programs. Associate-it's fully searchable and categorized database includes reviews, ratings and description of more than 1100 affiliate programs. Also features lots of free information relating to affiliate programs and website promotion.

Bookstore Associates Discussion List This discussion list features tips for operating successful online affiliate bookstores.

Commission Junction Another website that allows you to design and operate an associate program for your website. You can also sign up for many website associate programs here.

1st Free Affiliate Programs Best affiliate programs, software & training. A neatly organized assortment of the Net's top affiliate programs, plus affiliate tracking software and training resources.

GeoCities Home of more than 3,000,000 personal sites, GeoCities is now offering to handle all the details of affiliate network relationships for its member sites. It may expand this service to outside sites as well.

Making Money This site rates affiliate/associate programs based on user ratings and comments. Also offers other info on how to make money with the Internet.

Refer-It This is a search engine for referral, associate, and other revenue sharing programs. It currently features about 200 sites, each reviewed and rated, with a description and a link to the sign-up page for affiliates. It also includes information on how to set up your website referral program. In addition, it also includes a list of the top ten affiliate programs.

Sponsor Directory A guide to generating revenue from your website.

Affiliate Programs: A Sampling This bookselling site pioneered affiliate programs. It now has more than 300,000 associate sites.

American Greetings Sells online greeting cards. This site sells framed art. It has more than 3,000 affiliates. This bookselling site now has more than 100,000 affiliates.

Book Closeouts This site sells inexpensive books that have gone out of print, been remaindered, or were slightly damaged. You can buy books up to 90% off retail.

CD Now The largest Internet music retailer, is making a major push to sign up referral partners (which accounted for 10% of their business in 1997, or about $100,000 in additional sales every month). CD Now offers two deals: one for small sites, a cosmic credit program (a simple link) that offers a 5% commission, and a second deal for larger sites, a merchandising partnership that offers negotiated cash deals. CD Now currently has 207,000 cosmic credit partners and many merchandising partners.

Commission Junction Provides tools for operating successful revenue sharing programs. Dell Computers is now offering a 1% commission on any sales resulting from people you send their way.

The Electronic Newsstand Sells magazine subscriptions.

Music Boulevard Earn a commission on every CD they sell. Sells videos.

Travel Now Sells hotel reservations, airline trips, and car rentals.

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