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Here are some book marketing tips tweeted by @JohnKremer, the author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books.

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#1: Tweet. See the 30-Day Twitter Challenge: http://blog.bookmarket. com/2009/03/30-day-twitter-challenge.html #BM

In late January 2009,'s Alexa rank was 169,421. On May 3rd, it was 89,308. The 80,000 difference in three months is due to @johnkremer's Twitter activity.

#2: Speak. When people hear you speak, they become bigger fans. Fans sell books. #BM

@LilyLRatliff: Now that is the truth! Had four major engagements this year where books were really pushed! I can attest to your tip! Thanks!

#3: Sell autographed collectible copies of your book via Amazon's Sell Yours Here program. #BM

#4: Feature individual bookstores in your online promotions. Send customers direct to indie bookstores. Perhaps a weekly favorite store. #BM

#5: Create relationships with top 30 websites your potential readers are already going to for information and inspiration. #BM

@JohnKremer: Selling a book is as easy as writing a book. It's all about creating relationships. And then having fun. Short and sweet.

@JohnKremer: What do all good business people really do? They make friends. When you begin to think of business in this way, everything about business becomes more fun. Suddenly there is no foreignness, no fear, no feelings of inadequacy. We can all make friends. It's a talent we've had since we were little children. Use it.

#6: Love is the driving force for all marketing. Or it should be. Without love, it's all just politics, not business. #BM

@JohnKremer: All business should include love for their customers as part of their brand strategy. Also love for employees, partners, etc.

@JohnKremer: If businesses understood the force of love, there would be no recession. That's why there is no recession here on Twitter. Love is the word.

@phxazlaura: Fast Company had a great story on love as the basis of business a few years back.

@JohnKremer: Thanks. Much appreciated. As the Beatles once said, Love is all there is. How right.

#7: Radio is rarely the best way to promote your book. But if you are going to do radio, check out #BM

@QueenOfTheRoad: Why do you think radio is not a good way to promote books?

@JohnKremer: I did not say radio was not a good way to promote books, just not a great way. Most authors don't sell many books via radio.

@Thandelike: Why is radio rarely the best way to promote a book? because listeners don't read, can't catch title?

@JohnKremer: Radio is rarely the best way to promote a book because most authors don't sell many books that way. But some sell tons via radio.

#8: Whenever doing radio shows, hook up with the local bookstore for that area. Send people there!

@QueenOfTheRoad: Authors can sell books on radio via local bookstores. Let them know you'll be on and send signed bookplates.

@QueenOfTheRoad: I call ALL local bookstores. Readers come because heard show. Even if not, you made connection with bookseller and book is now in all those stores.

@ClintonBooks: Lots of book shops are connected in some way to their local NPR station.

#9: Do something every day. If you want to sell more books, do something every day for every book you love. Call someone. Write a letter. Create Internet links. Update your website. Write a related blog. Give a talk. Dance a jig.

@JohnKremer: One of the most important things about marketing books is very simple: You have to act. You can't sit on your butt and expect people to come to you. You have to create the word of mouth by doing publicity, giving talks, creating links on the Internet, creating relationships everywhere, and more. Then, and only then, will people come to you to buy your book.

@JohnKremer: Just do it! A great slogan for a shoe company. Practical advice for any book author or publisher.

#10: Ask. That’s where the magic and the power is—in doing that which you know you need to do. No matter what the obstacles. No matter what your trepidation. No matter how impossible it might seem. Nothing happens unless you do it. No media or market can respond to you until you ask for a response. No sales, no TV interviews, no major reviews, nothing—until you ask. Ask today.

#11: Show your heart. When writing, let people see your heart. That makes your writing live. That's what creates word-of-mouth.

#12: Keep looking. Most of your best book ideas and marketing ideas can be found right under your nose. Look around.

#13: Book marketing tip. Author showcase websites:

#14: Giving back or giving forward is the one true law of marketing. Always give. Always receive. Both are things you must do when you market books, live life, and enjoy what you are doing.

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