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New Opportunity: Now you can get a floating ad that will stay in front of your potential audience the entire time they are reading the page. Just like the floating rectangular ad for CreateSpace at the bottom of this page. Only $300 per month. We create the floating effect. You provide the graphic and link you want people to go to.

Reach up to 60,000 authors, self-publishers, publishers, and ebook producers every month for a half-cent each. We average 60,000 unique visitors every month and many repeat visitors. We have specific pages devoted to book designers, book editors, book printers, PR services, print-on-demand services, marketing consultants, distributors, and many other areas.

If you want to reach people looking for your product or service, you will find them here — right on the targeted page where they will be looking — because we rank Google #1 for book designers, #1 for book distributors, #2 for book editors, #1 for book fulfillment companies, #3 for book printers, #2 for book publicists, #3 for book publishing consultants, #5 for on demand publishers, #1 for POD printers, #1 for print on demand printers, and #2 for virtual book tour services. If people are looking for you, they will find you at!

For only $200 per month (compared to IBPA's $400 per month), you can advertise on three key related pages (not just one!) for your product or service. First come, first served. Only three ads will be featured on any one page at a time.

Thus, if you are a book printer and want to be listed on the Top 101 Book Printers ( htm) page, you have to be one of the first three companies to respond to this opportunity.

“Thank you so much for listing Annex Print and Mail Solutions on your website. Over the past 8 months, our website has received almost 100 hits a month from this referral! More than any other.” — Jeff Lazarus, former director of POD, Annex Print and Mail

“I have had some wonderful referrals from your Top 101 Book Printers website.” — Marcia Mosko, Tobu Print Group

The same is true for book designers, editors, publicists, consultants, on-demand printers and publishers, and others who want to reach a dynamic audience of authors, self-publishers, and publishers.

You have your choice of three ad sizes/positions:

Top Banner ad: 468 x 60 pixels or 468 x 120 pixels as a Gif. Png, or Jpg file. The Top Banner ad appears at the top of the page, like the Crime Writer ad above.

<==== Wide Skyscraper ad: 160 x 600 pixels as a Gif or Jpg file.

The Wide Skyscraper ad appears at the left side of the page, right under our menu sidebar, just like the ad at left.

Medium Rectangle ad: 300 x 250 pixels as a Gif or Jpg file. The Medium Rectangle ad appears within the text on the page, generally near your free listing or near the top fold of the page.

Each advertisement you place will appear on three pages of our website. On those pages where display ads appear, we will not run Google ads or other ad units. No more than three ads per page. Your advertisement will stand out.

If you have a question about this advertising opportunity or want to sign up, contact Open Horizons, P. O. Box 2887, Taos NM 87571. Phone: 575-751-3398. Email:

Again, don't delay on making your decision about advertising. Only three ads will be allowed on any one page. If you want to sell to people or companies interested in your product or service, you want to have your ad on the pages where your potential customers are looking for you.

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