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Best of the Book Marketing Bestsellers Blog

Book Design Ideas - Book Covers, Titles, Etc.

A Book Bought for Its Cover - Nicholas Christopher's A Trip to the Stars

Book Covers: Another View - Julian Gough's Juno and Juliet

Book Covers Sell Books - Maxiine Swann's Serious Girls

Book Titles Are Important - Cindy Garner's Everything Men Know about Women

Book Titles: Should You Be Able to Read Them? - featuring 7 novels

Book Titles Matter - Joshua Ferris's Then We Came to the End

Book Titles: The World's Worst

Books as Decoration

Books You've Bought for the Cover - Jessica Cutler's The Washingtonienne

Cover Test: Finding Your Own Home - Stephanie Galindo's Finding Your Own Home: The Cat Lover's First-Time Home Buying Guide

A Dramatic Book Cover - Phil Brown's Cosmic Trends

Freelance Cover Designs Via a Contest - 99 Designs

Great Book Cover - Jay Jax's Silent Eyes

Great Book Covers - samples

A Great First Line for a Novel - Jennifer Egan's A Visit from the Goon Squad

In Praise of a Blank Cover - Seth Godin's blog

Oddest Book Titles of the Year

The Power of Blurbs: Use Them Correctly - Charles Frazier's Thirteen Moons

7 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your Book by Hobie Hobart of Dunn+Associates

7 Keys to a Great Book Title - book titling advice from John Kremer

Some Great First Lines - Alice Sebold, author of The Lovely Bones

Strong Images: Strong Book Covers - John Clarke's The Pocket Psycho

Think and Grow Rich: Great Title, Great Story - Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich

Title Change Makes All the Difference - Russell Simmons's Do You! 12 Laws to Access the Power in You to Achieve Happiness and Success

Turn Book Covers into Large Art Canvases - biggyPix

Two Very Ugly Book Covers - John Hodgman, author of More Information Than You Require and The Areas of My Expertise

A Very Ineffective Book Cover - Matt Bai's The Argument

What Has Happened to Good Book Covers? - Echo Bodine's The Key and Janis Amatuzio's Beyond Knowing

Why Book Covers Count: Another Reason - Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild movie deal

Book Cover Critique: $125. I've watched key book wholesalers, chain store buyers, and producers of major TV shows pick up a book and make an instant decision on the book WITHOUT opening the book. How important is your book cover? Without a good one, your book won't sell. I'll help you to pass that First-Look Test. All for only $125. Each critique includes a 15-minute feedback session via telephone.

Email: johnkremer@bookmarket.com to set up an appointment.

“As a publisher on a budget, I can confidently say that consulting with John on the cover of The Way of Leading People: Unlocking Your Integral Leadership Skills was the best money I spent promoting my book. John provided me with clear, concise feedback while making several valuable marketing suggestions.” — Tim Warneka, founder, Asogomi Publishing International

“This was the best investment I've made on my book.” — Sandra Lewis, publisher, My Health Record

Book Title Critique: $125. While a book title critique is included in the book cover critique, I've often had to tell people to go back to the drawing board completely because their title was all wrong. If you are looking to brand your book or want to create a bestseller, a book title critique will help you to create a bestselling book before you hire a cover designer (and spend up to $3,000 on a cover with a bad title). Each critique includes a 15-minute feedback session via telephone.

Email: johnkremer@bookmarket.com to set up an appointment.

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