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If you want to run an advertising campaign for your book, website, product, or service, check out the following blog and website advertising services. OR, if you want to be paid for blogging, also check out the following website advertising services. You should be both a paid blogger or website owner as well as an advertiser. - John Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

Blog and Website
Display Advertising Programs

BlogAds: - Megan Mitzel; 919-636-4551. Email: Sells ads on 3,500 blogs covering 50 niches. Publishing advertising info: Author advertising info: If you want to sell ads on your site: If you want Blogads to place ads on your site, they take a 14% cut of ad buys directly on your site and 30% cut from those through their order pages and sales team. The average blogger makes about $50 per month with the most popular pulling up to $10,000+ per month.

BlogHer: - An online ad network composed of 2,200 women's blogs.

BlogKits: - Forge Corporation; 800-841-1369. Email: Allows you to place banner display ads as well as text ads on your blog and get paid when a sale is made (not pay per click, but pay per sale). Under their BlogKits Review program, you can get paid to write about other products, services, and websites. If you would like to advertise via their network, click here:

Brainiads: http://www. - Many book and literary blogs are part of this advertising network for the arts community.

BuySellAds: - For bloggers as publishers or advertisers.

BuzzLogic: http://www. - Email: Rewards bloggers who create quality content with higher cost per thousand impressions.

B5Media Ad Network: - Monetize your blog content without having to spend time trying to attract advertisers. Details: Features 300+ blogs with 10 million unique visitors per month.

Chitika: - 300 Nickerson Road, Marlborough MA 01752; 866-441-7203; 508-449-3870. Matches relevant and targeted ads with website content. Can be used with Google AdSense. Founded in 2003. Alexa rank: 2,180 in March 2011.

Clip Syndicate: - Search licensed professional video content from 300 providers, choose the most relevant video content for your site, embed a player directly into your site, and earn money from the featured content. You can also advertise with them and become a content provider.

Commission Videos: - Get paid to display video ads on your blog or website. Many sizes and topics available.

Complex Media Network: - A targeted ad network and distributed media platform aimed at 20-something men, with 53 million page views per month.

Dapper MashupAds: - Allows adveritisers to stream live content into their ads. You can apply for their Beta service right now.

Double Click: - Performics, 111 Eighth Avenue, 10th Floor, New York NY 10011; 212-271-2542; 866-459-7606.

Facebook Ads: - Their ads run on the user profile pages so you can target users using tight demographic data (which Facebook has captured when people build their pages). For about 20 cents per click, you can feature text and an image. You pay only when people click on your ad. Not many people have stumbled upon this advertising opportunity yet so it's wide open.

FeedBurner Ad Network: - FeedBurner, the RSS feeder for many blogs (and now owned by Google), offers advertising opportunities on blogs and blog feeds. If your blog is fed by FeedBurner, you could participate in their ad network as well.

Foodbuzz: - The #1 online food property reaching 14 million unique users monthly. We partner exclusively with 4,251 editorially-vetted food bloggers, connecting brands with tastemakers in a way no other food social media company can do. That's millions of home cooks, food lovers, recipe tasters, and grocery store shoppers your brand should connect with.

Gorilla Nation: - Claims to be the world's largest online ad sales rep firm. They represent 500 leading web publishers with 60 million unique visitors per month. Publisher information: Advertiser information:

Go Viral Network: - Get paid to feature videos on your website.

Hype Circle: - A hip tastemaker advertising network. Publisher info: Advertising info: Reaches 9 million unique visitors every month. You can select which websites you advertise on. Aimed at ages 18 to 34.

IndieClick: - Represents 200+ important online destinations for music, film, entertainment, culture, and community. Their represented websites reach more than 50 million 13-35-year-olds within online communities, widgets, viral videos, blogs, films, and digital products. Publisher information: To apply to be part of the IndieClick network, email Advertiser information: Email:

Kiptronic: - Email: Provides dynamic ad insertion and ad campaign management tools for rich media content publishers. Allows audio and video ad insertion.

LeadPile: - 877-532-3745. “By using the I-SaveNow Form, for the first time in the E-commerce history, a Blogger can sell Leads, produced from their own Blogs in various verticals, directly into the World's Largest Exclusive Leads Marketplace.” Offers a marketplace for lead buyers and sellers.

Logical Media: - Get paid to run their ads. Also 5% referral program for life: Make Money with Display Ads and Affiliate Referrals.

Market Leverage:; 888-653-8372 - Provides publishers with access to hundreds of top-notch advertisements designed to maximize online profits. Publisher information: Advertiser information:

SocialSpark: - A social marketing network that connects advertisers and bloggers together in an online advertising marketplace. Associated with Izea and PayPerPost.


TraffIQ: - An online ad exchange directly connecting buyers and sellers, advertisers and publishers. Ads include display ads, text ads, and rich media ads. Publishers include TimeOut,,, Drudge Report, and eDiets. Allows you to feature anonymous listings for advertisers or advertising space.

Travel Ad Network: - Provides advertising opportunities on travel websites around the world. Includes over 47 million impressions a month with 11.7 million unique visitors. They reach one out of five online travelers. In early summer 2008, they closed a round of financing for $15 million.

Travel Ad Network has a proven track record of generating very profitable, high-margin revenue for travel website publishers like LonelyPlanet, Rand McNally, FlightView, Viator, Rough Guides,, HotelsByCity, and more. Aggregating an audience of over 14.5 million unique users per month makes us the largest online travel information audience on the Internet. Our audience reach has successfully attracted the attention of major media buyers in the travel space. Thus, establishing a great reputation based on trust and customer service by assuring buyers that we are the exclusive representatives for the inventory we represent.

We will bring you household name, well-branded advertisers which add value to your user experience and make you more money. We build your brand with top travel advertisers. For example, here is a short list of our past advertisers that ran on our sites: Hilton, Visa, Disney, Dollar Rent a Car, Colgate, Marriott, Best Western, Travelocity, British Airways, Avis, various Tourism Boards and CVBs, American Airlines, American Express, CitiCards and more.

If you want to join the Travel Ad Network and feature their travel ads on your travel-related website, contact Scott Cherkin via email at

If you want to advertise via the Travel Ad Network, contact Neil Strow; 212-2867-0747 or email:

247 Media: - 132 West 31st Street, New York NY 10001; 212-231-7100; Fax: 212-760-1774. Offers video and rich media advertising as well as banner ads.

VideoEgg: - A rich media advertising network that guarantees brand engagement. Their network consists of 80+ million uniques across hundreds of video, social networking, and gaming sites, as well as social and mobile applications.

WidgetBucks: - Mpire Corporation, 1725 Westlake Avenue N #203, Seattle WA 98109; 206-706-5588; Fax: 866-828-3876. Email: Their WidgetBucks widget allows you to feature content from eBay, Best Buy, InfoSpace, BuddyTV, Target, WalMart, WhateverLife, and Amazon and make money from any referrals.

Pay-Per-Click Classified Ads

Ads-Click: - ICC, Route de Pré-Bois, 20, 1215 Geneva, Switzerland; 41-22-791-7380; Fax: 41-22-788-5851. Email: Advertisers: Publishers: Offers a tag cloud widget as well as regular text ad links, so you can buy ads via their network or make money featuring their ads on your website or blog. Has about 5,000 publishing partners. They serve up 5 billion pageviews per months.

Google AdSense: - Feature Google AdWords text ads on your blog or website. You can customize the look and feel of the ads to complement the look and feel of your site.

Google AdWords: - Advertise your website, blog, or web sales letter via small text ads on the results pages of Google searches as well as on other websites that feature Google AdSense ads. You pay only when people click on your ads, and you can limit how much money you spend by setting a limit per day or per month. Google has special relationships with, Food Network,, HGTV, How Stuff Works, InfoSpace, Lycos, New York Times, and more. When working with Google AdWords, check out Placement Targeted ads, which allow you to dominate an ad space on a top 10 site you target.

  • Go to and find keywords you want to target.
  • Select the URLs from the top 10 websites that have Google ads at the top fold of the page. Ignore any top 10 websites that do not have Google ads above the fold.
  • Go to Google AdWords and click on Placement Targeted ads.
  • Write your ad(s).
  • Select cost per thousand impressions for a lower cost that cost per click.
  • Add the URLs for the websites you are targeting.
  • Edit placements for specific pages on those top 10 sites so you are not paying for impressions on pages that don't apply to your topic.

Kontera: - In text advertising units. Alexa rank: 4,357 in March 2011.

Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions: - Includes Microsoft adCenter (, which is like Google AdWords, and other digital ads opportunities on Live Search, MSN, Windows Live, and partner websites such as Facebook. As with Google and Yahoo!, you set what you want to pay per click as well as your monthly budget. As far as I can tell, Microsoft does not offer a publisher network or AdSense-like option. - They advertise better returns than Google or Yahoo!, with low bid prices and a better ROI. Offers pay-per-text ads, referral programs, search boxes, and more.

Net Audio Ads: - You can earn 25% of what the advertiser spends on PPP 5-second audio ads you serve on your websites as well as 5% of what the advertiser spends on PPP 5-second audio ads played on the websites of those you refer. Advertising began on February 1, 2008. For a great audio sales message on this program go to:

StumbleUpon Ads: - Allows you the chance to create an advertising campaign to reach Stumblers for about 5 cents each. You can target by demographic, location, or category (500 such). Minimum start-up cost of $25 to reach 500 stumblers. Beware, though: They will be giving your site a thumbs up or down, so make sure your website is ready for primetime.

Text Link Ads: - TLA, 75 Broad Street, 23rd Floor, New York NY 10004; 877-480-9755. You can buy ads via this network or feature text ads on your website or blog. 40,000 websites feature their text ads. Alexa rank: 2,611 in March 2011.

Thundertext: - Niagara Media, 39 Witmer Road #402, Niagara Falls NY 14305; 646-722-6242; 800-975-1537. Email:  “In-text ad solutions allow you to maintain total control of your website. Our in-text ads appear only when your reader hovers their mouse pointer over a double-underlined key word or phrase. This non-intrusive approach allows you to maintain the look and feel of your site while still being able to monetize your site effectively. We find that click-through rates are very high because of our precise targeting of key phrases and the in-line location of the ads.”

To join their network as a publisher, you need a minimum of 50,000 unique monthly page views. If you have over 500,000 unique page views per month, you can have a private label program where you sell the in-text ads on your site. For more information as a publisher, go to:

For advertisers, their “flagship products are part of the in-text group; innovative pop over advertising modules that reside inside a double underline in the text of a website. Once activated by a web visitor’s mouse-over, the ad comes to life and pops over the copy that the visitor is interested in.” For more information as an advertiser, go to:

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Resources

Pay-Per-Post Advertising Programs

Generally speaking, I would not recommend participating in these programs. They can affect your Google ranking and can make your blog suspect. I've deleted the listings I used to have here because of this.

Select Associate Programs

Affiliate Match: - This directory features affiliate programs and also provides information on how to make money with your website. Check out their newsletter as well.

Affiliate Site X: - Offers some interesting affiliate programs and a free web page to market them. Advertises that you can make $500 per day without a website using ClickBank products.

Affiliate Tips: - Offers reviews on a large selection of affiliate programs in various niches as well as articles and affiliate marketing tools. bookmarketingupd&path=subst/ partners/associates/associates.html - This bookselling site pioneered affiliate programs.

Associate Programs Directory: - You can earn commissions by referring customers to other web sites. This directory gives you hundreds of programs to choose from. In addition, they publish a weekly newsletter about such programs and feature the Top 10 Associate Programs, information on how to set up an associate program of your own, and information on how to build lasting affiliate networks. They feature more than 2,500 affiliate programs.

Associate-It: - A directory of affiliate programs. Associate-it's fully searchable and categorized database includes reviews, ratings and description of more than 1100 affiliate programs. Also features lots of free information relating to affiliate programs and website promotion.

Associate*O*Matic: - Build a custom associate store with thousands of items in minutes. Cost: $99.00 per year for the first year and $20 per year after that.

Click Bank: - The website for selling inexpensive ebooks, MP3 audios, reports, software, data files, and other downloadable products. You can list your products here for others to resell, and you can also find other products to resell as an affiliate.

Commission Junction: - This website allows you to design and operate an associate program for your website. You can also sign up for many website associate programs here.

Free IQ - A video sharing site where people vote for the best informational videos. But it is also a information product showcase where the FreeIQ takes a percentage of any products you sell. They encourage you to showcase your knowledge and expertise via videos and then close the sale there. They'll host entire presentations that last hours or short clips. You can add new content to Free IQ here:

If you are an expert on just about any topic, Free IQ is the perfect solution to display your ideas and showcase your knowledge. We will host and stream all your content for free, whether it’s video, audio, articles or ebooks. While we reserve the right to eventually set limits, currently there is no limit to how much content you can upload. And if anyone buys an electronically deliverable (downloadable) product from you, we’ll deliver it for free as well.

For content providers, there is no monthly fee to use the Free IQ shopping engine to sell your information products. We host and stream (and digitally deliver) an unlimited of audio and video for free. For any sales you make, we charge just 5% of the sales price (plus credit card processing fees.)

For Free IQ content providers, not only can you sell your own information products, like ebooks, audio and video seminars and courses, teleseminars and webinars, live seminar registrations, subscription newsletters, training and coaching programs, or telephone or in-person consulting . . . but you can also get paid every time one of your customers buys something from anyone else on the entire web site – for a whole year!

Google Money Pro: - Offers a free website with a built-in affiliate program and an upgrade for-pay offer.

Refer-It: - This is a search engine for referral, associate, and other revenue sharing programs. It currently features about 200 sites, each reviewed and rated, with a description and a link to the sign-up page for affiliates. It also includes information on how to set up your website referral program. In addition, it also includes a list of the top ten affiliate programs.

Yahoo! Small Business Affiliate Program: com/webhosting/affiliate.php - Get paid when someone buys a domain or sets up hosting programs via Yahoo!.

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