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John Kremer's Book Marketing Tip of the Week

May 2, 2012

May is National Stroke Awareness Month ... Motorcycle Safety Month ... National Senior Travel Month ... National Photo Month ... National Salsa Month ... National Egg Month ... National Teaching and Joy Month ... National Tourism Month ... National Barbecue Month ... National Military Appreciation Month


In this issue . . .
- Pin some old blog posts this week. Do it now.
- 20-Minute Book Marketing Podcast series
- Hot blog posts on marketing, blogging, and more

Did you do this? If not, do it this week. Absolutely if you want traffic.
I've been using Pinterest to draw traffic to a hobby website of mine: - At the beginning of April, the Alexa rank for that site was 783,444; on May 2nd, it was 634,016.

I did twelve blog posts during April, all of which I pinned to Pinterest. In addition, I pinned a number of older blog posts as well. Most of the traffic to the site came from the people who came across the pins.

Here's a key way to use the hot Pinterest social network:

Take five or ten minutes every day to pin two or three of your older blog posts or website pages. If you don't have an illustration or photo on those pages, add the photo and then pin it (and your page) to

If you haven't joined Pinterest yet, do it today. Pinterest drives more traffic today than Twitter or YouTube.

You can check out my boards at

Here are a few pins I did recently for some older blog posts: >> >>

To boost the efficacy of the pins, tweet and Facebook post the pins as well. Pinterest makes it easy for you to do that at the same time as you make the pins.

Booster Note: Blog posts with images average more readers, more referrals, and more engagement than plain text posts. So you should be using images in your blog posts anyway. Pinterest pins are simply a bonus to this SEO strategy.

Note: One of my hobby blogs has jumped 90,000 in Alexa rank in just a few weeks - and the main strategy has been to pin new and old blog posts. Check it out at

20-Minute Book Marketing Podcast series - no cost, no sign-up!
Enjoy these short interviews featuring real-life book marketing tips from various book authors. Great stuff in about 20 minutes.

April 16th - Judith Briles on Why Authors Fail -

April 17th - Duke Lunsford on Motivational Seminars and PR -

April 18th - Dianne de Las Casas on Creating a Movement -

April 19th - Gerald Kolpan on Videos and PR -

April 20th - Catherine Lanigan on Author Promotions -

April 21st - Stephen Schochet on Radio Interviews and Publicity -

April 22nd - Anthea Carson on Book Signings and Book Events -

April 23rd - Lissy Peace on Selling Movie Rights -

April 24th - Mike McCann on Ebook Marketing -

April 25th - Anne Miller on The Power of Metaphors -

Hot blog posts on marketing, blogging, and more
Blog posts and website pages I think you'll find useful in chargine up your book and ebook marketing efforts:

14 Devious Tactics for Getting More Comments on Your Blog Posts - #blogging #comments

The Future of Blogging - - great blogging tips #blogging

The Future of Storytelling - #writing #books #authors

Real relationships: The essence of marketing -

31 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page -

VIP: Book Marketing on the Mobile Web:

This could be hot: Mike Koenig is sharing 21 free videos on how to market your business across multiple channels - cool stuff - #videos

Don't Be an Anonymous Author -

Internet Prophets Conference in Chicago
If you want to know the very latest on what's working to sell anything on the Internet, social platforms, and mobile phones, you need to show up at the Internet Prophets Conference.

Check out the speaker list: Jay Conrad Levinson, Armand Morin, Janet Bray Atwood, Mike Koenigs, Kathleen Gage, Mike Filsaime, Dan Hollings, Marc Ostrofsky, John Kremer, David Riklan, Callan Rush, Kristin Thompson, Dean DeLisle, Mike Muhney, Dov Baron, and more.

June 8 to 10 (Friday through Sunday) at the Marriott Renaissance in Schaumburg, Illinois (just minutes from Chicago's O'Hare Airport).

Find out more here:

This event is unlike any other conference. No fluff, no theory, just hundreds of hard-core ideas and tactics that can be immediately applied to your business as taught by those on the forefront of what works, what doesn't and, most importantly, what's next.

Come network with leading-edge entrepreneurs, next-generation business icons, and leave with a solid understanding of exactly how to leverage social media and mobile marketing for your business, build a list of leads and customers, and increase your sales and income.

Tickets are only $147 until May 15th, so act soon. Check it out here:

Quotable Books
Success isn’t magic or hocus-pocus.
It’s simply learning how to focus. - Jack Canfield

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