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Top 700 Independent Bookstores - This database features 740 stores with address, book buyer, owner, event coordinator, phone, fax, email, website, and more! Cost: $40.00.

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John Kremer's Book Marketing Tip of the Week

June 15, 2012

Birthday of Plastic, Google as a Verb Birthday, Ignorance Day, Justice for Janitors Day, Pop Up Culture Day, National Electricity Day, Magna Carta Day, Surf City Day


In this issue . . .
- Eating Well Magazine
- Backcountry Magazine
- Parenting Magazine

Eating Well Magazine - Editors
Eating Well, 6221 Shelburne Road #100, Shelburne VT 05482; 802-985-4500; Fax: 802-985-4501. Email: Web:

Questions for their editors:

Writer’s guidelines:

Motto: Where good taste meets good health. Bimonthly food and nutrition magazine.

Lisa Gosselin, Editorial Director. Email: or Looking for food and culture-based travel stories.

Jessie Price, Deputy Editor, Food. Email: Interested in cookbooks and cookbook authors.

Michelle Edelbaum, Digital Editor, News

Brierley Wright, Nutrition Editor. Email: Looks for food books that aren’t diet or cookbooks.




Backcountry Magazine - Editors
Backcountry Magazine, Height of Land Publishing, P O Box 190, 60 Main Street, Jeffersonville VT 05464; 802-644-6606; Fax: 802-644-6328. Email: Web:

Monthly magazine about backcountry skiing.

Drew Pogge, Editor. Email:

Simon Peterson, Photo Editor. Email:

John Dostal and Craig Dostie, Senior Editors

Tyler Cohen, Online Editor. Email:

Backcountry Essay Contest – Email: What’s your story? Whether it’s about the snow, the mountains, or the friendships, every day in the backcountry has its own story. Spin your tales with humor, depth and passion, and share your adventures with the Backcountry community. Keep to 600 words.


Parenting Magazine - Editors
Parenting Magazine, 2 Park Avenue, 10th Floor, New York NY 10016; 212-779-5000. Web: and

Monthly parenting magazine with features on fertility, pregnancy, parenting (baby, toddler, and child), and more.

Ana Connery, Editorial Director. Email:

Do you want her son Jav to review your product? Send him your ideas at

Stephanie Wood, Executive Editor

Shawn Bean, Executive Editor, Pop Culture Blog. Web: Twitter:

Megan Padilla, Executive Editor, Babytalk

Deborah Skolnik, Senior Editor

Gay Empson, Fashion Director

Sabrina James, Style Editor

Kelly Ladd Sanchez, Lifestyle Editor

Jennifer Allen Kay, Director, Audience Development,

Sasha Emmons, Executive Editor, Content

Melanie Monroe Rosen, Features Editor

Alison Dempsey, Senior Social Media Manager

Jeana Lee Tahnk, Tech Blogger, Screen Play. Features cool new apps, games, and gadgets.

Mom Squad – Email: Various book authors and experts answer questions for the Mom Squad.

Claire Lerner, child development specialist, Zero to Three. Writes Q&A column for the magazine.

Travel Blog:



Quotable Books
Kindness is the beginning and the end of the law. — Hebrew proverb

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