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Book Marketing 105: Choosing a Book Distribution System - This vital mini-guide includes criteria for deciding how you will distribute your books.

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John Kremer's Book Marketing Tip of the Week

August 27, 2012

First Kiss Day, Kellogg-Briand Pact Anniversary, Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder Day, Tarzan's Birthday, Banana Lovers Day, Legends of Music Day, Jet Plane Birthday


In this issue . . .
- $20 Back to School Special
- Author Success Stories
- Book Marketing and Book Publicity Tips
- Sleepy Time with Grandpa D looking for children's books

$20 Back to School Special end on Labor Day
In these still very dire economic times, I wanted to offer a big break to book authors and publishers who want to sell more books. So I put together this really special sale. Don't delay. The sale ends on Labor Day.

Up until then, you can buy any one of the following book marketing and Internet marketing programs for only $20. Here are the steps you need to follow to take advantage of this special offer:

1. Choose which one of the five programs you want to purchase at this low one-time special price.

2. Click on this link to place your order:

3. Email with a note on which program you want to order. Be sure to use the same email as you used to order above (so I can match buyer to requester). That's it!

Amazon Bestseller Campaign: The Inside Secrets to Becoming a Real Bestselling Author on - You can create a true bestseller on Amazon using the step-by-step guidelines included in this multimedia course. $97

Blog Tour Palooza: - How to carry out a blog tour or virtual book tour that gets millions of impressions, builds your brand, and sells thousands of books. $297

Book Marketing Magic: - How to market novels, children's books, memoirs, and more. $48

15,000 Eyeballs Internet Marketing Program: - Ten lessons on how to get thousands of impressions for you, your book, your blog, or your website. $50

New York Times Bestseller Program: - This program offers unprecedented access to the most up-to-date book marketing resources and insider tips to help any author create a New York Times bestselling book. $97

Author Success Stories
Here are two success stories I've heard from readers in the past few weeks. You can perhaps model their successes:


John, just a reminder that it was a brainstorming session after one of your conferences about 11 years ago that formed Invisible Illness Awareness Week! See the lives you impact from just touching mine? ... and so many others from your seminars. - Lisa Copen (via Facebook)

Note: If you decide to start up your own commemorative day, week, or month, send me the details so I can add you to the National Special Events Database. Email:


John, I had another smash hit published on the Huffington Post a few days ago. They also put it on AOL's home page yesterday (and I've sold over 40 books since yesterday). As a result of the story they have invited me to do a live video appearance today.

Here's the love story: - Marie Marley, author of Come Back Early Today (via email)

Note: Marie took my 15,000 Eyeballs course and learned how to ask to write for the Huffington Post.


Book Marketing and Book Publicity Tweets
Here are a few tweets, Facebook posts, and Pinterest pins that might help you market your books:

Western Art & Architecture is a bimonthly magazine on art, travel, photography, architecture, antiques, and interior design. Motto: From cowboy to contemporary -

Always give. Always receive. Both are things you must do when you market books, live life, and enjoy what you are doing -

Fine Cooking is a bimonthly food magazine that features many book authors as contributors:

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain. -

Published 10 times a year, The Atlantic is a general culture and social magazine with liberal political tendencies -

The Top 4 Book Marketing Tactics in Today's World -

Published 10 times a year, Dwell Magazine is all about home, architecture, and design. Motto: At home in the modern world. -

The best time to start promoting your book is three years before it comes out. Three years to build a reputation, build a permission asset, build a blog, build a following, build credibility, and build the connections you'll need later. - Seth Godin -

Sleepytime with Grandpa D
My friend Dick DeAngelis is looking for some new and interesting children's bedtime stories to tell on his radio show "Sleepytime with Grandpa D," which airs Tuesday nights at 7:00 p.m. Central time on KRUU-FM (

As he notes, "I love little known authors, so I hope to hear from quite a few." If you think your children's book fits his needs, send him an email at If he's interested, he'll ask for a review copy to read on the air.

Quotable Books
The best time to start promoting your book is three years before it comes out. Three years to build a reputation, build a permission asset, build a blog, build a following, build credibility, and build the connections you'll need later. - Seth Godin

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