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John Kremer's Book Marketing Tip of the Week

September 5, 2012

Beard Tax Day, Marvel Superheroes Day, Be Late for Something Day, Kiss a Romantic Russian Day, Sweetheart Swindler Day, National Shrink Day, Walk the Line Day


In this issue . . .
- Book Promotion Tweets, Posts, and Pins
- Question: Selling Books on
- Alamosa Books for Children
- New hot promotion: Cookbook Discussion Groups
- $20 Back to School Special

Book Promotion Tweets, Posts, and Pins
Here are a few tweets, Facebook posts, and Pinterest pins that might help you market your books:

Book Titles Must Be Memorable to Sell More Books -

Commenting on a post that read: Writers don't get mad. They just write you into their next novel - as the victim. My comment: The power of a good writer - to kill, to celebrate, to devastate, to inspire, to do whatever the heck they want to do.

Children's Book Marketing: Spot the Difference -

Guest blogging on high traffic websites is always a good idea. -

6 Easy Steps for Book Authors to Build an Email List of Devoted Fans -

Make Money Doing What You Love: CNN Interviews Gary Vaynerchuk -

The One True Law of Marketing:

Question: Selling Books on
Question from reader: How does anyone make any money by selling their book on

If I sell my book to Amazon at $17 retail and they get 60%, which leaves me $6.80. I also pay the cost of shipping my books to Amazon (50 cents per book). And my book costs me $3.00 to produce. I end up making a profit of $3.30 per book. Plus I have to pay a yearly fee of $45 to Amazon, thus cutting my profit even more.

I'd have to sell a lot of books to make it worth all that work. Being realistic, my book will most likely not be a bestseller on Amazon.

Wouldn't it make sense for me to sell my book on my website and bypass the 60% and fees? On my website I could sell my books and walk away with a profit of $14 vs. $3.30 or less on Amazon.

So what is the point of selling on Amazon? Is it the prestige of saying my book is on Sure Amazon gets more traffic to their website than my website does, but how would anyone find you with the thousands and thousands of books listed with Amazon?

Am I the only one who does not get this?

I realize you have nothing to lose but the annual fee, shipping your books to them - and if the books don't sell, you pay for the shipping back to you. Is that the way everyone has their books on Amazon?

Just curious about your thoughts on this!

John's Answer: You are correct in saying that most book authors don't make more than a few dollars per sale on book sales to That's probably an accurate statement.

But why not take those sales? Those sales are rarely cannibalized from your website. They come via Amazon's search features and connectivity and sharing capabilities that allow readers to find your book more readily on Amazon than via the search engines.

Do you know where your website ranks in the world of websites? Chances are that your website, like most author websites, gets fewer than 100 visitors a month (based on an Alexa rank of 1 million or above). Let's say you convert 2% of those visitors - then you make $28 per month on sales from your website.

But, quite honestly, most author websites don't convert 2% of visitors. Most authors are lucky to get 100 visitors per month. So, walking away with $14 per book on website sales sounds great, but if you don't have the traffic, that amounts to a hill of beans.

In the meantime, if you work Amazon's sharing and recommendation features effectively, you could be selling 20 to 100 copies there. Again, that's not a lot of money either. That's why it's so important to work partnerships with other book authors and send each other traffic - whether to your Amazon book page (or author page), your website, your Facebook page, or whatever.

The key, wherever you sell your book, is to get traffic, build fans, capture eyeballs, draw visitors, sign up subscribers - and then create a tribe of avid partisans who will help you sell your books (as well as buy your books themselves).

If you don't build word of mouth (or word of mouse), you will never make much money via the Internet. Just a fact. That's what you should be concerned about.

I recommend you sell your books wherever anyone will let you (, B&,, iStore, your website, etc.).

And then spend your time not worrying about which venue is performing the best, but working to make every venue a bestselling outlet for your books.

And, again, the key here is building partnerships with other book authors and book readers who will help spread the word about the incredible quality and entertainment value of your books.

If you help other authors sell their books, they will help you sell your books. Don't isolate yourself. Get out their and make friends.

Alamosa Books for Children
Here is a great children's bookstore in Albuquerque:

Alamosa Books, 8810 Holly Avenue NE #D, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87122; 505-797-7101. Email: Web:

We carry a broad selection of fiction, ranging from picture books and early readers to young adult literature and classics. We carry science fiction, fantasy, mystery, adventure, graphic novels, poetry, international titles, and have a whole wall of general fiction, including many books that speak to teen issues.

They host author signings and events. Complete details here: For events, email:

New hot promotion: Cookbook Discussion Groups
While most local book clubs or reading groups have focused on fiction, the new hot movement is Cookbook Clubs. Members pick a cookbook each month, spend the next few weeks test-driving the recipes, and then come together for a potluck and discussion.

If you write or publish cookbooks, ask your local booksellers if they are hosting any cookbook clubs. Or, better yet, start to promote cookbook clubs where your book or books are the first to be featured.

For more on how to start a Cookbook Club, read this blog post:

For a list of five San Francisco Bay-area cookbook clubs, read here:

$20 Back to School Special extended to the end of this week
People are finding my Back to School Special incredibly useful so I've decided to give people another week to take advantage of the great discounts. This special ends on Saturday at midnight your time :))

Until then, you can buy any of the following book marketing and Internet marketing programs for only $20. Here are the steps you need to follow to take advantage of this special offer:

1. Choose which programs you want to purchase at this low one-time special price.

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Quotable Books
Don’t just talk about doing something - do it. And put your whole heart and soul into it, or don’t even bother. - John Mellencamp, singer

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