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John Kremer's Book Marketing Tip of the Week

September 11, 2012

American Short Story Day, Eat Spinach Day, 9/11 Memorial Day, National Emergency Responders Day, Small Town Day, Ethiopian New Year's Day, Marigold Day


In this issue . . .
- Book Promotion Tweets, Posts, and Pins
- Author 101 University in Vegas
- Magazine Editor Updates
- Learning Annex Classes for New York City or Los Angeles

Book Promotion Tweets, Posts, and Pins
Here are a few tweets, Facebook posts, and Pinterest pins that might help you market your books:

If you want a bestselling book, especially a Kindle ebook, why not try writing a parody or spinoff of a hot novel? All of the books listed above are selling well without any book promotion beyond a great tie-in listing on -

The fellow that does the What the Buck videos on YouTube describes in this video how he got 30,000 subscribers to his videos. That's subscribers! -

Here are a few of the free ebooks about business, Internet marketing, publicity, and investing featured on the Free Books for All website. -

Do you realize that every time you read a book without pictures you become a production designer, casting director, and costume designer? Hell, you can be a director if you want to. Whether you know it or not, when you read a book without pictures, your brain fills in the blank spots. You can see the people, how they are dressed, which way they are moving, and what it looks like around them. Neat, huh? - Peter Wooley, author of What! And Give Up Show Business? -

>>> 95% of moms who received text messages from experts on pregnancy and newborn care welcomed the info and found it helpful. - The Female Patient (source of stats). That means that women are welcoming text messages that are useful for what they need.

book marketing

Author 101 University in Vegas
Want to hear some great speakers on selling book manuscripts and marketing books - everyone but me :))? Then check out this lineup:

Agents and rights buyers: Scott Hoffman, Peter Hoppenfeld, Ken Atchity, Terry Whalin, Bruce Barbour, Gary Goldstein

Master marketers: Brendon Burchard, Tom Antion, Rick Frishman, Barbara DeAngelis, Wendy Lipton-Dibner, Peggy McColl, Jill Lublin, Alex Carroll, Hobie Hobart, Ellen Reid, Carol McManus

They'll teach you how to sell your book to a major publisher, make your book a bestseller, promote yourself online, and build a brand.

All in person in Las Vegas on October 25 to 28, 2012.

A special discount offer ends on September 15, so you have to act fast by going here:

Magazine Editor Updates
Here are a few magazine updates I've made in the past few weeks:

All Animals is a bimonthly animal magazine published by the Humane Society. -

Healthy Cooking is a bimonthly health and food magazine. -

The Humanist Magazine is a bimonthly magazine advocating the rights and viewpoints of humanists. Topics include politics, education, philosophy, economics, and social issues. -

Published 8 times a year, National Geographic Traveler covers travel, geography, culture, people, animals, nature, and the environment. -

OnEarth is a quarterly magazine of thought and opinion on the environment, business and politics, science and technology, wildlife and nature, health, cities and transportation, and social issues. It is open to diverse points of view. -

Psychology Today is a monthly magazine on psychology, health, mind news, psychiatry, sex, relationships, and more. -

Su Casa Magazine is a quarterly magazine featuring Southwestern homes, architecture, interior design, and more. Motto: Southwestern homes inspiration, ideas, resources. -

Published 6 times a year during the academic semesters, The Writer’s Chronicle provides news, information, and inspiration to creative writers (fiction and poetry). -

Learning Annex Classes for New York City or Los Angeles
Kathi Khoury, program director for The Learning Annex is inviting any author, speaker, or expert to list their classes and seminars in New York City or Los Angeles at their new site:

You don't have to find a venue; they are arranging a few good locations in both cities. You get to decide what to charge, where and when to hold your classes or workshops - and, in return, you will receive 70% of the ticket sales. It's free and easy to list your classes.

To set up your class, email Kathi at with the following info: Name of class, a one paragraph description of your class, a one-paragraph bio, and a photo of yourself.

They will be doing a ton of advertising for the classes as well as publishing a magazine that will go out to 200,000 people.

Quotable Books
One best book is equal to a hundred good friends. But a good friend is equal to a library. - Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

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