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The following websites allow you to upload and sell ebooks, electronic reports, databases, software, audio/video products, and anything else you can sell via download. Most of these sites also allow you to sign up to sell other people's eproducts as an affiliate. - You can now sell ebooks, audios, DVDs, videos, and - of course - books on Amazon.

Chegg - Rents textbooks at a discounted price. Also features an extensive catalog of etextbooks. Over 3 million members. They plant a tree for every book bought or rented through them.

Clickbank - A place to set up shop until you have a shopping cart. A great place to sell ebooks and audio files for download even after you have a shopping cart. Includes an affiliate program to get other websites involved in marketing your ebooks, software, mp3 audios, and other downloadable content. Free to set up products for sale or become an affiliate.

Create Space -'s on-demand service for creating ebooks, books, DVDs, audio CDs, video downloads, and more. No set-up fees, no minimum orders, and you keep the rights. - eBay allows you to sell anything (whether your products, collectibles, junk, etc.) via auction, a set price, or an eBay store.

Ebook Karma - Send them a manuscript for approval. Once approved, they put your book in PDF format and upload it to their online bookstore. When your book sells, you get 50% of the sale. They also offer to proofread your book for $2 per page or write the book for $6 per page. Book covers for only $50. - They offer a shopping cart, digital storage and delivery, shipping calculator, sales tax/VAT calculator, inventory management, promotion, affiliate management, discount management, and more. You can start with a free 1-week trial. Services start at $5.00 per month.

E-junkie provides shopping cart and buy now buttons to let you sell downloads and tangible goods on your website, eBay, MySpace, Google Base, CraigsList and other websites using PayPal Standard, PayPal Pro, Google Checkout, Authorize.Net, TrialPay, ClickBank and 2CheckOut.

Free IQ - A video sharing site where people vote for the best informational videos. But it is also a information product showcase where the FreeIQ takes a percentage of any products you sell. They encourage you to showcase your knowledge and expertise via videos and then close the sale there. They'll host entire presentations that last hours or short clips. You can add new content to Free IQ here:

If you are an expert on just about any topic, Free IQ is the perfect solution to display your ideas and showcase your knowledge. We will host and stream all your content for free, whether its video, audio, articles or ebooks. While we reserve the right to eventually set limits, currently there is no limit to how much content you can upload. And if anyone buys an electronically deliverable (downloadable) product from you, well deliver it for free as well.

For content providers, there is no monthly fee to use the Free IQ shopping engine to sell your information products. We host and stream (and digitally deliver) an unlimited of audio and video for free. For any sales you make, we charge just 5% of the sales price (plus credit card processing fees.)

For Free IQ content providers, not only can you sell your own information products, like ebooks, audio and video seminars and courses, teleseminars and webinars, live seminar registrations, subscription newsletters, training and coaching programs, or telephone or in-person consulting . . . but you can also get paid every time one of your customers buys something from anyone else on the entire web site for a whole year!

Kunaki - CD and DVD publishing on demand for as little as $1.00 per disc plus shipping direct to your customer.

LoDingo - A digital download megastore (from Australia) for audio products related to health, lifestyle, business, success, learning, travel, entertainment, sports, and audiobooks. - Allows you to sell ebooks, PDF books, CDs, DVDs, photos, and more. You can build your own store, create a blog, and offer products for sale. Lulu takes 20%; you keep 80%. They pay you via PayPal.

MediaPass - Allows you to charge a subscription price to access one or more pages on your website. Charges 35% to handle the subscription, customer service, monthly billing, etc.

MixIV - Allows you to sell or buy digital info products, podcasts, videos, memberships, and more. Integrate membership sites into MixIV with the Member Lock WordPress plug-in.

PayDotCom - Another place like Clickbank where you can set up shop, sell ebooks and other downloadable products (audios, videos, software, databases, etc.). Also includes an affiliate program. Free to set up a products for sale or become an affiliate.

PayLoadz - A website that allows anyone to sell downloadable items such as software, ebooks, music, movies, digital art, manuals, certificates, forms, files, and more. You can also sell via their store, their eBay store, and more - all with an affiliate tracking and payment system. The basic free level allows you to sell $100 or less products with a file storage of 1 gigabyte. You can upgrade to sell higher-priced products or get more storage.

PaySpree - Makes it easy for anyone to sell digital products online. What makes them different is that whether you sell as an affiliate or as a merchant, you always get paid instantly to your PayPal account. They charge $1.00 per transaction of $5.00 or more (below $5.00, the transaction is fee is zero). You can set affiliate commissions of 50%, 75%, or 100%. You can add one product for free. If you want to add more products, you have to pay a one-time upgrade fee of $19.00.

Plimus - Market, sell and buy digital goods and services around the world.

RegNow - Primary focus is software, but they also offer ebooks, audios, and more.

Scribd - Upload documents (Word, PDF, rich text, plain text, images, Excel, Xls), publish to a worldwide audience, get feedback, and embed your documents on the web. A powerful social networking tool, but they now discourage web links inside the documents. In May 2009, they announced the Scribd Store where anyone can upload and sell their works.

Check out one of my entries there: doc/1057545/When-in-Doubt-A-Quotable-Book.

Share-a-Sale - Sell products. Get affiliates.

Short Covers - A place to sell short ebooks, short stories, poetry collections, etc.. Also allows you to create and sell compilations of short stories, speeches, articles, interviews, chapters, and more.

SmashWords - Created by an author, this website allows you to sell ebooks in a variety of formats for immediate download. The site helps you create formats for Kindle, Stanza (for the iPhone), PDF, HTML, Javascript, rich text format, LRF (for Sony reader), Palm, and more. For all the services they provide (uploading and formatting for free), they take 15% of the sale. Each author can create a profile page featuring all their SmashWord titles, plus videos, and more.

Tagito - Allows you to upload any downloadable file and sell it via widgets on your website or blog (payable to your Paypal account. Sell Word documents, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, data, images, videos, music, services (coaching, Q&As, etc.) and more. - This site from Roice Krueger and Mark Victor Hansen features the best parts of YouTube, Amazon, MySpace, and Google rolled into one. You can publish all types of files, sell or offer your works for free, create social networking groups, and find quality content easier than sifting through Google. When your creations sell, you receive a 50% commission on the price you set.

Zazzle - Set up a store and sell custom imprinted items: t-shirts, aprons, mugs, and more. To profit from Zazzle, check out this Squidoo lens:

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