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22 of the 100 most popular websites in the world are blogs.

This page features group blogs and websites that allow anyone to set up a blog for greater visibility. If you'd like to nominate a group blogging website for this page, email John Kremer

Group Blogs

Blogcritics Magazine: - Motto: A sinister cabal of superior writers. Features the writings of 1,500 writers offering news, reviews, and opinion. Blog entries on TV, culture, books, music, sports, film, science, technology, gaming, food, theater, politics, comics, and more. Alexa rank: 122,709 in September 2015.

Blogging Authors: - You pay $99 on up to blog here; probably not worth it given the Alexa rank. Alexa rank: over 11 million in September 2015.

BlogHer: A blogging network of 10,000 women now known as the world's largest new media network. Its ad network: Alexa rank: 17,081 in September 2015.

ChicagoNow: - A collection of 70 blogs created by the Tribune Co. to feature Chicago-area topics. 500,000 unique monthly visitors. Bloggers are compensated based on the number of visits by Chicago-area residents. Alexa rank: 20,192 in September 2015.

Forbes: - This magazine website currently has more than 500 invited bloggers writing about investments, personal finance, business, and related topics. You must be invited to blog here. Alexa rank: 160 in September 2015.

Gawker Media: - You can audition to be a commenter on their main blog. This is a network of blogs. Alexa rank: 614 in September 2015.

The Huffington Post: - Arianna Huffington, Publisher. News tips email: General info email: A wide variety of blogs from various liberal and progressive politicians, newspeople, celebrities, authors, and experts. They have thousands of invited bloggers, including John Cusack, Deepak Chopra, Nora Ephron, Bill Moyers, Al Franken, Bill Maher, Bill Richardson, and John Kerry. They get 3.6 million unique visitors per month and 250,000 comments posted each month. One of the top 5 blogs as identified by Time Magazine. Alexa rank: 107 in September 2015.

MetaFilter: - This website exists to break down the barriers between people, to extend a weblog beyond just one person, and to foster discussion among its members. They get 11.5 million page views per month from 3.5 million unique users. They use an Amazon Honor System link to solicit donations. One of the top 5 blogs as identified by Time Magazine. Alexa rank: 2,817 in September 2015.

Mode Media: - Mode’s ecosystem of more 10,000 creators with 6,000 creator sites, 4,000 original contributors, 2,000 curators and 2,000 native feed distribution environments power Mode through personalized feeds where they curate content (including video) to create native Mode Stories. Mode Stories are then distributed on creator sites and in social feeds like Twitter or Facebook. Alexa rank: 107,819 in September 2015.

Pajamas Media: - A blog portal that features 90 blogs from around the world, delivering over 34 million ad impressions per month with 3.4 million unique visitors per month. Alexa rank: 6,257 in September 2015.

Seattle Post-Intelligence: - This newspaper is going completely online (no print edition). They were looking for someone to blog about pets and other topics. See info at: “Does your best friend have four legs? Do you know a lot about dogs, cats, birds or snakes as pets? Are you a caregiver for our animal friends? If so, we're looking for people like you to write about pets. Caring for them. Living with them. Helping them to live around us ... and other pets. ... We want you to blog about anything you're passionate about: Hobbies, neighborhoods, sports, news, leisure activities . . . the list goes on. We can give your blog a home on one of the top-20 news sites in America (Nielsen ratings, 2007), and we'll give you the independence to say what you mean. E-mail us at with your idea, your resume, a writing sample, and a link to your current blog (if you have one). We respond to every request, so contact us today.” Alexa rank: 6,446 in September 2015.

Current reader blogs include Room 4 Design (decorating), Entrepreneur's Journey, Popcorn Review (movies), Ear Candy (local music scene), and Better Than Rehab (pop culture blog).

Blogging for an established website is a great way to start a blog or grow a blog. If you are interested in blogging about your book topic, SPI offers a great opportunity.

TasteSpotting: - Allows registered members to post blog entries, especially photos of great food (with links to the source of the recipes). Alexa rank: 28,838 in September 2015.

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