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Getting Your Book to #1 at Amazon

by Jason Oman

Hitting #1 at Amazon as first-time self-published authors using no money, no PR, no public speaking and doing it all in 76 days seems like a powerful enough story to warrant a spot in the Self-Publishing Hall of Fame.

We did it by leveraging the email lists of other people by first serving them and coming from a place of willingness to help them first. By doing so, when we asked 12 of them for their help, they gladly sent a notice to their email lists with an offer for the book on, all on the same day to help push us to the top. We made an irresistible offer of digital products as bonuses for anyone who purchased the book from by midnight that night. The digital products sent out by email didn't cost us anything to give them, so it was a win-win offer and the people who sent the notice to their lists were viewed as heroes for making such a great offer to their lists!

Below is an article we wrote about the process. Following that is the email we sent out to list owners. And after that is a copy of the email the list owners sent to their lists.

The Secret to Getting Rich Fast Has Nothing to Do with Making Money!

by Jason Oman and Mike Litman

There's a fast way! And there's a slow way to get rich.

You want the slow way....Ok, here goes...

Work. Work. Work. (yawn)

Focusing only on your business is the SLOWEST way to get rich. Let me repeat: Focusing only on your business is the SLOWEST way to get rich.

In my personal experience, this statement is 100% true. You see I accidently located the last great untold spiritual money making secret. Totally accidently.

And now I share it with you.

I just tapped into this spiritual treasure and in 76 days from my book's release with no money spent on promotion, no PR, no public speaking and self publishing, we went to #1 on for 29 hours. For proof, see

Cashflow in your business is important. Though if your only focus is on cashflow, 97.9% of the people reading this will have wealth appear as fast as watching a turtle get through rush hour traffic on Madison Avenue. SS--LLLOOW.

If you want to get rich fast, stop focusing on making money. You see, there's a power I recently discovered in the universe that activates the fast track to wealth. There's a word and a system you're about to hear that will soon vibrate from Maine to Malaysia and from Chicago to China. If you desire more in your life now, you'll activate it immediately.

You're about to learn how to combine nature's two most powerful forces to accelerate all your desired goals and grandest dreams. This is a new idea.

And you're about to be introduced to a new word. And that word is. Loverage.™

Loverage: using the powers of love and leverage to help others help you.

There are many entrepreneurs living the principle of loverage today. Now, what you need is a system for tapping into this powerful principle so you can do the same. Activating loverage in your life will produce miracles. Guaranteed. 100%.

4 Steps to Activating the Most Powerful
Business-Building Secret Never Told —

This 4-step system is solely responsible for my book Conversations with Millionaires: What Millionaires Do to Get Rich, That You Never Learned about in School! going to #1 on In truth, my book is a pure outcome of loverage.

1. Create New Relationships. You must make contact. You go first. Nothing can happen until contact is established. Go first.

2. Go the Extra Mile for the Relationship. You can ask this question, “If there's anything I can do to help, please let me know.” Follow through when help is asked for. Let me repeat: Offer help and follow through on the request. Doing this will earn the heart of others by giving your heart to them. Overdelivering is the key attribute in going the extra mile.

3. Ask and You Shall Receive. Use the power of asking to manifest leveragable opportunities into your life. It's biblical. Ask and you shall receive.

4. Take Immediate Action and Tap into the Power of Loverage. The universe has opened up wide. Now act. Act. Act.

This is the first time I've made public the most powerful principle I know for getting the abundance you desire in the fastest way possible. If you desire to tap into this powerful principle read this article a few times and you'll start to see how this universal principle works. It's smart as well to print this out.

Loverage is the most powerful business principle I've personally have ever laid my eyes on. Even after interviewing many, many millionaires.

Email Sent to List Owners

Below is the email we sent out to the list owners asking them to send our solo message to their lists.

Hey (Name),

Hope you had a great New Year!

I'm going for a lifetime goal on Friday January 18th (#1 Bestseller) and I'd love for you to help.

We're having many partners (our list included) send a solo email to their list on the 18th (we'll give letter to you) endorsing my book Conversations with Millionaires ($15.95) and also giving almost $100 worth of freebies when you order, saying you secured these free bonuses for them, etc... (they send us receipt, we send them links with goods).

So win/win/win. The customers gets a great product and $100 worth of my radio show audios (8+ interviews) and much more, you secured it for them, introduced them to the book which people really enjoy and they appreciate you for that and my book goes to #1 Amazon.

What I've always dreamed about.

Let me know if you'd like to help me reach this lifetime goal and I'll email you the letter for Friday the 18th.

Thanks (name)!

Mike Litman

Host - World's #1 Personal Development Radio Show

The Mike Litman Radio Show

Shake and bake your way over to to listen.

Email Owners Sent to Lists

Below is the email the list owners sent out to their lists. The response to this email helped our book hit #1 at

SUBJECT: Special Announcement from <your ezine name here>

Dear friend,

As a valued reader of this ezine, I have an irresistible offer for you that includes over $250 in free gifts.

Your special free gifts include...

1) Over 8 hours of rare ONLINE digital audios of Success radio interviews with superstars like Jim Rohn, Robert Allen, Mark Victor Hansen and more ($79 value, yours free!)

2) You'll tap into the top Internet marketing minds today as you hear Yanik Silver, Mark Joyner, Joe Vitale, Terry Dean, and Rick Beneteau expose their money making secrets in five in-depth, exclusive ONLINE radio interviews. ($79 value, yours free!)

3) Special Report: The Entrepreneur's Curse - The #1 Reason For Entrepreneurial Failure... (This is Something You've Never Heard Before) ($9.95 value, yours free)

4) You'll get 3 exclusive digital transcripts direct from interviews with famous copywriter Brian Keith Voiles, Mail Order Legend Melvin Powers, and Direct Marketing King Mark Nolan. ($34.95 value, yours free!)

5) 7 Inner Circle Memos, including the famous 'Stand Still And Stand Alone', 'How to Leverage The Invisible To Create The Impossible', 'What Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, And Anthony Robbins Never Told You', '5 Reasons Most People Never Get Rich...And How Can Virtually Guarantee You Do', and more. ($59.95 value, yours free!)

Now, here's how you can grab these valuable free gifts...

You see, my friend Mike Litman (host of the #1 Personal Development radio show, The Mike Litman Show), and his co-author Jason Oman are celebrating the official launch of their new book "Conversations with Millionaires" in a big, BIG way. So, they're 'giving away the farm' to do just that.

All *you* need to do to get over $250 in free gifts is grab a copy of their book for just $15.95 off (Recently it was referred to as "The Think & Grow Rich for the 21st century.")

How's THAT for a win-win celebration??

Best of all, Conversations with Millionaires is an amazing investment anyway because it also includes the genius of:

* Jim Rohn (He's Tony Robbins millionaire mentor)

* Chicken Soup for the Soul authors, Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield

* Rich Dad, Poor Dad co-author, Sharon Lechter

* Robert Allen, author of 3 Best-Selling success books

* 1-800-FLOWERS, CEO Jim McCann

* Michael Gerber, Small Business Expert and author of best-selling book, The E-Myth

* Wally "Famous" Amos

* and even Jay Conrad Levinson, the Creator of the wildly successful Guerrilla Marketing book series!

So click on the link below and grab yourself a copy of Conversations with Millionaires right now:

Then all you have to do to get your free gifts is just email the receipt you'll get from to them and they'll slide your free gifts right over to you. (By the way if you don't absolutely love Conversations with Millionaires, they'll REFUND EVERY DIME. You keep the book and the free bonuses as their gift for your trouble.)

Send the receipt to:

In fact, even famous motivational star Brian Tracy said this about Conversations with Millionaires... "This is a proven, practical book that will accelerate you along the road to financial independence. Read it, follow it, and watch your life change."

(You'll also see 23 incredible 5-star reviews listed on

However, the celebration ends at midnight Eastern Time tonight!

So the only way you can grab all the free gifts is to purchase your copy of Conversations with Millionaires and get the receipt from Amazon over to Mike and Jason at before midnight.

[Your Name Here]

P.S: Remember, to receive your $250+ in free bonuses you must email the receipt to by midnight Eastern Time tonight!

P.P.S: When you order before Midnight tonight, you'll also get the ebook version of Conversations with Millionaires, so you can launch into this incredible new book right away. ($19 value, yours free!)

P.P.P.S Please note that the Amazon system sometimes updates slowly and it may show that the book won't be shipped for a day or two, however plenty of books have been printed for this celebration.

P.P.P.P.S: Remember it's also a perfect gift for birthdays, graduation, Mother's and Father's Days.

How to Make Your Book an Amazon Bestseller (with Ethical Marketing)

by Joe Vitale

Terri Levine's book, Work Yourself Happy, became an official bestseller on Friday, February 22. She sold 600 books in less than 12 hours. How? By simply following the strategy radio talk show host Mike Litman created to make his book, Conversations with Millionaires, a #1 bestseller at Amazon on January 18th.

In short, Terri created a compelling reason to go buy her book. Like Mike, she gathered or created (retail value) $700 worth of e-information. These were e-books, e-transcripts, and other freebies of hers that could be delivered by email. In other words, whenever someone would buy her book at Amazon, she had a no-cost but highly valuable gift for them: E-information. Mike Litman did the same thing by offering numerous e-transcripts of past radio shows by him. Buy his book and you got access to the transcripts.

Then Terri issued a letter to her email list saying if you buy just one copy of her book at Amazon on 2-22-02, she would give you the e-materials for free. Litman had done the same thing, of course. It's what marketing legend Jay Abraham calls “an ethical bribe.” I sent the same type of letter to everyone on my email list, too, on behalf of Mike Litman in January and Terri Levine in February. Obviously, this simple strategy worked once again.

The marketing lessons here? There are several —

1. Find what works and duplicate it.

2. Overwhelm your customers with so many gifts they simply can't refuse your main offer.

3. Ask your friends — your email list, if you have one — to help you achieve your goal.

That's the basic strategy, developed by Litman, to help make your book sell on Amazon. But let's look at an issue this strategy brought up. After Terri's book reached #3 at amazon, a handful of people wrote to her and said they objected to our approach to making her book an Amazon bestseller. They felt it was stuffing the ballot box.

I found that fascinating. While I can see where they are coming from — I was once in that mindset myself — I have since come to a few more beneficial conclusions: For one thing, Terri didn't buy copies of her own book, as many authors have done to promote their books. For example, Wayne Dyer began his career as a bestselling author by buying the entire first printing of his book from his publisher. It is not uncommon for CEO's to buy copies of their books and distribute them to employees, then saying their book is a bestseller. Terri didn't do that. Instead, she and I sweetened the deal so people would want to buy her book, which is just good business. Adding incentives is a proven marketing technique to increase sales, no matter what you are selling. It's called the psychology of the second interest. People will often buy your featured product in order to get the free product offered as a bonus.

For another thing, every product needs marketing. Even word of mouth marketing won't kick in unless some form of marketing starts the fire. And if the book or product isn't any good, no amount of marketing will help it. The classic example is the Ford Edsel. Despite mega bucks behind that now infamous car, the public laughed it off. When it comes to books, more than 1,000 are published every single week and most of them die within six weeks without any public exposure. Clever marketing could keep those books alive — at least long enough for the public to pass judgment on them. (Just today I received an email from Mike Litman, saying his book is again on the Amazon bestseller list — only this time he didn't have to help put it there. Word-of-mouth marketing is now doing it for him.)

Finally, whenever you step in the direction of your dreams, you will find people jealous of your success. Most people won't be honest enough to admit that they want the same success as you. At least one of the people who complained to Terri about stuffing the ballot box admitted that when his book came out, he would practice anything-goes marketing to sell it. Why? Because he believes in his book. He believes he has a message of value to people. Well, Terri believes in her book, too. Mike Litman believes in his. And I believe in my books.

When you have something that will benefit the world, don't hold back in finding ways to tell them. And don't worry about the occasional complaint about your success. For every two people who complain, there will be 2,000 who admire you but say nothing. Don't let the nay-sayers destroy your dreams, or deprive the world of your offerings.

Finally, and maybe more importantly, complaining about marketing may be a sneaky way to self-sabotage your desire for success. Marketing is part of the process of doing business. Ethical marketing is in the eye of the beholder. As long as you aren't doing anything illegal or immoral, you are probably practicing good business. Complaining about those who succeed will hamper your own success. Don't complain; emulate. Don't be jealous; be inspired.

Ironically, just as I was writing this very article, an email came in to me from New York Times bestselling author Robert Allen. He said if I go to on Tuesday and buy a copy of Brian Tracy's new book, Focal Point, he would give me several hundred dollars in free e-information! Sound familiar?

The thing is, I'm not going to buy the book. Why not? Because I don't want it. Nor do I want the freebies being offered. They simply don't appeal to me.

So let this be a lesson to you: You can't sell just anything to just anyone. Make a great offer to the right list and you might sell your book, product, or service. If you manage to do so, celebrate. And if a few negative people write you, showing signs of jealousy or concern over ethical marketing, let them clack and clutter. You're going for your dreams. The rest is commentary.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Joe Vitale is the bestselling author of numerous books and tapes. His latest book is now available at He also has a seven-day marketing course by email that anyone can have for free by sending a blank email to

Why would you want to become a New York Times bestselling author? I know at least five reasons. Listen to a free teleseminar I did at

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