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Use these tools to find the most searched-for phrases used by real people. Discover what keywords or key phrases people are looking for and which ones are worth optimizing for your website.

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AOL Hot Searches: Their blog highlights a lot of news-related searches.

Ask IQ: Hot topics from Features top searches, top advancing searches (hot), top news searches, and top movies.

Check Rankings: A free keyword position tracker that allows you to see how your website ranks every day for up to 10 keywords. You need to have a Google API key to use this service.

Competitive Intelligence: This wonderful, but expensive service provides six key tools to monitor the major traffic sources for competing websites:

  • Link Intelligence Find out which sites send the most traffic to your competitors.
  • Search Term Intelligence What keywords drive the most traffic to competing sites.
  • Campaign Intelligence Identify search terms your competitors are advertising on.
  • Benchmarking Find out how your business compares with other competitors.
  • Keyword Rankings Identify the search terms and keywords that your competitors rank on.
  • Affiliate Partners Identify the top affiliate partners sending traffic to your competitors.

Dogpile Search Spy: This meta search engine (searches many engines at once) allows you to see what other people are searching for in real time (family-friendly searches or unfiltered, your choice).

eBay Pulse: Here you can find a top ten list of current searches in each category on eBay. For example, in early 2008, the top searches for books were Harry Potter, Stephen King, Easton Press, James Patterson, Bible, Nancy Drew, Nora Roberts, lot (odd search for collections apparently), Folio Society, and Goosebumps.

Google Suggest: This service will fill in other search possibilities when you begin typing in searches. A cool way to find out what people are looking for within your keyword possibilities.

Google Traffic Estimator: EstimatorSandbox Reveals the estimated bid prices and potential ad clicks for the keywords you want to use.

Google Trend Search: Allows you to see how keyword searches vary over time.

Here is a great list of other Google Tools you might want to use to do research or to optimize your website:

HexaTrack: You can enter a seed keyword and get long-tail variations along with traffic and competition estimates. HexaTrack's Conversion Tracker helps you to discover what keywords are actually working in pay-per-click ads. Their Automated Competition Analyzer allows you to spy on other PPC advertisers and find out which keywords are most profitable. They are not accepting new clients right now for their free service, but their pro service (paid) is still open.

HitTail: Put a snippet of code on your website or blog that allows you to discover the keywords people are using to find your site with organic search. This allows you to optimize your website for organic search and target PPC keywords for your advertising campaigns.

Hitwise: Their Competitive Intelligence service includes the following:

Hitwise Rankings: Provides an instant overview of key players and fast-moving websites across 160 industries plus your key categories.

Hitwise Search Intelligence: A keyword research tool.

Hitwise Clickstream: Provides extensive report on upstream traffic to and downstream traffic from a specific website, industry, or custom category.

Hitwise Industry Statistics: A comprehensive overview of trends in any of Hitwise's 160+ industries.

Hitwise Lifestyle: Identifies the top performing websites that attract your most desirable customers and provides data on the segments that visit your site (and competing sites).

Hitwise Ranking Alerts: Notifies you via email when there is a change in competitive activity within your industry.

Keyword Discovery: Free and paid keyword discovery tools.

Keyword Research Pro: A keyword research tool that costs $97 (use code 20off to save $20).

Keywood Spy: Offers keyword and affiliate search tools. The affiliate search tools allows you to find products for all sorts of categories and most of the major resell sites such as ClickBank. Free trial and then $89 per month.

Market Samurai: Get a free trial version of this traffic-hunting software. The ultimate test of this tool: It's fast, simple, and takes little effort to implement.

Market Samurai is software for your Mac or PC that streamlines all critical search engine marketing tasks, puts complete market intelligence at your finger-tips, takes away uncertainty, and gives you focus, direction and confidence in your internet marketing.

The golden rules of search engine marketing:

1. 90% of all keywords have NO traffic. You must only target keywords with significant traffic to warrant investing any time or effort in.

2. Many keywords with traffic have little commercial value (the kicker keywords). You must only target keywords with significant profit potential.

3. For most marketers, 90% of most keywords are simply too competitive to rank in page one. You must only target keywords that have acceptable competition - that you can realistically rank on page one for.

Market Samurai helps you past those three tests.

Microsoft Keyword Forecast: This tool forecasts the impression count and predicts demographic distributions of keywords.

Microsoft Keyword Mutation Detection: Find out the most common misspellings for your keyword phrases.

NicheBot: Keyword Research Services that gives you access to over 295 billion keywords in 41 languages spanning 243 countries using multiple keyword sources like Google, Wordtracker and Keyword Discovery. This is a paid service that offers many ways to research keywords and niches.

Search Bliss Keywords Suggestions Tool: Also tools for keyword verification, link popularity, meta tag optimizer, back links finder, Google ranking, Alexa web rank, and more.

SEM Rush: Allows you to discover the top keywords for any website (where the website ranks in the top 20 sites in Google for those keywords). A really, really useful tool for discovering the keywords your website ranks high for (as well as for competing sites). Limited free service. Monthly charge gets you more results. Also tells you what other sites are competing for the same keywords. Neat!

SEO Chat Choosing Keywords: Features some great articles on choosing keywords.

SEO Tools Keyword Research Tool: Free keyword tool powered by the WordTracker API. A good place to start.

Soovle: A really easy-to-use keyword tool that suggest keyword extensions based on searches on Wikipedia,, YouTube, Ask.cocm, Yahoo!,, and Google.

Spacky: A monthly keyword search volume tool. Type in any keyword and it will show you the monthly search volume in Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft Network. Really handy tool.

Spyfu: Free basic research plus subscription packages for $38.50 monthly.

SpyFu lets you see which keywords your competitors are buying and which ones they optimize their site for. Once you understand the competition, you can beat them at their own game or your can exploit their weaknesses.

Typo Generator: Allows you to generate typical typos that people might make when searching for your keywords.

WordStream: A keyword management and research tool. Expensive at $300 per month, but offers plenty of depth in searching keywords (and negative keywords).

Free Keyword Niche Finder:

Free Keyword Grouper:
Just drop in a list of keywords and The Free Keyword Grouper will show you the most effective way to group them for more profitable PPC campaign structures and effective SEO information architecture.

WordTracker's Free Keywords: When you type in a keyword here, WordTracker gives you a list of related keyword search terms and how often they are estimated to be used on a daily basis in search engines. For $59, you get extra special tools to do more in-depth research.

Wordze: Professional keyword search tool. $35 monthly fee.

Yahoo! Buzz: Features top movers, top leaders, and more.

Yahoo Search Marketing: You have to sign up for this service (free to sign up) before you can use the keyword search tool.

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