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Knowledge Sharing Websites

This page features knowledge-sharing and content-sharing websites, photo sharing sites, virtual worlds, wikis, content management services, and other web 2.0 sites.

Please note that this is a work in progress. If you'd like to nominate a site for this page, email John Kremer. I know that I have missed some sites I truly would like to add to this list. Your site might be one of those. Thanks for your support. - John Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

Knowledge Sharing Websites

The following are some of the websites where you can share your knowledge with others. All of these sites are free for you to add content.

Aardvark: - Google's Q&A service where they connect people's questions with experts who can answer the question. Alexa rank: 27,245 in August 2010. - One of the top knowledge sites on the web. Find out more about being a guide at Alexa rank: 67 in February 2011.

AddsYou: - Create content, publish it here, and earn money. Not a lot of money, just a little. Alexa rank: 568,478.

AddsYou is a free social publishing network that pays authors to write. Unlike many other programs out there, our site is 100% transparent. When you publish your blog posts, how-tos, news articles, shorts stories, poems, and other pieces of writing you will earn $1.75 per every 1,000 unique page views. Simple as that! Statistics are provided and updated within your account daily.

Amapedia: - Amazon's new attempt to create a user-generated encyclopedia of products: “Amapedia is a community for sharing information about the products you like the most.”

AnswerBag: - Q&A community.

Answerify: - Q&A community.

Ask Metafilter: - Allows users to ask questions and get answers from other users. is a community-based news oriented blog. Alexa rank of 2,165.

Askville: - An Amazon website that allows users to post questions and get answers from real people.

Associated Content: - Now owned by Yahoo!, this site commissions freelance writers and video producers to create content on different topics. 2.27 million articles and videos from 350,000+ contributors. Motto: Get published, reach millions, get paid. Alexa rank: 552 in August 2010.

Blurt It: - A Q&A website where you can contribute answers and gain points as a Blurter.

Bukisa: - A place to share how-to videos and articles (and earn money doing so. Alexa rank: 139,954 in September 2015

Change This: - Write a manifesto and share it here. Lots of great stuff here already. Alexa rank: 274,913 in September 2015. - Mixes established experts with other contributors to create an online encyclopedia.

Docstoc: - You can upload and share your documents with the world. And then embed the documents on blogs and websites. Widgets already featured on the Huffington Post, New York Times, and Chicago Tribune websites.

eHow: - Features how-to videos, articles, and resources for doing just about anything. Related to

Free IQ: - Motto: The marketplace for ideas, where the best knowledge, ideas, and information rise to the top. You can upload free reports, books, audio, and video as well as items for sale, all searchable via tags.

FreeWebs: - A site where you can create small websites with sharing photos and videos, publish articles, and more.

Health Sofa: - Health questions and answers. Alexa rank: 318,619 in October 2010.

Helium: - Features 300,000 articles on 44,000 subjects and 12 million page views per month. Users contribute articles and then rate each other's articles on a random basis (so users can't game the system). Via this website, you can get paid to share your knowledge. If you are looking for people to write articles for your website or a book, check out the Helium Marketplace. Alexa rank: 1,166 in October 2010.

How to Do Things: - This site features how-to articles written by their registered contributors. They are actively looking for more contributors. You can register and contribute easily. They share 50% of the Google AdSense advertising revenues your articles earn with you. To find how more go to: start.htm?cid=writing. Alexa rank: 4,598 in October 2010.

Howcast: - One of Time magazine's 50 best websites for 2008. Features how-to videos and wiki entries. Alexa rank: 7,851 in October 2010. - Features how-to articles, reports, and books.

HubPages: - A place to post content and have it read by others. Including articles, poems, reports, etc. HubPages gives you 60% of all the revenues you generate from having people read your articles. You can also create sidebars to feature photos or sales info. Allows you to build a flagship page on a subject. Such a page requires at least 1,500 words, 3 or more videos, some photos, 10 or more helpful links to other sources (with your description why the link is valuable), an RSS feed or news capsule, and lots of tags. For more on creating a flagship page, see _hubs_more. Also, you can check the following page to see what sort of pages people would like to see: Alexa rank: 1,129 in September 2015.

John Kremer's Hub profile:

Instructables: - Step-by-step instructions, slideshows, or videos showing how you made or did something. Alexa rank: 2,063.

itumz: - Make lists of things that matter to you. Share them with your friends.

Mahalo Answers: - Ask and answer questions on any topic.

Metafilter: - Allows users to ask questions and get answers from other users. is a community-based news oriented blog. Alexa rank of 2,165.

Quora: - The best Q&A website anywhere.

Scribd: - Upload documents (Word, PDF, rich text, plain text, images, Excel, Xls), publish to a worldwide audience, get feedback, and embed your documents on the web. A powerful social networking tool, but they now discourage web links inside the documents. Check out one of my entries there:

Triond: - A site that allows you to create content and publish it - and get paid for the content via monthly royalties depending on the number of people who view your pages. Alexa rank: 24,605 in September 2015.

WikiHow: - WikiHow is a collaborative writing project to build the world's largest, highest quality how-to manual. Motto: The how-to manual that you can edit. Related to listed above. Alexa rank: 192 in September 2015.

Wikipedia: - A user-generated encyclopedia of human knowledge. Very strict guidelines on adding content. Not as flexible as the others listed above. 50,000 active contributors. 6 billion pageviews per month; 46.8 million visitors per month. Wikipedia in English.

Wired How To Wiki: - A collaborative wiki site dedicated to the do-it-yourself culture. It features all kinds of projects, hacks, tricks, and tips on how to live, work, and play better. You must join to contribute, but this is new and wide open for professional content. Alexa rank: 611 in September 2015.

Yahoo Answers: - A question and answer exchange where the world gathers to share what they know...and make each other's day. People can ask questions on any topic, and help others out by answering their questions. Rated one of the Top 50 websites of 2008 by Alexa rank: 5 in September 2015.

Photo-Sharing Websites

You can use photo-sharing websites as just on additional avenue for getting exposure for your books, business, website, or authors. To draw attention to your photos and make them easy to locate, you can use tags and descriptions.

BlueString: - Upload and share photos, videos, and music from your PC. Just drag and drop to share. With StringIt, you can share your creative collections (for example, from a wedding or other event) and then invite family and friends to add their own photos, videos, or music to add to the story. A service of AOL.

Ffffound: - An image bookmarking site. Lots of really wonderful photos. Alexa rank of 14,052. rated this site as one of the Top 50 websites of 2008.

Flickr: - Serves up to a billion photos a day. You an upload photos, organize them into albums, share them with others, and search for related photos. Owned by Yahoo. You can find thousands of photos that owners have made available for anyone to use, even for commercial reasons.

FotoFlexer: - Allows you to upload and edit photos.

Fotolog: - A blogging and photo-sharing site that encourages you to select the photos you post.

PhotoBucket: - Has 40 million users who upload more than 7 million photos per day. Owned by MySpace, this site had 15 million unique visitors in March 2007. Also allows video sharing.

Picnik: - Allows you to upload photos and then edit them. Also lets you crop, sharpen, adjust exposure, adjust color, add effects, etc. Rated on of the Top 50 websites for 2008 by

Shutterfly: - A site for uploading and sharing photos along with a strong encouragement to buy prints or other photo-related products like cards, calendars, etc. Also allows you to create photo books. Unlimited photo storage. 2.4 million customers.

Slideroll: - Allows you to create a photo slideshow and then publish the show on the Internet. Or email them to friends. Their Slideroll Video Creator allows you to turn your Flash slideshows into MPEG video with MP3 soundtracks.

SlideShare: - Allows you to create slide shows out of photos or PowerPoint presentations and share them with the world. People can then comment on your slideshows, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

SmugMug: - Allows unlimited photos, no ads or spam. Also allows you to reproduce your photos as prints, coffee mugs, cloth bags, photo books, playing cards, art canvas, coasters, puzzles, and much more.

Snapfish: - One of the top three online photo and merchandise markets.

Video-Sharing Websites

You can use video-sharing websites as just on additional avenue for getting exposure for your books, business, website, or authors. To draw attention to your book videos and make them easy to locate, you can use tags and descriptions. 134 million Americans viewed videos in July 2007 (comScore Video Metrix), spending an average of 3 hours viewing videos online.

Since there are so many of these sites now, I've created an entire set of pages listing video sharing websites:

Wikis and Wiki Systems

You can use wikis to create user-generated website content or cooperative creations. You can even use a wiki to work on a book with other people, writing and editing it.

MediaWiki: Allows anyone with some technical knowledge to create their own wiki using the MediaWiki software.

PB Wiki:

PmWiki: - An open-source wiki software.

Social Text: - Corporate wiki software.

Suite Two: - A blogging and wiki platform for corporations. - An open-source wiki software.

Wikepage: - An open-source wiki.

Wiki Spaces: - Simple wikis for educators, businesses, and individuals. Easy to use.

WikiEducator: - WikiEducator is an educational wiki hosted by the Commonwealth of Learning.

Wikitravel: - A travel information wiki created by users. Also features info in various languages. Alexa rank of 5,030 in September 2015. Rated one of the Top 50 websites of 2008 by

WikkaWiki: - An open-source wiki.

Blogging Sites:

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Social Networking Websites:

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