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I see dozens of news releases every day. Few make the grade. Most are uninteresting, unnews-worthy, and book-focused. What does it take to sell books with a good news release? In a 15-minute phone call, I can give you feedback on your news release to help you make it one that sells books. - John Kremer

Food Magazine Editors and Cookbook Reviewers

These book reviewers and magazine editors have been updated as noted at the end of any listing (10/10 stands for October 2010). If the contact is vital to you, verify the book reviewer's or editor's name and address before making submissions. Please send us any corrections or additions. Email Let's keep this list up-to-date for everyone.

Food Magazines

Alimentum. P O Box 776, New York NY 10163. Email: Submissions: Alimentum, P O Box 210028, Nashville TN 37221. Email: Web: Biannual jounal of food. Motto: The Literature of Food. Features poems, interviews, fiction, fairy tales, and more about food (12/10).

  • Paulette Licitra, Editor-in-Chief - Submit query letter to editor for book reviews.
  • Peter Selgin, Fiction and Nonfiction Editor (for stories and articles) via Submissions address.
  • Cortney Davis, Poetry Editor (for poems) via Submissions address.
  • Eric LeMay, Web Editor

Bon Appetit

Cook's Country, Boston Common Press, 17 Station Street (02445), P O Box 470739, Brookline MA 02447; 617-232-1000; Fax: 617-232-1572. Web: Bimonthly magazine for cooks. Don't feature books or authors (3/10).

  • Peggy Grodinsky, Executive Editor
  • Karen Berner, Food Editor
  • Guy Crosby, Science Editor
  • Kate Mason, Online Editor

Cook's Illustrated, Boston Common Press, 17 Station Street, Brookline MA 02445; 617-232-1000; Fax: 617-232-1572. Web: Bimonthly magazine for cooks. They feature their own cookbooks (3/10).

  • Amanda Agee, Executive Director
  • Elizabeth Bomze, Associate Features Editor

Cooking Light, P O Box 1748, Birmingham AL 35201; 205-445-6000; 800-336-0125; Fax: 205-445-6600. Street: 2100 Lakeshore Drive, Birmingham AL 35209. Email: Submit recipes: Web: Monthly food magazine (4/10).

Cooking with Paula Deen

Cuisine at Home, August Home Publishing, 2200 Grand Avenue, Des Moines IA 50312; 800-311-3995. Web: Monthly food magazine (6/10).

  • Kim Samuelson, Senior Editor
  • Jessie Shafer, Associate Health Editor

Eating Well

Edible Santa Fe, Kate Manchester, Editor, 551 W Cordova Road #511, Santa Fe NM 87505; 505-212-0791. Email: Web: Featured excerpts from Tom Hudgens' Commonsense Kitchen and Deborah Madison's Seasonal Fruit Desserts from Orchard, Farm, and Market (10/10).

Everyday Food, 601 West 26th Street, New York NY 10001-1101; 212-827-8000. Email: Web: Monthly food magazine (1/11).

Every Day with Rachael Ray

Fine Cooking

Food and Wine

Food Arts, M Shanken Communications, 387 Park Avenue South, New York NY 10016; 212-684-4224; Fax: 212-779-3334. Email: Monthly magazine for restaurant professionals and chefs(12/10).

  • Beverly Stephen, Executive Editor, Front Burner. Most likely to write about authors and books.
  • Jim Poris and Gary Tucker, Senior Editors
  • David Arnold, Contributing Editor, Equipment and Kitchen Science
  • Elizabeth Schneider, Contributing Editor, Produce
  • August Schumacher Jr., Contributing Editor, Agriculture

Food Network Magazine

Gourmet Magazine - no longer published.

Intermezzo Magazine

Jaimie Magazine, 800 Guillat Avenue, Kent Science Park, Sittingbourne, Kent ME9 8GU, United Kingdom; 01795-414951. Web: English monthly food magazine. (8/10)

La Cucina Italiana

Saveur, Bonnier Corporation, 15 East 32nd Street, 12th Floor, New York NY 10016; Fax: 212-219-7420. Email: Web: Food magazine published 9 times a year. Features a list of about 50 gourmet food stores each month. Does some book reviews, author interviews, and feature articles (8/11).

  • James Oseland, Editor-in-Chief
  • Dana Bowen, Executive Editor. Reviewed Rosetta Costantino's My Calabria (11/10).
  • Todd Coleman, Executive Food Editor
  • David Rosengarten, Wine Editor
  • Reader Panel - You can join this exclusive reader panel at to provide your ideas and opinions about food and Saveur.

School Nutrition, School Nutrition Association, 120 Waterfront Street #300, National Harbor MD 20745; 301-686-3100. Email: Web: Bimonthly journal for the association (11/10).

  • Patricia Fitzgerald, Editor
  • Cecily Walters, Assistant Editor

Taste of Home Magazine

Vegetarian Times, Active Interest Media, 300 N Continental Boulevard #650, El Segundo CA 90245; 310-356-4100; Fax: 310-356-4111. Email: Web: Motto: Eat grean, live well. Their editorial advisory board includes book authors Neal Barnard, Dean Ornish, and John Robbins. Monthly vegetarian magazine (12/10).

  • Elizabeth Turner, Editor in Chief
  • Mary Margaret Chappell, Food Editor
  • Jolia Sidona Allen, Web Editor

Vegetarian Times Bookstore, 4125 Lafayette Center Drive, Chantilly VA 20151; 800-573-1900; Fax: 703-222-3209. Email:

VegNews, The VegNews Network, 3505 20th Street, San Francisco CA 94110; 415-642-6397; Fax: 415-642-6398. Web: Bimonthly magazine for vegans. Motto: Think. Eat. Thrive. Covers travel, food, nutrition, health, and animal

  • Joseph Connelly, Editor-inChief. Also writes the 10 Questions department. Reviewed John Joseph's Meat Is for Pussies, Robert Cheeke's Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness, and Josh Hooten's 600 Miles to Goat, a bike ride memoir. Also listed three books they are reading. The magazine also featured 3 vegan cookbooks and The Complete Guide to Vegan Food Substitutions by Celine Steen and Joni Marie Newman. Featured Viva Vegan! by Terry Hope Romero as their cookbook of the year (12/10).
  • Elizabeth Castoria, Managing Editor
  • Laura Hooper Beck, columnist, Ask Laura. Email:
  • Christina Pirello, columnist, VegWellness. Focus on alternative health. Author of five cookbooks.
  • Ilyse Simon, columnist, Vegan Nutrition. Including health Q&A. Web:
  • Brooke Still, Editorial Assistant, I Can't Believe It's Vegan (vegan recipes)
  • Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, columnist, VeganGuru

Wine and Drink Magazines

QRW: Quarterly Review of Wines, 24 Garfield Avenue, Winchester MA 01890; 781-729-7132; Fax: 781-721-0572. Web: Quarterly magazine about wines (4/10).

Wine Enthusiast Magazine, 333 N Bedford Road, Mount Kisco NY 10549; 914-345-9463; Fax: 914-218-9186. Email: Web: Monthly wine magazine (6/10).

Wine Spectator

Please note that most magazines like to review new books. So they need to see books (galley copies or advanced review copies) 12 to 24 weeks before the publication date of the book. For more about publication dates, see

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