Mobile App Development and Mobile Marketing Services

App Inventor for Android: - This service allows you to create apps for Android phones. It walks you through the process step-by-step.

Appmakr: - Offers a free and easy-to-use platform for making mobile apps for the iPhone, Android, and Windows systems.

AuthorMob: - Allows you to create an iPhone/iPad app from your epub ebook for no fee upfront. Apples takes 30% and AuthorMob takes 20% of any sales of your app.

AuthorMob is an app-building service that creates iPhone and iPad applications specifically for authors and publishers to utilize to promote new releases, free samples and bonus material on a personal bookshelf within the app to readers who then browse, buy and download the books to read offline. mobile: - Please check out this mobile version of my website with your cellphone. I really need feedback to know whether it works or not on various cellphones. I've created 8 pages so far. Once I've received more feedback on the design and accessibility of the mobile website, I'll create more content pages for the mobile version.

The Book Marketing Network mobile website: - Now you can access this social network with 6,600 book authors via your cellphone.

DotMobi: - Provides tips and resources for designing and testing websites designed for use with cellphones and web-ready mobile phones.

Electric Publisher: - Offers single book apps for $600; multiple book apps for more. Many capabilities. Email for details.

The iPhone Stimulator: - To see how your mobile website or app will work on an iPhone (from your home computer), simply go to or, better yet, simply add your mobile website URL to the end of the .com like I did for the mobile website above. Easy to use, and very effective.

Mobi Ready: - This website offers a free report that scores your mobile website (1 to 5) and also provides an in-depth analysis of pages to determine how well your site performs on a mobile device.

Mobify: - Offers a quick way to create mobile minisites that look great on smartphones. From Basic to Pro ($245 per month) to Publisher ($995 per month).

Modern Book Factory: - Create an audio book iPad/iPhone app in less than 30 days, for as little as $109 up to several hundred dollars (depending on whether you need the audio recorded).

Nov8rix: - Helps create apps, hosts them, gets you into the Apple iStore. Share blog posts, events, videos, audios, photos, tweets, and much more.

Oceanhouse Media: - Offer digital book apps for Apple and Android devices. They already have licensing agreements with Zondervan, Hay House, Chronicle Books, Dr. Seuss, and more.

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RadeEccles: - They create custom iPad/iPhone apps. Design what you'd like for an app and request a quote.


Sourcebits: - Android, Blackberry, Palm Pre, Facebook, and iPhone/iPad app developers.

Stallion Publishers: - Sell books with 3D page-flipping formats and more. Using PayPal. U.K. company. Their interactive publications are now available on the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Study by App: - Tony Pressens, President; 610-428-2239. Offers interactive iPad / iPhone apps for ups to 3 apps per year at $1,800 plus 8% of profits.


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