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How to Create a New York Times
or Bestseller

Bestseller Coaching Program
by John Kremer

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Even if you don't plan on becoming a New York Times bestselling author, this program offers unprecedented access to the most up-to-date book marketing resources and insider tips. You can have all your book marketing questions and concerns answered in 12-plus audios as part of this one-of-a-kind program.

The New York Times bestseller list is essentially a work of fiction. As a result, it can be — and is — manipulated by those who know how the list is compiled. Publishers do it all the time. Now, even an unknown author can use the same techniques to propel his or her book to the top of the bestseller list.

I've hosted two teleseminars on how to create a New York Times bestseller. The system I describe in these teleseminars is a proven system for taking your book from nowhere all the way to the top of the New York Times bestseller list. You'll learn a step-by-step method for getting your book on the list — and by extension — onto the front shelves of every bookstore in America. Front and center, discounted, prime placement — all yours for the asking.

This program is a combination of the Bestseller Strategy (but on steroids) aligned with an intensive plan to ensure the widest possible distribution of books into bookstores. Since the New York Times bestseller list measures the sales of books via bookstores, this plan is aimed at selling books through bookstores — lots of books.

The New York Times doesn't want me teaching this system. They like to think that no one can influence their bestsellers list, but the truth is that the big publishers do it all the time. The system I will be teaching doesn't require that you be a big publisher, but it does require an integrated marketing plan, some additional cash, and time to do it right.

It is a system even the big publishers could learn from. How do I know? Because, even with $100,000+ marketing budgets, the New York publishers only succeed in creating bestsellers about one out of four times. My system can be carried out for as little as $3,000 on up to about $25,000. You can spend more, but you don't need to.

This program is not a rehash of the talk I've given in the past on how to create New York Times bestsellers without breaking the bank. While that talk is filled with great real-world information (and you will get a free copy of that talk when you sign up for this program), it doesn't begin to describe how to create a New York Times bestseller in less than three weeks. Remember: This is a proven method.

This program will reveal everything you have to know to create a New York Times bestseller on your own in less than three weeks from the publication of your book (but, please note, the system takes three to six months to implement and coordinate the promotion and distribution).

You will get the following incredibly mind-blowing, life-changing, and book-selling information in this program:

1. Taped reproductions of both teleseminar phone calls so you can listen to the entire system more than once. Value: $497.00.

2. A step-by-step document outlining everything you have to do to carry out this proven method and create a New York Times bestseller. Value: $997.00.

3. A downloadable audio of the talk I’ve given for years on How to Out-Sell the New York Times Bestsellers Without Breaking the Bank. Value: $30.00.

4. Book Marketing 101: How to Create a National Bestseller — How to out-sell the New York Times bestsellers without breaking the bank. This is an inside guide on how other authors and self-publishers have created national bestsellers with persistence, elbow grease, and some investment of time or money. Also includes John Kremer’s insight on how to create a bestseller. Ebook download. $30.00.

5. Making Amazing Friends Program — A step-by-step program on how to create friends with key decision makers in media, retailers, catalogs, book clubs, and more. Ebook and teleseminar. Value: $97.00.

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22 people participated in the first teleseminar of this program. Here are some of their comments:

“Not only was this seminar tonight incredibly informative, but the gentlemanly manner of your presentation made it a pleasure to listen to.”

“Thank you for the conference tonight. I really enjoyed it. I thought I was way ahead of the game. but tonight I think I understand much more about how much more of a effort I am going to have to make. Thank you for that.”

“My wife and I look forward to discovering more about your unique process and appreciate the depth of experience you offer with such composure and passion.”

“You are a real gem. The value you continued to add throughout the call, and your dedication to expanding your documentation into a 100 pager as the information grows, was incredibly impressive. Thanks again for being so genuinely concerned about others, highly knowledgeable, and willing to go the extra mile to help your colleagues succeed.”

“I wanted to thank you for the call last night. It was incredibly informative and inspiring. I'm thrilled to be part of your incubation for this program.”

“Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the fantastic call last night. It was really inspiring to hear about the real possibility of getting our book on the New York Times bestseller list and about the ways to do it. I also appreciated how you interacted with everyone on the call so that we could all collaborate. It's exciting being a pioneer of this program with you and everyone else.”

Now only $17 - Click here to order:

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