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This page features a list of services which provide on-demand production (printing on demand) of books. Many of these companies can print, bind, and ship one book at a time, although most are more efficient and cost-effective at doing 10 to 100 copies.

We try to be comprehensive in these listings, so we list anyone. A listing does not necessarily mean a recommendation by us. — John Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

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UBuildaBook, Ann Levin, President, 5217 Verduga Way #F, Camarillo CA 93012; 805-383-7272; 866-909-3003. Email: Short runs from 2 to 1,000. Turnaround in 10 to 14 business days. Custom sizes available up to 11" x 11" with full-color covers.

Unibook, Peleman Industries NV, Rijksweg 7, 2870 Puurs, Belgium; 32-3-889-3241; Fax: 32-3-889-7184. Email: US address: Peleman Industries, 11820 Wills Road #100, Alpharetta GA 30004; 770-674-6000; Fax: 770-674-6001. Email: A free print-on-demand service.

Unlimited Publishing, B.T. McKinley, P O Box 3007, Bloomington IN 47402; 800-218-8877; eFax: 206-666-5484. Email: An ondemand publisher specializing in bringing back out-of-print books at no cost to authors and subsidy publishing for other books. Offers complete pre-press, printing, distribution, and promotion. Publishes, a book by Dan Poynter and Danny Snow (new third edition out in early 2005).

Venus Romance — Accepts all categories of romance including sensual, ultra-sensual, and erotic.

VersaMark, Scitex Digital Printing, 800-4-SCITEX. Their printing system allows you to print customized books, catalogs, direct mail, and more.

ViaTech Publishing Solutions, Bruce Weiser, 516 Fifth Avenue #907, New York NY 10036; 212-869-6364; Fax: 212-869-6392.

Victoria Bindery, Shy Riyasat, 460 Tennyson Place #2, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada; 250-383-6353. Email: Quality soft and hard covers at affordable prices. Provides all services available to publish your book.

Virtual Bookworm Publishing, Bobby Bernshausen, P O Box 9949, College Station TX 77842; 877-376-4955. Email: A POD publishing firm that screens every manuscript received. They also offer a returns program, book layout and design services, marketing, and website creation/hosting. For their support center, go to

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