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This page features a list of services which provide on-demand production (printing on demand) of books. Many of these companies can print, bind, and ship one book at a time, although most are more efficient and cost-effective at doing 10 to 100 copies.

We try to be comprehensive in these listings, so we list anyone. A listing does not necessarily mean a recommendation by us. — John Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

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Warson Printing, Amanda Wu, International Department, 16/F Zhongnong Building, Unit 68, 8th Industrial Avenue, Nanshan District, 518067, Shenzhen, China; 86-755-8612-7334; Fax: 86-755-2682-6600. Email: Print on demand printer.

Wingspan Press, David Collins. Email: They provide ISBNs with print-on-demand and short-run digital packages as well as a full suite of professional services for self-publishers.

Wolf Press -- An on-demand printer in the Northeast U.S.

Woodland Press, Keith Davis, CEO, 118 Woodland Drive, Chapmanville WV 25508; 304-752-7152; Fax: 304-752-9002. Email: They have a new division that offers self-publishing services for authors featuring POD and ultra short-run printing.

Wordclay, Kevin Gray, Author Solutions; 317-246-9348. Email: A free do-it-yourself online book publishing program for print-on-demand books. Their wizard formats your book for you from your manuscript and your book is ready to go in Word and PDF formats. Note: the wizard has one standard format which might not be right for every book. The format did not work well at all for the sample I uploaded, but they offer custom interior designs for $249.00 extra. They also provide standard book cover formats (about 20 choices). While the formatting is free and they will sell your book on their website, if you want bookstore distribution, you have to pay extra. Copyright registration also costs $99.00, but you can do that yourself for a lot less.

Worthy Shorts -- Offers print-on-demand and short run printing of monographs (16 to 96 pages). Specializes in academic monographs, classic keepsakes, and business and professional shorts.

The Writer's Collective, Lisa Grant, Executive Director. Email: Motto: An independent publisher for independent writers. A modest membership fee provides color covers, reduced POD or offset, free XML conversion, and discounted distributor rates. Writers keep 100% royalties on the sale of every book.

Writers World, Graham Cook, Old Tannery, Hensington Road, Woodstock, Oxfordshire OX20 9JL, United Kingdom; 44-1933-812500. Email: A print-on-demand book publisher in the U.K. that publishes worldwide. Specializes in POD, self-publishing, and book reprints.

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