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This page features the top free article directories online. You can submit your free articles to all of these websites. They will, in turn, make them available to other websites to post on their blogs or website pages. All of your articles should include a credit line or resource box at the end of the article that includes your product offer, website link, and anything else that you feel is important.

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Alexa rankings were taken in September 2015 unless otherwise noted.

Article Syndication Advice

  • More is not better. Focus on quality over quantity.
  • Hand-submit to the top directories.
  • Maintain normal growth rate on articles. Do one article a day or week, not dozens at once.
  • Vary your anchor text from article to article.
  • Don't focus on you in the author block. Focus on your topic and keyword anchor text.

Writing and Promoting Online Articles

The following article, reprinted with permission of the author, Kathleen Gage, answers the following question: I personally don't know anyone who has gotten increased business from this tactic [writing and distributing articles online as a way of building an opt-in list] and none of my clients have either. Who is getting more business from this and what are they doing differently?

Thank you for your message. The process of article writing and distribution is a tool for credibility and positioning. There are several elements involved that determine if you will be successful.

1. How well written is the article and is it specific to a market?

2. Do you have a title that grabs people's attention?

3. Do you have a resource box at the end of the article?

4. Is there a compelling offer you are making in the resource box that would encourage the reader to visit your website, blog or a landing page?

5. Is your website set up to optimize those people who will visit your website with a visible opt-in opportunity that is of high value to the visitor?

6. What is your follow up plan to market to the people who visited your site and opted into your database?

7. Are you creating high value to those who receive messages from you?

8. Are you a resource before you are a vendor?

I often find that when one of these elements is not in place article writing and distribution can be completely ineffective. I also find that people are impatient and don't put effective systems in place, nor do they view the process in the long term of building their business and increasing their revenues.

I have made money from article distribution in that it is a part of my overall marketing strategy. I do not expect to necessarily make money simply because I have posted an article. It is in the building of an opt-in database and creating ongoing value for the reader that some readers turn into buyers.

As someone who makes a very good living from the Internet, I can vouch for the effectiveness of this strategy. Many of my associates who also make their income directly from the Internet use this method because it is in fact very effective.

Making money on the Internet can be like baking a cake. If you don't have all the right ingredients in the correct order you could have a total flop on your hands. On the other hand, when your systems are in place you can be extremely successful and have a very tasty outcome.

Does article writing and distribution work? Yes. However, it should be a part of an overall marketing strategy and will be most effective when viewed this way.

7 Article Writing Tips to Ensure Your Targeted Audience Reads What You Write & Buys What You Are Selling:

1. Use conversational copy. No jargon.

2. Use active voice. Avoid passive voice.

3. Make your copy benefit oriented.

4. Connect with your readers' emotions.

5. Keep sentences and paragraphs short.

6. Front-load your point.

7. Simplify.

2 Minute Approval Checklist for

How do you write quality articles in less time? By planning ahead and discovering the article writing secrets to success before you begin writing!

A solid plan, such as a checklist, will help you advance to the next level. Taken from our submission records to find the most common reasons why articles are not approved during the initial editorial review, the 2 Minute Approval Tips series is compressed to give you the information you need quickly and to help you write quality, original articles.

Weve taken those tips and turned them into a simple checklist that you can use to help ensure that your articles will be approved on the very first submission.

2 Minute Approval Tips Checklist

1. Does your article's byline and Resource Box names match to avoid authorship confusion?

2. How many links are in your article and are those links situated to achieve your goal?

3. Do you deliver detailed and informative content to ensure your reader doesn't click away?

4. Are you providing your own exclusive insights to leverage your credibility and not someone else's?

5. Is your article formatted to best inform and maintain your reader's attention?

6. Is your Resource Box short and to the point to direct readers to your blog or website?

7. Does your article read naturally or are your keywords interrupting the natural flow?

8. Is your article accessible to a wide audience to better increase your visibility?

9. Does the anchor text of your links appear natural and professional to readers?

10. Is your article title balanced with reader-benefited keywords?

11. Is your article message clear with proper comma usage?

12. Are you adhering to EzineArticles' affiliate links guidelines?

13. Are your links relevant and do they provide a quality user experience?

14. Using HTML? Is it properly formatted and balanced to help draw the eye?

15. Do you mention a location? Does your article provide specific and unique information?

16. Does your article stand alone without relying on the reader to reference other content?

17. Is your article title free of special characters that might hinder readability and syndication?

18. Is your article summary short, catchy, and to the point to attract readers?

19. Did you proofread your article to catch errors?

20. Does your article meet the minimum word count with quality, informative content?

There you have it! Your very own article submission checklist! - “When you decide that you're ready to start dealing with radio stations directly, get Alex Carroll's program. His top radio show database, tapes of dealing with producers, and examples of actual talk shows will help you to become a radio talk show star.” - John Kremer

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