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Author Podcasting and
Internet Radio Resources

by John Kremer

Audio Acrobat: Allows you to put audio and video podcasts and other recordings onto your website. Free 30-day trial. $19.95 per month after that.

Blog Talk Radio: Host your own free radio show. They provide a phone line for you to host and a phone line for guests and audience members to call in. They are now focused on paid shows. Allows you to create a PDF text of any audio recording, teleseminar, or other audio file for pennies per word.

Itunes: The key podcast directory.

Podcasting News:

Podtrac: Offers podvertising services connecting podcasters and advertisers.

Talk Shoe: Record or upload live interactive podcasts with free hosting. Up to 250 people can talk and chat while thousands listen in. You can earn money hosting a podcast and referring new hosts.

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