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Question from a reader . . .

I would be interested in a seminar, however, what does the seminar offer that you haven't already offered in your books and publications? I really love your newsletters and your book, 1001 Ways.... I am getting so many results from your advice already, and if anything, reading your materials helped motivate me to accomplish more in one month than I did the previous year! I would just like to know what we will be learning in the seminar.

John Kremer's answer . . .

That's a good question. What do you get out of the seminar that you wouldn't get out of my other materials?

1. You get my personal attention on your project. Now, you can get that as well by paying me as a consultant, but that adds up real quickly. Plus the seminar includes 2 hours of consulting at half price!

2. You get greater energy and motivation. I can do more to help you see the possibilities for your book when we are interacting live especially with 20 to 30 other people who are also actively thinking about book marketing. The energy during the seminar can be very contagious.

3. You get the beginnings of a great marketing plan for your book.
We don't always get into every detail, but by the end of the seminar, you should have a good idea of the directions you should take with marketing your book as well as a set of priorities.

4. You get my latest thinking on what's working NOW. What works best changes from year to year. The hot area this year has to do with Internet marketing and e-books but how to make best use of this avenue? I'll show you how.

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