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John Kremer's Self-Publishing Hall of Fame ó This book features the stories of hundreds of famous self-publishers who have gone on to great success. It also features tips from many of the hall of famers on how to do what they did. I publish this book as an ebook because Iím continually adding new heroes to it. June, 2011. 237-page ebook download. $20.00.

Self-Publishing Hall of Fame Listings

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In 1975, Ernest Callenbach self-published his counterculture classic Ecotopia. The book was reprinted by Bantam in 1977.

Before selling rights to Putnam, Julia Cameron self-publisherd her bestselling The Artist's Way. The book has sold more than a million copies now.

Professional gambler Avery Cardoza built a publishing empire writing and publishing gambling advice books. In 2003, he took it a step further by publishing a new magazine, Avery Cardoza's Player, for the amateur gambler.

Richard Carlson, author of the bestselling Don't Sweat the Small Stuff series, began his book career by self-publishing The Business of Bodywork.

After he self-published his middle-grade fantasy novel The Land of Elyon: The Dark Hills Divide in 2003, Patrick Carman worked hard to make it an independent bookstore bestseller in his region, the Pacific Northwest. His book sales eventually got the attention of Scholastic which published that title and four more. His series now has 1.6 million copies in print.

Ricki Carroll and her then-husband Robert self-published Cheesemaking Made Easy in 1982, four years after starting the New England Cheesemaking Supply Company. Later they sold the rights to Storey Publications. That first book sold more than 100,000 copies. In 2002, Ricki brought out a new edition with Storey Publications called Home Cheese Making.

Cindy Cashman, with her then partner Alan Garner, self-published Everything Men Know about Women (using the pseudonym of Dr. Alan Francis) and sold more than half a million copies of the blank book before selling rights to Andrews-McMeel. The book has now sold more than 1.5 million copies.

In 1977, student teacher John Cassidy joined with two college pals to self-publish Juggling for the Complete Klutz as a stapled little book, which had come out of a mimeographed high school lesson plan. The book went on to sell more than 2.5 million copies and led to the establishment of Klutz Press, which has published fifty books.

Novelist Willa Cather paid for the publication of her first book. Her novel, One of Ours, won the Pulitzer Prize.

After a dozen publishers rejected her, Darcy Chan self-published her first novel, The Mill River Recluse, as an ebook and went on to sell more than 413,000 copies and field a number of movie offers from major studios.

When Dave Chilton self-published The Wealthy Barber in 1989, he took a long-term view to building the book. He dedicated himself to doing hundreds of interviews during that first year. By 1990, his book was selling ten to fifteen thousand copies a month. By 1991, his book had made the Canadian bestseller list. By 1996, it was still on the Canadian bestseller lists. With more than a million copies sold (in a country of 29 million!), his book is the bestselling book in Canadian history, excluding the Bible.

Deepak Chopra vanity published his first book and then sold the rights to Crown Publishing. The book went on to become the first of many New York Times bestsellers for this author.

British journalist Stephen Clarke originally self-published in France his travel adventures, A Year in the Merde. Since publishing the book, he and his agent Susanna Lea of Susanna Lea Associates have sold U.S. rights to Bloomsbury, for publication in spring 2005, as well as French rights to Laffont, Australian rights to Random House, and UK rights to Transworld.

Will Clarke self-published his first novel, Lord Vishnuís Love Handles. It got the attention of a film writer, Grant Morris, who persuaded Will to give him a free option. The movie is now getting made at Paramount, and the book is being published by Simon and Schuster (with the help of agent Jenny Bent of Trident Media Group), as is Willís second novel, also self-published, The Worthy.

With the help of his agent Jimmy Vines, Dr. Will Clower sold his self-published book The Fat Fallacy to Crown.

After selling over 20,000 copies of his self-published novel Before I Let Go in less than four months (primarily via independent bookstores on the East Coast), Darren Coleman with the help of agent Jimmy Vines sold rights to that novel as well as another to Amistad/Harper.

After self-publishing three chick lit crime novels, Jennifer Colt sold rights to all three novels (The Butcher of Beverly Hills, The Mangler of Malibu Canyon, and The Vampire of Venice Beach) to Broadway Books with the help of agent Jenny Bent of Trident Media Group.

Bestselling novelist Pat Conroy self-published his first book, The Boo. He spent thousands on printing and promoting the book. Now, of course, his advances run much, much higher. His bestselling books include The Prince of Tides, The Great Santini, The Lords of Discipline, Beach Music, My Losing Season, and The Water Is Wide.

Wade Cook, through his various companies, has self-published many of his bestselling books, including Stock Market Miracles and Wall Street Money Machine (500,000 copies).

Nick Corcodilos self-published Ask the Headhunter. For the first two years he made a profit in the mid-six figures. In the third year a major publisher offered him a high five-figures advance and he sold the rights.

Laura Corn self-published 101 Nights of Grrreat Sex and several other books. She sold 100,000 copies of 237 Intimate Questions Every Woman Should Ask a Man from the trunk of her car. Total sales for 101 Nights was 525,000 copies as of March 1999.

Steve Crist, owner of The Daily Racing Form, self-published under DRF Books his memoir, Myself: Adventures of a Horse-player and Publisher.

American poet e.e. cummings self-published No Thanks, a volume of poetry financed by his mother. On the half-title page, he listed the thirteen publishers who had rejected the book, which became one of his classics.

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John Kremer's Self-Publishing Hall of Fame ó This book features the stories of hundreds of self-publishers who have gone on to great success. It also features tips from many of the hall of famers on how to do what they did. I publish this book as an ebook because Iím continually adding new heroes to it. A great motivational and educational tool! June 2008. 237-page ebook download. $20.00.

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