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John Kremer's Self-Publishing Hall of Fame This book features the stories of hundreds of famous self-publishers who have gone on to great success. It also features tips from many of the hall of famers on how to do what they did. I publish this book as an ebook because Im continually adding new heroes to it. June, 2011. 237-page ebook download. $20.00.

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In 1939, Louis L'Amour privately published his first book, a collection of poems known as Smoke from This Altar. More than ten years after his book of poetry was published, his first novel was published. His 100 westerns have sold more than 200 million copies worldwide.

Again, for the idiots that are tempted to draw the wrong conclusion, L'Amour's success as a western novelist had nothing to do with his self-publishing a poetry book ten years earlier. I don't know why I have to explain this, but apparently some critics think I'm implying some sort of causal connection. What a silly, silly assumption!

Through his SeaScape Press, Len Lamensdorf self-published his Will to Conquer Series featuring three young adult fantasy novels: The first book, The Crouching Dragon, won the Benjamin Franklin award. The second book, The Raging Dragon, was selected as a Children's Choice for 2003.

26-year-old Nathan Landers self-published A Walking Peace, where he told how he was fathered by a Boston policeman who raped his mother, a 14-year-old runaway working as a stripper. After appearing on Good Morning America, he sold film rights to his story to Marty Katz Productions for six figures.

Vicky Lansky sold 300,000 copies of her self-published parenting title, Feed Me, I'm Yours, and then sold the rights to Bantam, which went on to sell 8 million copies of that title and millions of copies of many more books that Vicky wrote. That first book helped to establish Meadowbrook Press, now operated by her ex-husband, and The Book Peddlers ( Both Vicky's and her former husband's companies are among the Top 101 Independent Publishers.

Bruce Lansky, now publisher of Meadowbrook Press, has written or edited many of the company's bestselling titles, including The Best Baby Name Book (3.5 million copies sold), 15,000+ Baby Names (1.5 million copies sold), The Very Best Baby Name Book (950,000 copies sold), and 35,000+ Baby Names (1 million copies sold).

Phil Laut sold more than 200,000 copies of his self-published book, Money Is My Friend. He went on to sell mass-market rights to Ballantine Books and foreign rights to Germany, Serbia-Croatia, South Korea, Iceland, Spain, France, and the Netherlands.

Deborah Lawrenson originally self-published her novel, The Art of Falling. This combination of wartime love story and contemporary heroine searching for the truth about her father was later sold to Arrow Books for publication in the summer of 2005.

Medard Laz self-published the first 5,000 copies of Love Adds a Little Chocolate, a collection of 100 stories to brighten your day. He then sold the rights to Warner Books, which went on to sell hundreds of thousands of copies.

Ken Leebow has sold more than 3 million copies of his 300 Incredible Things to Do on the Internet series.

Matthew Lesko has self-published some 60 titles, almost all having to do with getting free things from the government. His forté has been getting publicity via TV shows. In 1999, he began starring in a TV infomercial that continues to sell thousands of copies. For more information, see his website at

Burt Levy published two novels, The Last Open Road and Montezuma's Ferrari, through his own publishing company, Think Fast Ink. He sold more copies of his first novel than a major publisher (St. Martin's) did when he sold them the rights. He has sold 58,000 copies of his novels, making close to $1,000,000 in gross sales.

Without a literary agents, publicists, or any money spent on advertising, poet and philosopher Mike Levy has been published on many thousands of websites throughout the world. In 2003, after only five years he reached an amazing milestone: If you were to search for his poetry today on Google, you'd find 16,000 websites featuring his work. Levy is the author of four books, What Is the Point?, Minds of Blue, Souls of Gold, Enjoy Yourself: It's Later Than You Think, and Invest with a Genius.

Kelly Link and her husband Gavin Grant began Small Beer Press to publish their twice-yearly fantasy zine, Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, since 1996. Link's short story collection Stranger Things Happen was chosen by Salon, Village Voice, San Francisco Chronicle, and Locus as one of the year's best books.

On October 10th, 2002 during National Get Organized Week, Jenny Lovins's The Neat Ideas Daybook was ranked at #614,000 on Amazon. In less than 12 hours it went all the way up the charts to #20. And stayed there for over 24 hours.

In an early summer Book Marketing Tip of the Week email, you had a tip on Mike Litman who had taken his self-published book to #1 on Once I read that tip, I decided to contact Mike and invested in his Amazing Book Formula. After a few months of working on my Blast Day, I decided to try my hand at going to bestselling status.

Michael Losiers self-published book, The Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Dont, became a best-seller in Canada.

Joanna Lund self-published her Healthy Exchanges Cookbook after going from 300 lbs. and a size 28 to 170 lbs. and a size 14 using the low-fat recipes collected in the book. Starting out as an inexperienced speaker and promoter, she sold 150,000 copies through her promotional efforts, including 30,000 copies in the state of Iowa alone! She then sold the reprint rights to Putnam for a six-figure advance.

Visit for more detailed listings of selected honorees. Or read the book above for the most detailed and complete listings.

John Kremer's Self-Publishing Hall of Fame This book features the stories of hundreds of self-publishers who have gone on to great success. It also features tips from many of the hall of famers on how to do what they did. I publish this book as an ebook because Im continually adding new heroes to it. A great motivational and educational tool! June 2011. 237-page ebook download. $20.00.

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