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This page features social networking sites. Please note that this is a work in progress; it features a small selection of social networking sites. If you'd like to nominate a site for this page, email John Kremer. Thanks for your support. - John Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

Key tip: Treat social media posts as a way to get to know your customers (and for them to get to know you) rather than as solely a sales vehicle.

All Recipes: - The world's largest food-based social network. Users contribute and rate/review each other's recipes. Allows members to write a blog, create a recipe box, and get a daily newsletter.

aNobii: - A social network for lovers of books. Create your own bookshelf, meet readers of similar tastes, blog about the books you love. Alexa rank: 10,956 in October 2010.

Authors Den: - A social network for authors. They say they have 1.4 million readers per month. Features 342,000 titles, 2.2 million reviews. Alexa rank: 110,459 in September 2015.

Baby Center Community: - A place for parents to share their child-raising experiences.

BakeSpace: - One of the largest food-centric social networks with discussion boards, blogs, recipe swapping, etc. Also allows you to create bookbooks as iPad apps (for free). Alexa rank: 290,635 in September 2015.

BlackPlanet: - A social network of 16 million African Americans.

The Book Marketing Network: - The social network for book authors and publishers. A place to share tips, book trailers, questions and answers, photos, blogs, and more. Sponsored by John Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books. Alexa rank: 643,946 in September 2015.

John Kremer on The Book Marketing Network:

Cafe Mom: - Social networking for mothers. Alexa rank: 1,288 in September 2015.

Caring Bridge: - Social networking for patients. Allows family and friends to connect with patients during a serious health event. Alexa rank: 8,505 in September 2015

Deviant Art: - A social networking and sales site for art, manga, books, and more. Motto: The largest art community in the world. Alexa rank: 182 in September 2015.

John Kremer on DeviantArt:

Dish and Dine: - A social network for food lovers to share and fine recipes, ask questions, share tips, upload videos, post reviews, join the forum, and even get food travel tips. Alexa rank over 20 million in September 2015.

Divine Caroline: - A social network where women come together to express themselves, find answers, and share their lives through storytelling. Sections cover relationships, parenting, home and food, body and soul, travel, style, career and money, play, neighborhood and world. Alexa rank: 27,505 in September 2015.

FaceBook: - The most significant social networking site on the U.S. web. Founded in 2014, Facebook has 1.49 billion monthly active users. Alexa rank: 2 in September 2015.

John Kremer on Facebook:

Sales from Facebook ads have decreased over the past few years for some active Facebook advertisers.

Organic video posts to Facebook reach up to 5 times as many fans as photo-only posts, again according to some active Facebook users. One user reports generating from $5,000 to $20,000 with every video they post (Ranger Up).

Faces of Lyme: - A social network for people with Lyme disease. Not ranked on Alexa.

FanNation: - A social network for sports fans operated by Sports Illustrated and CNN Digital Network. Supports blogs, photos, games, groups, friends, and more. Alexa rank: 1,211 in September 2015.

Figment: - A social network for teens to share their writing, connect with other readers, and uncover new stories and authors. Alexa rank: 105,280 in September 2015.

FoodGawker: - A social network of food lovers. Parter of the Gawker network of blogs and social networks. Also includes DwellingGawker, WeddingGawker, and CraftGawker. Alexa rank: 14,793 in September 2015.

Good Reads: - A top social network for book readers and authors. Now owned by Alexa rank: 272 in September 2015. The highest-rated network for book reaers and authors.

I hadn't paid much attention to until I noticed that 56 readers had posted reviews of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books on this network: That got my attention.

If you want to get involved with this social network, check out this page which describes how authors can participate most effectively:

Goodreads allows authors to host giveaways of sample chapters, entire books, ebooks, and more.

John Kremer on GoodReads:

Google+: - The social network from Google. Valuable for helping your website get noticed and establishing your Google authorship. Alexa rank: 1 in September 2015.

John Kremer on Google+:

HI5: - Headquartered in San Francisco. 50 million users. Big in Mexico and Spain. Alexa rank: 2,159 in September 2015.

Hug an Author: - A social network for sharing the author and book websites users like (including, of course, your own websites, if you are an author). Ask your friends to join and share your website, blog, book pages, Amazon link, etc.). Alexa rank: Over 4 million in September 2015.

Instagram: - You can only join via the smartphone app. Share photos you take with your smartphone. You can, of course, also share graphics you create. Founded in 2011, Instagram has 300 million monthly active users. 60% of U.S. teens use Instagram. 50% of U.S. adults, ages 18 to 24, use Instagram. It is now owned by Facebook. Alexa rank: 28 in September 2015.

Intent: - A community where people share their dreams and aspirations - and receive support from others or offer support to others. Alexa rank: 964,120 in September 2015.

JacketFlap: - A comprehensive resource site for the children's book industry, featuring thousands of published authors, illustrators, agents, librarians, teachers, editors, publicists, and publishers. Features a social network, blogs, a blog consolidator, and more. Also includes up-to-date information on children's book publishers and hundreds of children's book blogs. Alexa rank: 243,732 in September 2015.

John Kremer on JacketFlap:

LawLink: - Professional and social network for attorneys. Alexa rank: 338,874 in September 2015.

Library Thing: - Users share the books and book lists they love. More users than Shelfari and more flexible (according to one user). Now offering galley copies to users who will write a review for the website. Their Library Thing Local lists bookstores, libraries, and book festivals including author appearances, events, and signings at these venues. Authors and publishers are invited to add event listings. 1.9 million book lovers. Alexa rank: 15,424 in September 2015.

Linked In: - A business and professional networking site, designed to find jobs, partners, consultants, and other business networking contacts. Includes an Answers Q&A section where users ask and answer questions. LinkedIn has 320 million monthly active users. Alexa rank: 14 in September 2015.

John Kremer on LinkedIn:

The average LinkedIn user salary is $112,000 while the average Facebook user salary is $61,000 and the average Twitter user salary is $58,000. - This blog tracks all the social networking sites, providing updates on services, mashups, etc. A great resource if you are into social networking. Alexa rank: 272 in September 2015.

MocoSpace: - Photo, music, and video sharing via your mobile phone. Also blogs, chat, IM, and more. Two million members. Alexa rank: 32,597 in September 2015.

Mom Junction: - A social networking website for mothers. 50,000 members. Alexa: 25,807 in September 2015.

Ning: - Allows users to create their own social networking site for watching videos, creating photo slideshows, listening to music, publishing a blog, creating buddy lists, etc.

Nothing Binding: - A social networking site for book authors. Alexa rank: 1,324,273 in September 2015.

Patients Like Me: - Allows patients going through treatment to join with other like patients. especially valuable for cancer patients, ALS, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, AIDs, etc. Alexa rank: 60,557 in September 2015.

Pinterest: - An image-based social network.

John Kremer on Pinterest:

Readernaut: - A social network for book readers. Alexa rank: over 7 million in September 2015.

Ryze: Business social network. Alexa rank: 177,892 in September 2015.

Shelfari: - A social media site for people who love to read. Allows users to build their book collection online, tag books, start book clubs and discussion groups, and add their bookshelf to their blogs. Now owned by Alexa rank: 52,232 in September 2015.

Slideshare: - This slideshow sharing website is owned by LinkedIn. Use PowerPoint or Keynote to create a slideshow presentation to upload to Slideshare. You can include a lead-generation form within your slide presentation. Alexa rank: 154 in September 2015.

Authors have found success sharing quotes from their book in a series of slides. - Social network for business and sales. Alexa rank: 20,136 in September 2015.

StyleHive: - A social networking website for people interested in style, fashion, beauty, jewelry, etc. Allows bookmarks, forums, communities, etc. Motto: What's hot. Right now. Alexa rank: 43,193 in September 2015.

Today's Writing Community: - A community where writers, poets, and columnists meet and exchange ideas, rate and review each other, and help each other succeed as writers. Alexa rank: 1.9 million in September 2015. - A social network with a local focus, based on the city where you live. Alexa ranking: 333,045 in September 2015.

Twitter: - The micro-blogging social network. Alexa ranking: 9 in September 2015.

John Kremer on Twitter:

Twitter resources:

150+ ways to tweet:

We Book: - A community site for authors to share their work with other writers, readers, publishers, and agents - and get feedback and get published. Alexa rank: 585,712 in September 2015. - Online community for writers of all skill levels. 1,178,000 members. Alexa rank: 34,553 in September 2015.

Xing: - A business network. Alexa rank: 1,026 in September 2015..

Yahoo! Groups: - A social networking service from Yahoo! It's where people with a shared interest meet, get to know each other, and stay informed. Your group gives you instant access to share message archives, photos and photo albums, group event calendars, and member polls and shared links. Alexa ranking: 5 in September 2015.

Yelp: - Features 4 million user-submitted reviews of local businesses around the country. Alexa rank: 146 in September 2015.

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