How to Write a Letter That Gets You $10,000 Corporate Sponsors

by Kaayla Canfield, author of
Simply Going Green in 3 Years or Less

Below is the letter that Kaayla sent to sponsors to get businesses that paid $10,000 to be sponsors for her book, Simply Going Green in 3 Years or Less.

In publishing her book, Kaayla found a number of sponsors for her book. Each sponsor paid $10,000 to be in her book (and associated with the good cred for sponsoring an ecological book). In addition, one of her sponsors, Lafarge North America, will present her book to the media at the American Institute of Architecture in late April.

To contact sponsors, she started by phoning companies first to find out who to speak to about sponsorships. Once she had spoken to that person, she asked if she could send them some information via email.

As part of her offer, she allowed sponsors to also buy books at a 50% discount. Sponsors have chosen to buy copies for their employees. Some have also chosen to buy copies to give to the media. As Kaayla notes, “That is a bonus for me, as the book will hopefully be written about by the media, which gives me extra exposure, and then extra book sales.”

When she was looking for potential sponsors, she checked out various eco green websites to see who sponsored them.

She also suggests that authors look for big companies that are financially stable. Most of her sponsors are well known in Canada where she lives and two are international companies (BFI Canada and Lafarge North America).

Kaayla notes that many authors would probably go the sponsorship route if they knew how: “It really is not hard. One just needs to persevere.”

Sponsorship Letter

Good Morning;

I am presently writing an environmentally friendly book and would appreciate having your business/company as a sponsor.

I am offering a full page advertisement in the back of my book that would be exclusive to your business, and I would not be advertising any other business that may be your competition.

The cost of this "Exclusive Sponsorship" is $10,000.00 which is a great deal, and I plan to sell a minimum of 10,000 books.

I will only be accepting sponsorships from environmentally friendly companies, so you will be in good company.

[John's comment: You need to identify companies that would want to appeal to the potential buyers of your book. In Kaayla's case, that means companies wanting to be environmentally friendly. Figure out how your book would appeal to businesses or other groups. Then be very specific in identifying how you can help them reach more potential customers.]

By writing this book, I hope to help families learn how simple steps can be taken to live a healthier and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

My book title is: “Simply Going Green … In 3 Years or Less”

Mayor Dave Bronconnier has written the foreword for this book.

[John's comment: If you have famous people who has endorsed your book, feature them. Or feature other endorsements, such as media notices, rights sales, etc.]

My Book Outline is as follows:

Chapter 1 – The Simple Things
 Energy Audit
 Light Bulbs
 Household Cleaners
 Body Products
 Hair Dyes Etc.

Chapter 2 – Organic Food
 Organic Meat
 Organic Restaurants
 Organic Coffee
 Organic Wine
 Organic Cocktail Mixers
 Organic Pet Food

Chapter 3 – Recycling
 All the things that can be recycled, where, and what they make from them

Chapter 4 – Electronics
 Look for the Energy Star label on Appliances
 Electronic Gadgets, what’s new on the market

Chapter 5 – Out Door Living
 Gardens, Lawns and Composting
 Gadgets for your garden
 Yard Furniture
 Bar-B-Q’s

Chapter 6 – Getting Around
 Hybrid Vehicles
 Carpooling
 Bicycling
 Telecommuting

Chapter 7 – Alternate Energy
 1st Things 1st – Rebates, Grants & Incentives
 Solar Panels
 Solar Shingles
 Wind Turbines
 Geothermal Systems
 Solatube
 Insulation
 Air Conditioning
 Master Switch
 Dimmer Switches
 Solar Attic Fan

Chapter 8 – Renovations
 Floors
 Rugs
 Cabinets
 Countertops
 Paint
 Hardware
 Window Blinds
 Fireplaces
 Roofs
 Patio Pavers
 Windows
 Furniture
 Soil Contamination
 Building Green

Chapter 9 – Our Precious Little Ones
 Clothing
 Diapers
 Body Products
 Baby Bottles
 Bedding & Toys
 Bags
 Laptop Lunch Kits

Chapter 10 – Clothing & Bedding
 Why go Organic?
 Denim
 T-Shirts
 Business Dress
 Accessories
 Undergarments
 Bedding & Towels
 Bamboo Sheets
 Beds
 Yarn & Wool
 Dry Cleaning

Chapter 11 – Tourism
 Tourism Definitions
 Airlines
 Hotels

Chapter 12 – Green Wedding Tips

Chapter 13 – Tips to “Green” your Office and School

Please note: There are several green tips through out the entire book, and there may be a few more chapters added.

[John's comment: I'm not sure you have to detail every chapter. For this book, the chapter listings were important. For some other books, listing the chapters could actually detract from the sale. Decide if the detailed contents of your book will help the sale, or simply be too much.]

Marketing ideas:

  • I plan to market my book to schools: Teachers love to invite authors into their school and share with the students. One contact of mine, Bea Weatherly has been a Teacher/Principal for 30 years and is very well respected in the school district. Bea is standing by ready to help me launch. I will have an order form for the children to take home including a small tip sheet. I will come back in one week as the students gather up the information.
  • Parenting Groups: There are several parenting groups here in Calgary, please check out to get a taste of a few. I will have a “Canned” speech that I will take to parenting groups and sell my book as a result. I am not limited to Calgary, but at present I will start local.
  • Media: They love going green! Radio, TV, Book signings, Newspapers, Magazines…I will write articles and tagline my book, and I will be doing interviews. All with the same results…books will sell. I believe that there is a huge demand and market for more information on healthy living. This is the season to launch a book like this as our earth gets more and more into trouble.
  • Sponsorship: Once sponsors have purchased an exclusive advertisement… they too can purchase the book wholesale (higher percentage than the book stores get 50%) then they can sell it wholesale, use it as a premium to entice customers, customer appreciation and more!
  • Our suggested sponsorship is limited to a maximum of 20 sponsors. Again, all are exclusive in their offer. We would like to reach all over Canada to bring only the crème de le crème of sponsors on board – this is why we have asked you if you would like to participate.
  • The wonderful thing about sponsorship is that I can print this book over and over again. With book stores enjoying - I will be placed in…I have an automatic placement and I will be looking into my own website too. The book potential to be a number one top seller is very achievable!

I hope this helps you with your decision to purchase a sponsorship. It will be the best form of advertising you have ever done. It will give you credibility, and you will enjoy another stream of income (selling the books) as a result.

Again the cost is $10,000.00 No GST! And you can make the cheque out to: Kaayla Canfield

Send it to: 56 Citadel Manor N.W., Calgary, Alberta, T3G 3Y4

If you should have any questions at all, please feel free to touch base with me. I would be happy to answer anything else.

Kaayla Canfield

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