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Sources of Statistics
by John Kremer

This report is divided into four parts, one dealing with editorial, one dealing with trends and their effect on editorial, the third dealing with marketing, and the fourth dealing with Internet marketing numbers. This is a fifth part of this report. It details the sources of reliable statistics.

Sources of Statistics

Want to find more statistics to help you make better editorial and marketing decisions or promote your books more effectively? One suggestion from several readers of my free email tip of the week is to check first with the reference librarian at your local library. Reference librarians often know which databases to check on the Internet for stats.

“In regard to stats. a great place on the Net to get any stat is You ask a question and a real person will email back sites on the Net that have the statistics.” — Ken Leebow,

You can also check with some of the polling services (such as Gallup and Roper) featured below.

Other website sources:

American Booksellers Association — m-bin/by_topic?topic_id=19

American Demographics —

American Statistical Association —

Book Industry Study Group —

Bureau of Transportation Statistics —

Business Statistics — business_statistics.html

Canadian Statistics —

Bureau of Justice Statistics —

Bureau of Labor Statistics —

Fact City — Fact City has built the Internet's largest repository of facts and statistics by partnering with leading providers of factual information such as STATS (sports), Billboard, the U.S. Census Bureau, Houghton Mifflin and many other resources.

Federal Statistics —

Gallup Organization —

Internet Statistics —

National Archives and Records Administration —

National Center for Education Statistics —

National Center for Health Statistics —

Para Publishing Stats — Lots of historical stats on book publishing, drawn from many different sources.

Polling Report — —

UK Statistics —

United Nations Statistics —

US Census Bureau —

World Wide Web Virtual Library: Statistics —

The Gallup Organization, 47 Hulfish Street #200, P. O. Box 310, Princeton, NJ 08542; 609-924-9600; Fax: 609-924-0228. Web: > For more statistics on the current trends in consumer book buying habits, send for the latest copy of the Gallup Report on Book Buying. This organization also conducts other consumer surveys that might be of interest. Many of these surveys are reported on in their monthly magazine, The Gallup Poll Monthly.

The Roper Organization, 205 East 42nd Street, 17th Floor, New York, NY 10017; 212-599-0700; 888-438-7857; Fax: 212-867-7008. You can also stay on top of changing consumer interests by reading The Public Pulse.

Book Industry Study Group, 160 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010; 212-929-1393; Fax: 212-989-7542. Email: Web: BISG publishes two indispensable annual guides to the book publishing industry in the United States: Consumer Research Study on Book Purchasing and Book Industry Trends.

Euromonitor International, 122 S. Michigan Avenue #1200, Chicago, IL 60603; 312-922-1115; Fax: 312-922-1157. Monitors international book sales trends.

Cowles/SIMBA Information, 11 Riverbend Drive S., P.O. Box 4234, Stamford, CT 06907-0234; 203-358-4224; 800-307-2529; Fax: 203-358-5824. Email: Web: Publishes updated reports on book publishing trends.

Veronis, Suhler & Associates, Research Department, 350 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10022; 212-935-4990; Fax: 212-935-0877. Email: Web: This investment banking firm for the communications industry publishes two annual reports that cover book publishing as well as other media: The Communications Industry Report and The Communications Industry Forecast.

Business Trend Analysts, 2171 Jericho Turnpike #200, Commack, NY 11725-2900; 631-462-5454; 800-866-4648; Fax: 631-462-1842. Email: Web: or This company publishes an annual report on The U.S. Book Publishing Industry. Cost: $1,495.00.

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