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March 1, 2010: Illustrated Book Day,
National Psycho Day, International Women's Day, Growth & Prosperity Day, U.S. Dog License Day, Deaf Awareness Week, Be Nasty Day

Details on these days and 18,800 others! can be found in
John Kremer's Celebrate Today Special Events Data Files.

In this issue . . .
-- Ebooks hit the mainstream
-- Colorado specialty newspapers
-- Harvey Mackay's new book a bestseller via video campaign
-- websites you can use
-- From Bestselling Book Cover to Blockbuster Brand
-- Tweets you don't want to miss
-- specialty retailers
-- Colorado pet stores
-- New article writing course from Eric Gruber
-- syndicated columnists
-- The Denver Post

Ebooks hit the mainstream
On Christmas day in  2009, for the first time in its history, sold more digital books than printed books, thus signaling that ebooks have hit the mainstream. Are you publishing ebook versions of your books? You should be. At least a Kindle version, but soon also an iPad version.

Colorado specialty newspapers
Here are a few of the specialty newspapers (weekly or monthly) that I
discovered while visiting Denver last week:

Boulder Weekly, 690 S Lashley Lane, Boulder CO 80305; 303-494-5511;
Fax: 303-494-2585. Email: Web: Weekly alternative entertainment

  • Pamela White, Editor
  • David Accomazzo, Arts & Entertainment Editor
  • Ryan Casey, Online Editor

Colorado Parent, Deborah Mock, Editor, Dominion Media, 5460 S Quebec Street #130, Greenwood Village CO 80111; 303-320-1000; Fax: 303-722-2330. Email: Web: Twitter: coloparentmag. Monthly publication focused on children and parents. Melissa Taylor featured 10 children's books written by Colorado authors (3/10). Melissa also writes the Bookmarkable! blog on their website.

Colorado Springs Independent, 235 S Nevada Avenue, Colorado Springs CO 80903; 719-577-4545; Fax: 719-577-4107. Email: Web: Weekly alternative entertainment newspaper.

  • Matthew Schniper, Culture Editor, Arts, Food & 7 Days
  • Jill Thomas, Culture Editor, Books, Films, & Listings
  • Bill Forman, Music Editor

Edible Front Range, Lynne Eppel, Editor, 3033 3rd Street, Boulder CO 80304; 303-449-4383. Email: Web: Quarterly publication focused on local food, farmer's markets, and restaurants. Featured excerpts from Cooking the Cowboy Way by Grady Spears and June Naylor. Edible is a network of local food magazines, covering 60 U.S. and Canadian regions.

Lovin' Life After 50, Shanna Hogan, Features Editor, EOS Publishing, 3200 N Hayden Road #330, Scottsdale AZ 85251; 510-297-1220. Web: Monthly seniors newspaper.

Nexus, Lisa Turner, Editor, 1680 6th Street #6, Boulder CO 80302; 303-442-6662; Fax: 303-442-7596. Email: Web: Monthly holistic journal.

Outfront, 827 Grant Street, Denver CO 80203; 303-778-7900; Fax: 303-778-7978. Email: Web: Monthly gay/lesbian newspaper.

Parenting Place's Family Connection, Renee McCauley, Editor, 1235 Pine Street, Boulder CO 80302; 303-485-6879. Email: Web: A monthly newspaper for parents. Anna Stewart of wrote a review of Children with Special Needs (12/09).

The Prime Time for Seniors, Patti Wampach, Editor, P O Box 503, Louisville CO 80027; 303-665-5593. Email: Web: Monthly newspapers for older people.

Women's Edition, Janet Van deWalle, Publisher, 2450 Central Avenue #A2, Boulder CO 80301; 303-396-0221. Web: There are similar monthly magazines for women in Iowa City/Cedar Rapids, Omaha, Lincoln, Colorado Springs, Quad Cities, south and west Denver, and Des Moines.

Harvey Mackay's new book a bestseller via video campaign
Harvey Mackay's new business book, Use Your Head to Get Your Foot in the Door, just hit the top 10 in the Wall Street Journal bestseller list. He credits the video campaign generated by Mike Koenigs of Digital Cafe.

If you'd like to see how he's using video marketing, blogs, podcasting, an iPhone app, article marketing, and SEO to generate sales, see the behind-the-scenes strategy video here: It's a free blog post so you don't have to sign up for anything to watch the entire 10-minute video.

You can see some of the public videos he's done by going here: You have to sign up for his promo to see the 16 videos he's giving away and the full campaign that he's doing.

But the behind-the-scenes stuff you can see here:

websites you can use
Here are a few websites that can help you market via the Internet:

Knowem: - Check whether or not your name or brand is available on many, many social networks.

Quizmaker: Allows you to create an online quiz without writing any code. You begin by asking a question, give up to 5 answer choices, and enter feedback for each answer (so quiztakers can know when they are right and, if wrong, how they went wrong). You can ask a number of questions. Free service.

Regator: - Features the web's best blog posts from the web's best blogs. A great place to find bloggers to connect with or comment upon.

Top 10 ways to make money on Squidoo:

Trends Buzz: - Track the current trends on Yahoo Buzz, Google Trends, and Twitter Trends

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter: - Was this book trailer worth the high cost of production? It got over 215,000 views in 11 days. Decide for yourself. Could you do a better book trailer?

If you take the Ten Million Eyeballs online marketing course, you'll understand how to use each of the above websites more effectively:

From Bestselling Book Cover to Blockbuster Brand
March 10th - Kathi Dunn and Ron "Hobie" Hobart, book cover designers with Dunn & Associates Design. Topic: From Bestselling Book Cover to Blockbuster Brand: How Choosing the Right Book Cover Can Launch Your Business Empire.

If you'd like to take part in this informative series of teleseminars, you can sign up for less than $1 per seminar here:

For more information on the people and topics for upcoming teleseminars,
click here:

Tweets you don't want to miss
Here are a few more John Kremer-related tweets you might find of value:

=> RT @GuyKawasaki 8 reasons you might not be getting any comments
on your blog

=> The more I tweet, the more traffic I get to my main website Doesn't matter what I tweet.

=> RT @GuyKawasaki How to create a custom news aggregation in less than ten minutes

=> Looking for editors/publishers of religious/spiritual books? See

=> 3 teens raising money for new Jules Verne movie: You can be a co-producer.

=> RT @GuyKawasaki 10 ways to make your blog more social -

=> Looking for 200 video-sharing websites? Check out

=> RT @GuyKawasaki The art of social media conversations with Jason Falls

=> Best advice I heard this week (from a country song): If you're going through hell, keep on moving.

=> RT @Minervity 20 Common Mistakes Made By New Bloggers -

specialty retailers
Here are some more retailers who offers books, audios, videos, gifts, and other items in a special are:

Fancy Tiger Craft Supplies, 1 S Broadway, Denver, Colorado 80209; 303-733-3855. Email: Web: Twitter: FancyTigerCraft. Sewing and knitting supplies and books.

The Grow Store, 701 W Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80905; 719-634-7058. Web: The indoor gardening superstore, featuring books, lights, fertilizers, and more. Also stores in Lakewood, Englewood, Glenwood Springs (Colorado), and Traverse City, Michigan.

Herbs & Arts, 2015 E Colfax Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80206. Web: Metaphysical gift and book shop.

The Lighthouse Bookstore, 1201 Pearl Street, Boulder, Colorado 80302; 303-939-8355. Spiritual and psychic books.

My Sister Knits, 1408 W Mountain Avenue, Fort Collins, Colorado 80521; 970-407-1461; Fax: 970-482-1294. Email: Web: Knitting supplies, yarns, and books.

The New Journey Books & Center, 7735-D Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, Colorado 80003; 303-239-8773. Web: Spiritual and new thought books, gifts, music, and art.

Colorado pet stores
The following stores offer dog and cat training guides and books as well as pet toys, gifts, and supplies.

Farfel's Farm, Sandy Calvin and Jeff Richey, Owners, 906 Pearl Street, Boulder, Colorado 80302-5109; 303-443-7711; Fax: 303-449-0470. Email: Web:

Hero's Pets, 8086 Bowles Avenue #N, Littleton, Colorado 80123; 303-972-1926; Fax: 303-972-6206. Email: Web:

Only Natural Pet Store, 1840 Commerce Street #F, Boulder, Colorado 80301; 720-406-7475. Web:

Paws 'n' Play, 7403 Grandview Avenue, Arvada, Colorado 80002; 303-420-2525. Email: Web:

Pet Empawrium and Spaw, 12393 West 64th Avenue, Arvada, Colorado
80004; 303-467-7777; Fax: 866-532-5641. Email: Web:

The Pet Stuff Place, Sharon and Dick Adams, Owners, 858 Happy Canyon Road #145, Castle Rock, Colorado 80108; 303-814-6060; Fax: 303-814-6066. Email: Web:

Quality Paws Natural Pet, 46 Broadway, Denver, Colorado 80203; 303-778-PAWS. Email: Web:

More Colorado pet stores:

New article writing course from Eric Gruber
Article marketing is one of the best ways to get free exposure for your books, products and services online -- but only if you write articles the right way. Article marketing expert Eric Gruber is teaching a 7-night article writing course that's unlike any other. For the first time, he'll reveal emotional and psychological trigger tactics, profitable storytelling techniques, credibility infusion strategies, and much more. It's as much a copywriting course as an article writing course that any author could benefit from taking. You must act fast if you want to get in on his first course beginning this week. Check it out here:

Note: Eric will be my guest on the April 14th People You Should Know teleseminar.

syndicated columnists
Here are a few syndicated columnists who sometimes review or mention books or authors:

Advice Goddess, Amy Alkon, columnist, 171 Pier Avenue #280, Santa Monica CA 90405. Email: Web: Weekly relationship Q&A column.

Ask Amy, Amy Dickinson, columnist, Chicago Tribune, TT500, 435 N Michigan Avenue, Chicago IL 60611. Email: Daily Q&A relationship advice column.

Randy Cohen, Ethics Columnist. Email:

E. J. Dionne, Op-Ed Columnist, Washington Post. Email: Political and social issues.

Stranger Than Fiction, Roland Sweet, columnist, P O Box 8130, Alexandria VA 22306. Strange stories.

Ezine testimonial
An email I received a few months ago from a reader of this ezine:

This is just an email to say thank you for your free newsletter you send. Thanks to one of the free tips you published related to To Bee or Not To Bee, I followed the advice and in less than 6 months after the book was published, I sold rights to a publisher in Bulgaria through Andrew Nurnberg in Sofia. Another agency asked for exclusivity and is trying in 5 countries and an agent got the manuscript to try to sell in Indonesia and many other countries.

So here goes a very strong "thank you" from a Brazilian writer who lives in Brazil and is learning a lot through your letters. Your letters are really fantastic, the best source of knowledge among many other emails from US experts I read. -- Fabio R. Araujo

The Denver Post
Here are some of the Denver Post editors and reporters I discovered while reading the Post during my stay in Denver. Send information to these editors via The Denver Post, 101 W Colfax Avenue #600, Denver CO 80202; 303-954-1010; 800-336-7678. Web:
Blogs: (to find out more what their columnists write about, check out their columns in the blog section).



  • Barbara Ellis, News Editor
  • Chuck Murphy and Dana Coffield, Public Affairs Editors. News tips: 303-954-1201; Fax: 303-954-1369. Email: Featured a little item on What Do You See Under the Sea?, a children's book by Neil and Cassandra Lillard.
  • Mike Littwin, columnist; 303-954-5428. Email: Column appears Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
  • Susan Greene, columnist; 303-954-1989. Email: Column appears Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Covers Colorado.
  • Bill Husted, columnist; 303-954-1486. Email: His people column appears Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday.
  • Jeremy P Meyer, Education Reporter; 303-954-1367. Email:
  • Burt Hubbard, Education Reporter; 303-954-5107. Email:
  • Ann Schrader, Science Reporter; 303-954-1967. Email:

Arts & Entertainment

  • Ray Rinaldi, Entertainment Editor; 303-954-1281; Fax: 303-954-1679. Email: or
  • Tom Walker, Books Editor; 303-954-1624; Fax: 303-954-1679. Email:
  • Note: Almost all of their book reviews are excerpted from Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, Washington Post, and New York Times. Their website features chapter excerpts at Their local bestseller list is compiled from sales at Tattered Cover, Boulder Book Store, Barnes & Noble in Greenwood Village, and Borders at Arapahoe Crossings.
  • Sybil Downing, Columnist, Regional Fiction. She is a Boulder novelist who reviews new regional fiction.
  • Suzanne S Brown, Fashion Writer; 303-954-1697. Email:
  • Lisa Kennedy, Film Critic; 303-954-1567. Email:
  • Kyle MacMillan, Fine Arts Critic; 303-954-1675. Email: Also covers classical music.
  • John Moore, Theater Critic.
  • Susan Clotfelter, Garden Writer, Digging In. Email:
  • Joanne Davidson, Columnist, Inside Line; 303-809-1314. Email: Covers society news. Wrote about novelist Jennifer Weiner, who spoke at a society event.






Order either or both of the above ebooks / multimedia programs by clicking on the appropriate cover above or one of the links below:

Novel Multi-Media Program: Still only $127.00.

Literary Agents Ebook: Still only $30.00.

Quotable Books
When you are going through hell, keep on moving. -- from a country song

More great quotes and quotable books at

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