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March 24, 2010: Black Actors Day, Global Shut Down Day, Make a Great Escape Day, Chocolate Covered Raisins Day, World TB Day, Avoidable Ecological Disasters Week

Details on these days — and 18,800 others! — can be found in
John Kremer's Celebrate Today Special Events Data Files.

In this issue . . .
-- What does a trade publisher do to create a bestseller?
-- The Giftionary
-- Be a guest blogger on Spiritual Media Blog
-- Learn how to get rich and famous being a guest on radio shows
-- Tweets you can use
-- Scribd and other ebook sales services
-- Pixability videos
-- Get paid to speak about your book (about your expertise)

What does a trade publisher do to create a bestseller?
Kevin Daum, author of Roar! Get Heard in the Sales and Marketing Jungle, is chronicling the actions of the author (him) and publisher (John Wiley) leading up to the publication of his book in April. There are some great insights included in his musings. Check out his blog here:

The Giftionary
Is your book a gift? The perfect birthday present, business gift, gift for friends, family and everyone you know?

If so, here's a great resource for all authors or anyone with a product:, a national online gift guide featuring a galaxy of gifts, from A to Z.

This website was created by my friend Robyn Spizman, a nationally recognized gift expert featured on The Today Show and CNN. Robyn promotes gift giving year round. For as little as $150, you can list your book for a full year on, a popular gift guide that is free to consumers.

When you visit, click on the Sign Up and Get Listed section in the upper right corner of the site. The site is organized into four search options: Occasion, Category, Recipient, and City. The base price will allow you to list your book under five different categories of your choosing.

Be a guest blogger on Spiritual Media Blog
Matt Welsh, creator of the Spiritual Media Blog, is offering my readers an opportunity to be a guest blogger by writing a post about your favorite inspirational or spiritual movie or TV show. If you are interested in this opportunity for more exposure, send an email query to Tell him I sent you.

Check out his blog at

Tonight! Learn how to get rich and famous via radio shows
March 24th at 8:00 p.m. Eastern I will be interviewing Alex Carroll, creator of the program and guest on over 1,200 radio shows during the past ten years. Topic: Get Rich & Become Famous Being a Guest on Big Radio Shows.

If you'd like to take part in this informative series of teleseminars, you can sign up for less than $1 per seminar here:

For more information on the people and topics for upcoming teleseminars,
click here:

Tweets you can use
Here are a few more John Kremer-related tweets you might find of value:

=> Big Changes Are Coming to Digg: More Power to Publishers, Less Power to Top Diggers:

=> RT @mashable Facebook Upgrades Search Capabilities -

=> @JonathanGunson As you know, I love your work. Always look forward to your next video.

=> What really affects our lives is what we do. All the other stuff is simply the setting wherein we act. Keep your focus, and you'll do fine.

=> How to create an iPhone app for your book, yourself, or anything else - fast and easy:

=> RT @mashable Samsung Announces Plans for iPad Challenger -

=> Wonderful interview with @jackielapin on marketing to the mind/body/ spirit market -

Scribd and other ebook sales services
Here is another reader's recommendation of an ebook service, Scribd:

I bookmarked Scribd the other day which is a real free pdf, doc, and ebook hosting service. You can also sell your ebooks, set your own price and you get to keep 80%. Put up free book previews, pdf newsletters, anything you want to give away. You can sell pdfs for as little as a buck if you have the world's greatest cookie recipe.

John's Comments: You can find a number of great websites where you can SELL ebooks, audio Mp3s, and other electronically delivered products by checking out:

There are tons of websites where you can give ebooks away, but only a few select ones where you can SELL ebooks.

For other ebook sites, check out

Pixability videos
Pixability ( is a relatively new service that will
professionally edit videos for you. They offer two packages:

Premium Edit Package for $595 -- They send you a camera to capture your authentic video. You send the video back to them. Then they offer broadcast-looking edits with full graphics, branded opening/closing with your logo and call to action, branded titles, your choice of music score, and your digital images (web pages, powerpoint slides, etc.). You can review the video as they edit it. Once approved, they provide you with a web-ready, high quality, fast loading video.

Bundle 8 Pack for $795 -- Includes 8 short videos with content editing, branded intro/outro with music, again with your video taken with a camera they send you.

Get paid to speak about your book (about your expertise)
Before you try to get booked to speak, there are potential big mistakes that you could make. You need to avoid making them if you want to be taken seriously as a speaker and start to get those highly paid bookings.

Speaker marketing specialist Mary McKay has booked over 2,200 speaking engagements for professional speakers, bestselling authors and industry experts. She knows what it takes to get paid to speak. During a 1-hour teleclass on Tuesday, March 30th, she’s going to reveal the critical mistakes that most novice speakers make when trying to get booked for high-paying speaking engagements.

To sign up for this teleclass, go to:

Quotable Books
Success is the most natural thing in the world. The person who does not succeed has placed himself in opposition to the laws of the Universe.
— Elbert Hubbard, essayist

More great quotes and quotable books at

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