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March 30, 2010: National Doctors Day, I Am in Control Day, Make a Million Dollars Day, Pencil Eraser Birthday, US Golf Course Day, World Peace Day, Starry Night

Details on these days — and 18,800 others! — can be found in
John Kremer's Celebrate Today Special Events Data Files.

In this issue . . .
-- relationships are the key to marketing
-- Tax Season Special: Half-Price Consulting
-- specialty retailers
-- Tweets you can use
-- Daughter-in-Law Rules iPhone app
-- Other iPhone and iPad news you can use
-- Reality Creation 101 - free download

relationships are the key to marketing
In the March issue of Black Enterprise, the president, Earl G. Graves Jr.,
noted the following in his Executive Memo:

Throughout the years, I have found business is personal. Trust, chemistry, and authentic connections represent the foundation of ongoing interactions and completed transactions. Sound business relationships--like all of your associations--require time, patience, understanding, and dialogue.

He also noted the following:

I've found the most effective means of outreach is often through e-mail. It may sound rudimentary but direct contact via e-mail enables you to bypass gatekeepers and, more important, allows them to process it when they're most receptive to your message and to respond at their convenience.

Remember business networks are exchanges. Too many entrepreneurs make the mistake of reaching out to people only when they are in need. Developing genuine relationships obligates you to take an interest in others. Without prodding, you should be willing to offer resources or an ear when they're confronted with challenges.

I've been saying for many years that all of marketing boils down to one thing: Creating relationships. Earl gave a few good tips for creating such relationships: use email to reach top people, give more than you get, and all relationships take time to develop. Don't expect overnight miracles.

specialty retailers
Here are some more retailers who offers books, audios, videos, gifts,
and other items in a special are:

Banyen Books & Sound, 3608 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia V6R 1P1 Canada; 604-732-7912. Email: Web: 27,000 mind/body/spirit titles.

Eagle Mountain Mercantile, Mike and Laura Haynes, 56 Talisman Drive #8C, Pagosa Springs, Colorado 81147; 970-731-9900. Email: Web:
Offers hunting and fishing supplies, pet supplies, and quilting/yarn supplies and books.

Joy's Natural Foods, 117 Navajo Trail Drive #T, Pagosa Springs, Colorado 81147; 970-731-1500. Features natural foods cookbooks and holistic health books.

Pathways Center for Spiritual Healing & Growth, 40031 Highway 160 E, Bayfield, Colorado 81122; 970-884-4718. Email: Web: Mind/body/spirit books and gifts.

Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum Gift Shop, 1835 Convention Center Drive #B, St. George, Utah 84790; 435-656-0033; Fax: 435-986-6694. Web: Wildlife gifts and books.

St. George Art Museum Store, 47 East 200 North, St. George, Utah 84770; 435-627-4525. Email: Web: Art and photography books/gifts.

The Village Stitchery Shop, Lisa Smith, 5762 Old Turnpike Road, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania 17837; 570-966-8711. Email: or Web: Sewing supplies and books.

Tweets you can use
Here are a few more John Kremer-related tweets you might find of value:

=> Get a free video and How to Get National TV Exposure teleseminar
(Thursday 4/1) -

=> Never, ever doubt in magic. The purest, honest thoughts come from
children. - Scott Dixon, race car driver

=> 150+ ways to tweet: Also free Twitter Mania
Manual with no strings attached.

=> The 3 big secrets to getting booked on national TV -

=> A champion hates to lose even more than she loves to win. - Chris Evert

=> How Startups are Using Social Media for Real Results -

=> Money is not going to make you happy. A new idea is what makes
you happy. - 50 Cent, rapper #quotable

=> How Jennifer turned her idea for a handbag into a $10 million business
by getting free publicity on TV -

Daughter-in-Law Rules iPhone app
Sally Shields, author of The Daughter-in-Law Rules, has created a quiz app for the iPhone. It cost her under $500 to create the app. You can find her app in the iPhone app store under entertainment. It's free.

Other iPhone and iPad news you can use
To read my blog entry about creating iPhone apps, go to: http://blog.

How the iPad Could Make Books Go Viral:

4 Reasons Why Marketers Scrambled to Get Their Apps on the iPad's Launch:

iPad Slays Tablet Competitors With Killer Apps -

Apple's iAd Could Bite a Chunk Out of Google's Mobile Ad Business:

Do want to know more about creating and promoting apps for the iPad? Check out iPad Riches: Just check it out. Don't get suckered into buying the upsells, though, until you know you like what you already have.

Here are the pricing guidelines for Apple's new iPad bookstore (based on an email from Smashwords):

If your book is not available in print, you can price your book at any price you like. Free is an acceptable price at Apple.

If you do have print editions, here are the rules you must follow:

For ebooks, if you publish print counterparts elsewhere as mass market
paperbacks (small, airport size) or trade paperback, then allowable pricing bands are as follows:

For all print books published with a list price of $22.00 or less, your Smashwords ebook price cannot be greater than $9.99 during the first twelve (12) months after publication in those print formats. Thereafter, you, the publisher may set whatever price you want, provided Apple doesn’t deem it unrealistic.

For any mass market or trade paperback books with a list price greater than $22.00, you can set whatever price you want.

That means, of course, that I will be able to sell my 1001 Ways to Market Your Books as an ebook at the same price as the printed book, which is the only way I would go. I see no reason to price an ebook for less than the printed book. It's the content that matters, not the format.

Of course, as an author or publisher, if you want your book featured in many ebook stores nowadays, you have to price it less. That's sad.

Reality Creation 101 - free download
Christopher Pinckley, author of Reality Creation 101, wrote me the following email:

I really loved your email about Paulo Coelho and 100 million free e-copies that he has given away over time. Recently, my agent told me to get some more reviews on Amazon so, between her asking me to do that and your email about Paulo, I decided to give away a bunch of free e-copies of my book. Man, was that a great move! Now I've got myself another talk show, an article in another magazine, and sold a whole bunch more copies! That idea really got things moving again for me in a big way!

So, for the next week only, Chris is offering his book exclusively to the readers of this newsletter. You can get a free copy of his book here:

“This book gives you the tools, knowledge, and awareness to completely revamp your unconscious mind to create the life you really want.” - T. Harv Eker, author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

“Sometimes in order to create what you want, you have to get rid of what you don’t want. I like this book because it addresses the difficulties that people can face in life. It doesn’t take the reader for granted.” - Dr. Joe Vitale, author of The Attractor Factor

Quotable Books
It doesn't matter what size you are. It matters how big your heart is
and how smart you are. — Freddy Adu, soccer player

More great quotes and quotable books at

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