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April 19, 2010: Absurdity Appreciation Day, Family Plots Day, American Automobile Day, Fresh Celery Day, Minutemen Day, Marry a Prince Day, Paper Money Day, Skydiving's Birthday

Details on these days — and 18,800 others! — can be found in
John Kremer's Celebrate Today Special Events Data Files.

In this issue . . .
-- Book marketing tips from a reader
-- Dr. Clarity’s Consulting Session Audio
-- 1,000,000 titles produced in 2009
-- How you can become a media darling and ultrafamous
-- Tweets you can use
-- Free speech is alive in book publishing
-- Great tips on marketing books
-- Arizona home and garden / lifestyle magazines

This coming week, I'll be speaking at the 140 Conference in New York
City on Wednesday and the ShowBiz Expo in Los Angeles this coming
weekend. I hope to meet some of you at one of those events.

Book marketing tips from a reader
The following tips were sent to me in a letter from Steve Fadie, author of Words to the Rescue: The Sentiment Guide for the Tongue Tied:

A couple of tips for your readers. Dr. Laura reviews a book each week on her show. I sent her ten books to share with her staff around the Christmas holidays. The following February she read from the book for
several minutes on her show. Results: 200 books sold via

As you often say, the foolproof way to sell books is to speak in front of people. Once on a holiday tour of a local mansion, I asked the guide if I could take five minutes after the luncheon to talk about my book. Results: 30 books sold. I could hardly collect the money fast enough.

John's comments: Note that Steve isn't shy about asking. As an author who cares about your book, you can't be shy. Ask. And ask again.

Dr. Clarity’s Consulting Session Audio
Last Friday, I did a consulting session with Clare Albright, aka Dr. Clarity, on how to market her book, Neurofeedback - a Drug Free Therapy.

This one-hour session (a $500 value!) was packed with advice from John Kremer (that's me) on how to market a book online, with a special focus on creating relationships with top websites, using free articles as a tool for making sales, and creating and using targeted viral videos.

You can order the Dr. Clarity Consulting Session Audio mp3 for only $13.97 by clicking here:

You really don't want to miss this session. That's why I priced the audio so low. I wanted to make it irresistible because you'll find at least 3 good money-making ideas within this detailed audio consult.

1,000,000 titles produced in 2009
Bowker, compiling information from its Books in Print database, has announced that traditional publishing produced 288,355 titles in 2009 - and print-on-demand services produced 764,448 titles. That's more than 1 million titles last year. Are you ready to compete with that many new titles? You should be.

Traditional publishers published 45,000 novels, 32,300 children's books, 19,300 religion titles, 15,400 science titles, and 26,000 economics titles.

Three companies (BiblioBazaar, Books LLC, and Kessinger Publishing) published almost 700,000 titles (mostly reprints of copyright-free books).

The top POD publishers were CreateSpace (21,819 titles), (10,386 titles), Xlibris (10,161), AuthorHouse (9,445 titles), and PublishAmerica (5,689 titles). Since many of these companies are not exclusive publishers, it's possible at least some of these titles are duplicates.

How you can become a media darling and ultrafamous
Thursday, April 22nd at 8:00 p.m. Eastern - Danek Stephen Kaus, author of You Can Be Famous! Insider Secrets to Getting Free Publicity. Webmaster of Topic: Why you should be famous, and how you can become a media darling and ultrafamous.

If you'd like to take part in this informative series of teleseminars, you can sign up for less than $1 per seminar here:

For more information on the people and topics for upcoming teleseminars,
click here:

Tweets you can use
Here are a few more tweets from John Kremer you might find of value:

=> Jack Canfield shares how he sold 115 million copies of Chicken Soup for the Soul -

=> Google Search Stories Video Creator - - interesting video creation tool but will bore quickly

=> RT @HalGoldstein Photo: iPad Printing Problems Solved - #funny

=> Be careful. With quotations, you can damn anything. - Andre Malraux #quotable

=> What the iPad Is Missing (No, It's Not a Camera) - very important info for publishers -

=> HubSpot: The more pages a company has indexed by Google, the more leads it will generate -

=> Five Ways the New Google Docs Speeds Up Teamwork -

Follow more of John's tweets at

Free speech is alive in book publishing
I received a number of tweets freaking out that I mentioned Glenn Beck in a tweet. I thought the tweet focused on two good points about the news story this tweet came from: 1. Free speech is alive in book publishing. We publish all points of view. 2. Books are still making money. ... I'm all for free speech. And I encourage anyone to listen to all points of view and not shut out people simply because they are accused of bias or extremism. Judge for yourself by really listening.

Well, I received a lot of feedback from readers, including some newsletter cancellations.

=> I am cancelling your newsletter. Bringing politics in is totally inappropriate - defending Glen Beck and dissing Randi Rhodes does not belong in a marketing newsletter. Don't you know that discussion of politics should not be held in the workplace? And I have to agree with your reader about Glen Beck so I am ending my subscription.  I hope that you will realize how inappropriate your stand is. - Karen Lunstead

John's response: Politics should not be discussed in the workplace? Odd. Never heard that before. But I wasn't bringing politics into the newsletter. I was talking about free speech - which is incredibly important for all authors and publishers to respect and celebrate.

=> Please take me off your email list. Your support of Glenn Beck is nauseating. - Si Dunn, Sagecreek Productions

John's response: Lost 26 other subscribers who do not support free speech. Glad to have them off my list, but sad that they are so short-
sighted about the importance of free speech for everyone, whether you
agree with them or not.

=> I like your comment about an open mind and free speech. The Hepburn quote is beautiful. - Arnold

John's response: Thanks. I liked the Hepburn quote as well.

=> Sorry John. If you think the racist, elitist, fascist Glen Beck is “reasonable,” you have lost your powers of discrimination and perception.
There is not much wiggle room, if you listen to his polemics. Gee, I guess
Hitler was quite reasonable too.
- Asa Hersh

John's response: Not once during the three weeks I've been listening
to Glenn Beck's TV show have I heard him make a racist or fascist
remark. Not once. And he is very anti-Hitler and very anti-fascist. His
show has been presented as an educational show, much like a college
professor. No ranting, no screaming, no extremism. Perhaps in the past?

It's curious that two of Beck's critics so far have misspelled his name.
I find that interesting given that I spelled his name correctly in my post.

=> I enjoyed that dip into politics in this marketing email! I have listened
to Beck for YEARS on the radio -- TV is only last year or so. He USED to
be as funny as a standup comic on the radio. Always a conservative but
some catalyst changed him a LOT. I'm, personally, an independent former Perot/Reform Party supporter and STILL think everything wrong with this economy BEGAN with NAFTA and the "giant sucking sound" of jobs moving off shore, that so-evocative Perot phrase describing what he predicted would happen.

What I object to now in Beck is 1) his "looks" take away from his effectiveness--should have stayed on the radio, and 2) he is SO SIMPLISTIC. Will have this little constitution text and contrast it with 2000 page bill or something or other. NOT VALID!! The constitution ISN'T those few pages it was written on--it's THAT plus hundreds--maybe thousands--of Supreme Court rulings interpreting it. How many pages would THEY take??

Also, that "shining city on a hill" quote he keeps saying (just did it a few
minutes ago as I type) to ME sounds more like THAT founding father
dreamed of a Christian-based, loving, sharing society -- more like socialism than the free market capitalism Beck fears is going down the drain. Warns of materialism in fact.
- Maggy

John's response: Free market capitalism and materialism are two very
different things. Some people think of those two as equivalent but they
are not the same. Free market economics doesn't necessarily lead to
materialism. Indeed, many writers point out that socialism leads to as
much, if not more, materialism.

I can't criticize Beck because of his looks. I'd be in big trouble if that
were the case. He can be simplistic, no doubt about that, but I've
heard things just as simplistic from the opposite side.

=> You might also remind those who got their panties in a bunch over Glenn Beck to look at the top 25 books sold from Amazon in 2009 - he has two on the list. Not many of us can say that. - Gil Michelini

John's response: Yes, Glenn sells books. No doubt about it. One reason for that, I believe, is because he loves what he does. And that is catching.

=> Thanks for your honest (careful) comment on Glenn Beck. I've yet to see/hear him lying or even distorting the truth. (For him it's got a Capital T.) He pillories those he criticizes with their own words, often on videotape (and not out of context). Their subsequent denial usually involves trying to change the subject, and calling him names. Mostly name-calling.

I just heard that three (3) of the president's advisors have instigated boycotts of advertisers on Glenn Beck's show, hoping to silence him. They really don't like the US Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights, which Obama (on video) considers really negative, and needs to be changed. It's just a list of things the Government can't do [legally]. He thinks it should list all the things the government should do—for the people [in charge?]* Sad. And REALLY scary. - Bill

John's response: I suspect that almost everyone in the country, including Obama love the Bill of Rights. There are, of course, many disagreements in interpretation. But that's inevitable given their briefness.

=> Just a word of thanks for responding the way you did to the hits on sharing your opinion. I haven't heard any of the names you've mentioned personally, but lots of violent commentary on them. You rock! Believe well! - Adelaide Zindler

John's response: Thanks for the support. You really don't need to know any of the names I mentioned. All radio/TV personalities. You're better off not listening and just living your life well.

=> I just wanted to thank you for standing up for free speech and Glenn Beck. I have learned things from his show about history that I never knew before. You can't be for free speech and only be in favor of one side having it. I have had friends from countries where you weren't allowed to have any free speech unless it was from the government. How tragic. We should allow it from all sides, as Glenn does. He doesn't agree with shutting down the other side. Unfortunately the mainstream media only shows one side. - Julie Austin

John's response: It really is just about free speech. Everything else is just politics.

=> Appreciated your post on Glenn Beck in your newsletter. As a society, we are quick to dismiss others without any first-hand experience or reason. I suppose it might help to think that if we were in a certain radio host's position, how would we feel? Certainly, we'd want unbiased opinions and the chance to be valued. Thanks for opening our eyes! - Alice Wisler

John's response: Radio show hosts from all spectrums expect some
attacks. There are just too many of them going from and to radio show
hosts. Too bad.

=> Thanks for the bit on Glenn Beck. He gets a little wacky sometimes but for the most part tells it like it is, imo. Of course, I'm a bit biased as a Tea Party dude but it's good to see some reasonable folks in the higher echelons of media. - John Karr

John's response: I like Glenn Beck. I think he's fun to listen to. Is he always right? Probably not. Am I always right? Just ask my wife.

Great tips on marketing books
I know that many of you forget to visit my blog on a regular basis. You can miss a lot of great marketing tips by not dropping by at least once every few weeks. Here are a few of the stories that have appeared on my Book Marketing Bestsellers blog during the past few weeks:

Social Media Widgets: Facebook and more (beautiful functional widgets):

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Reality TV Summit coming to Hollywood in August:

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Arizona home and garden / lifestyle magazines
Phoenix Home & Garden, 15169 N Scottsdale Road #C-310, Scottsdale AZ 85254-2101. Email: Web:

  • Linda Barkman, Editor
  • Nancy Erdmann, Garden Editor
  • Judy Harper, Calendar Editor

Sedona Monthly, Erika Ayn Finch, Editor-in-Chief, Bar225 Media, P O Box
1702, Sedona AZ 86339; 928-282-1855. Email:

Tucson Lifestyle, 7000 E Tanque Verde Road, Tucson AZ 85715; 520-721-2929; Fax: 520-721-8665. Web:

  • Sue Giles, Editor-in-Chief; ext. 120
  • Scott Barker, Executive Editor; ext. 121
  • Debby Larsen, Home & Garden Editor; ext. 112
  • Georgeanne Barrett, Online Editor; ext. 109

Quotable Books
The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart. - Robert Frost

More great quotes and quotable books at

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