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June 30, 2010

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In this issue . . .
- Syndicating Your Feeds
- Florida Publishers Association: Call for Entries
- Tweets you can use
- Nautilus Awards
- Do you know your real Google rankings?

Syndicating Your Feeds
If you want to syndicate your blog or parts of your website so people can subscribe to your feed (to get regular updates), here are a few services you could use. Note: Feedburner is the service used by many major websites, but it does cost some money. The other feed services list below offer a free version (and charge for upgrades or more capabilities).

FPA 2010 President's Book Awards Call for Entries
The Florida Publishers Association has issued a Call for Entries in its FPA 2010 President's Book Awards competition. A single gold medal and up to two silver medals can be awarded in each of 17 categories for books with 2008 or 2009 copyright dates. Categories include some that are Florida-specific for both children and adults, nonfiction and fiction. To learn more, visit While it is a members-only competition, interested publishers, authors or illustrators may join FPA (at a discounted rate) at the time they enter a book. Membership is not limited to Florida residents. The deadline for receipt of entries has been extended to Wed., July 7th.

Tweets you can use
Here are a few tweets from John Kremer you might find of value:

=> RT @MegginMcIntosh 3 reasons 90% of aspiring authors never reach their goals -

=> Do you know the secret? Marketing is all about creating relationships. Tricks, deceit, gadgets don't build a business.

=> RT @MariSmith Are you a published author? Check out Chris Brogan's awesome post -->Author’s Plan for Social Media

=> 3 steps to freemium success: Giving something away free to build an audience works.

=> RT @snscrm 5 Ways to Waste Your Time Networking on Social Media Sites - CNBC

=> I use other people tweets as a discovery process. So I like to follow a lot of people with different interests and around the world.

=> RT @ScreenwritingU - BTW, the @JohnKremer seminar was excellent! A true guru for authors who want to sell more books.

=> RT @marclanders 40 Unusual Websites you should Bookmark #tips

=> YouTube says Apple is full of hooey regarding Flash: Flash is better right now.

Follow more of John's tweets at

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2010 NAUTILUS AWARD WINNERS NOW POSTED. For a listing of SILVER and GOLD Nautilus Award winners, go to The 2011 Nautilus Book & Audio Book program will be accepting submissions in July. Read this newsletter for an announcement. For more information or to join our mailing list, email

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Do you know your real Google rankings?
When you search Google for the rankings of your websites for keywords, you might not be seeing the same rankings as other users. Why? Because Google uses your previous searches to rank websites you often visit (such as your own websites). The sites you visit can often rank higher for you than for other users.

How can you find out what others see? Easy. Use Scroogles scraper. This website searches Google without using your search history or computer's unique address. That ensures that the search is clean and more accurate than a search done simply from your computer.

To use Scroogle, go to:

Quotable Books
The only way to get everything is to give everything. - Max Maurisani

More great quotes and quotable books at

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