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Book Marketing 105: Choosing a Book Distribution System - This vital mini-guide includes criteria for deciding how you will distribute your books.

Also includes complete info on 30 distributors, 4 library distributors, 89 book publishers who also distribute for other publishers, 27 bookstore wholesalers, 34 library wholesalers, and 23 Spanish-language wholesalers.

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John Kremer's Book Marketing Tip of the Week

July 26, 2011

Americans with Disabilities Act Birthday, All or Nothing Day, Brave New World Day, FBI Birthday, Little Miss Sunshine Day, U.S. Armed Forces Integration Day, The Death of Chicken Fried Steak


In this issue . . .
- Special Offer: 60% Off Book Marketing Magic this week
- Book Marketing Tweets you can use
- Page One Google Rankings

Book Marketing Tweets you can use
There are some great book marketing lessons and book promotion tips included within these short tweets.

=> Why Readers Should Buy from Indie Bookstores –

=> 101 Ways to Blog about Books and Authors –

=> Book Marketing: Creating the Perfect Pitch –

=> 5 Reasons Why Lists Make Great Press Releases –

=> A bookstore welcome sign you have to love –

=> Good ideas are a dime a dozen. The difference between just having ideas and being successful is being able to execute them. – Nate Kaplan

=> Book Marketing: Host a Book Reading Party –

=> This video is going to go viral. Great music, lively dancing, wonderful pace, engaging.

=> 30 Ways to Help a Book Author You Love –

=> Book Marketing Tip: Always take time every day to thank someone who has helped you. Thank you to everyone who has…

=> Author Success Story: Branding – – The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life

=> Book Editors – Do You Need One? | Ask the Cover Designer –

The above are just some of the tweets I sent out during the past two weeks. What more did you miss? Follow my tweets at

Page One Google Rankings
Well, I have to pay some hospital and doctor bills due to a heart attack scare in late June. Alas, as a sole proprietor, I have a high deductible health insurance policy. So I'm offering a special program to a select 10 book authors.

Here's the deal: Over the years, I've learned how to get page one Google rankings for many keyword phrases. I'd now like to offer this service to you. Because it is labor intensive, I do have to charge a very high price - but it comes with a full guarantee that I keep working on your site until you get a page one Google listing for your keyword phrase.

If you are interested, email with attn: Google Page One or Bust!

If you'd like a Google page one listing AND an Alexa rank of 500,000 or better for your author website, I can do that as well. That would cost more because it takes more work to bump a website up the Alexa ranks.

I'm working on a course to teach you how to do this yourself, but until I finish that course, I'm offering this Google Page One and Alexa Boost service.

Quotable Books
You must think abundance, see abundance, feel abundance, believe abundance. Let no thought of limitation enter your mind. There is no lawful desire of yours for which, as far as the mind is concerned, there is not abundant satisfaction. - Robert Collier, author, Acres of Diamonds

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