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September 11, 2012: Book Promotion Tweets, Posts, and Pins / Author 101 University / Magazine Editor Updates / Learning Annex Classes in NYC/LA

September 5, 2012: Book Promotion Tweets, Posts and Pins / Q&A: Selling Books on Amazon / Alamosa Books for Children / Jane Dowary Agency / Hot Book Promotion: Cookbook Discussion Groups

$20 Back to School Special / Author Success Stories /
Book Marketing and Book Publicity Tips / Sleepy Time with Grandpa D

$20 Back to School Special / San Diego Publications / Free eBooks: Attract Money Now and The Joy of Service / Fine Cooking Magazine / Make It a Woman's Day: October 5th

Internet Prophets free copy / Florida Publishers Association Ed-U Conference / Blog Post on Book Publishing, Ebooks, Book Marketing /
Family Friendly Book Directory

Magazine Editor Updates / Blog Posts on Book Publishing,
Ebooks, and Book Marketing

Eating Well Magazine / Backcountry Magazine / Parenting Magazine

Write for a Top-Ranked Self-Improvement Website / Hug Someone You Love Today / Self-Publishing Book Expo /

The Top 10 Things You Can Do in 2012 to Sell More Books

4-Day 33% Sale: Amazon Bestseller Campaign / Hot blog posts on marketing, blogging, ebooks, and more / Book Publishing, Printing,
and Marketing Services / 20-Minute Book Marketing Podcast series /
Five free passes now available for Internet Prophets Conference

20-Minute Book Marketing Podcast series
Hot blog posts on marketing, blogging, ebooks, and more

Pin some old blog posts this week: Addendum / 20-Minute Book Marketing Podcast series / Hot blog posts on marketing, blogging, etc.

Get more traffic this week - in 5 minutes per day / 20-Minute Book Marketing Podcast series / Get More Subscribes webinar / Meet me in Denver in May / Internet Prophets Conference in Chicago in June

20-Minute Book Marketing Podcast series / Internet Prophets Conference in June / Short tips to help you with your book promotions /
Meet me in Denver on May 3rd / IBPA special membership offer

20-Minute Book Marketing Podcast series / Complete Books & Media corporate sales / Short tips to help you with your book promotion / Meet Me in Denver on May 3rd

Book Marketing to the Max in Phoenix / Short tips to help you with your book promotion / Meet Me in Denver on May 3rd

20-Minute Book Marketing Podcast / Brand Building Through Licensing - Kathy Ireland / Marketing Ideas Launchpad - John Kremer on marketing your books / Short tips to help you with your book promotion

Book Marketing Now Teleseminar / Sell Spoken Word Audio on Short tips on book promotion / webinar replays
Phoenix Book Marketing to the Max seminar

John Kremer in Singapore / Webinar Replays: On Blogging and Ebook Publishing / Facebook Pages: New Timeline Format / Meet Me in Phoenix, Arizona at the End of March / Internet Marketing for Book Authors / BlogWorld in New York City at the same time as BookExpo America

Start a Blog That Matters / Book Marketing to the Max / Book Promotion Tweets You Can Use / IBPA's Publishing University in San Francisco

Book Marketing to the Max / Start a Blog That Matters Webinar / Book Marketing Tweets You Can Use / Secrets of Publicity Superstars - A Social Network for Poets / Book Marketing Makeover Months / Book Marketing Tweets You Can Use

Broadcast Your Brilliance Teleseminar Replay / Book Marketing Makeover Months / Book Promotion Tweets You Can Use / Website Intro Videos / Book Title Critiques

John Kremer's Book Marketing Birthday Bash /
Book Marketing Makeover Months / Book Marketing Tweets You Can Use / Viral Video You Can Piggy-Back On

Book Marketing in 2012 / Book Marketing Makeover Months / Book Marketing Tweets You Can Use / Mail Order Catalogs That Sell Books

Book Marketing in 2012 / A Christian Book Distributor / Book Marketing Makeover Months / Book Promotion Tweets You Can Use / specialty retailers / John Kremer's Book Marketing Makeover consulting discount

Award-Winning Books Get Foreign Rights Representation /
How to Get Your Book in Chain Stores, Specialty Retailers, Etc. /
Book Marketing Makeover Month / Book Promotion Tweets You Can Use / John Kremer's Special Book Marketing Makeover Discounts

Coast to Coast AM / John Kremer's Special Book Marketing
Makeover Discounts / Book Marketing Makeover Months /
Book Promotion Tweets You Can Use / Quotable Books

John Kremer's Special Book Marketing Makeover Offer / Book Marketing Makeover Months / Book Promotion Tweets You Can Use / Quotable Books

Sidedoor Publicity: Getting Your Story into Magazines /
Book Marketing Makeover Months / Book Promotion Tweets You Can Use / New Opportunity for Children's Book Authors

Selling Ebooks on Amazon's Kindle / Book Marketing Makeover Months
Book Promotion Tweets You Can Use

The Top 4 Book Marketing Tactics in Today's World / Book Promotion Tweets You Can Use / Special Offer - Independent Book Publishers Association / Book Donations: Birmingham YWCA Shelters

Book Promotion Tweets You Can Use

Webinars for Fun & Profit / Book Promotion Seminars in California / Book Promotion Tweets You Can Use / Event Blog Tours / Quotable Books

Online 411 Newsletter: / Nautilus Book Awards /
Book Marketing Tweets You Can Use

Online 411 Newsletter / Book Marketing Magic - special offer /
Facebook Fan Pages / Book Marketing Tweets you can use /
Page One Google Rankings

Blog Tour Paloozas / Book Marketing Tweets You Can Use /
Page One Google Rankings

Free ebook from John Kremer on Website Performance Optimization
Free webinar: Get Your Facebook Page Done Now
Independence Day Special / Tweets you can use

BestSeller Launch Formula / Tweets you can use / Author success stories

42 Tweets You Can Use / IBPA Publishing University

Ask John Kremer: Book Marketing Questions & Answers
Tweets you can use Book Marketing Q&A / gaining traffic from special days / Tweets you can use / Google Gadget for YouTube channel promotion

speak and sell books / 5-Minute Marketing Tips / tweets you can use / more author success stories / IBPA special membership offer / selling to Costco

Clever retellings of old stories / 5-Minute Marketing Tips / specialty retailers / Tweets you can use / How to find the size of the market for your book / rewriting a news release / Parenting magazine wants your story

Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, and John Kremer /
5-Minute Marketing Tips / Q&A: Why follow-up is so important / Tweets you can use / mail order catalogs / Secrets of the Book Publicity SuperStars

magazine websites generate views / Book Marketing Q&A teleseminar / 5-Minute Marketing Tips / specialty booksellers / tweets you can use / author success story / mail order catalogs / Encyclopedia of Mental Imagery

Don't talk CNBC on The Today Show / 5-Minute Marketing Tips / specialty booksellers / Tweets you can use / mail order catalogs / Author 101 University

If you have 5 minutes / How much is a celebrity tweet worth? / author success stories / tweets you can use / mail order catalogs / JV partners wanted in Baby Boomer market

How much is a celebrity tweet worth? / author success story / The Kremer 100 Program / Tweets you can use / children's bookstores

300 magazine editors and book reviewers / Food & Wine
favorite cookbooks / Kremer 100 Program / Tweets you can use

Secret pages you will love / Get paid to write short articles / specialty retailers / Tweets you can use / An author success story: word of mouth sells books / / Snagsta / Sqworl

Secret pages you will love / Great elevator pitch / Specialty retailers / Tweets you can use / You Are What You Read / Real Fast Book Marketing / Valuable online tools you can use to market your books

People still love books! / Jay-Z book tour / Free Teleseminar Alert! /
People You Should Know Teleseminar / Tweets you can use / No Fly Rule / Real Fast Book Marketing

Real Fast Book Marketing / Free Teleseminars Alert! / / Good Booking campaign / People You Should Know Teleseminars / Make money with your content / Tweets you can use / Successimo / PR Toolkit for Authors and Publishers / Get paid to speak teleseminar

Test your book titles / People You Should Know Teleseminar: Book Marketing Tips / Instant Teleseminar 2.0 / Tweets you can use / Specialty retailers / Websites for promoting books (including iPhone stimulator)

People You Should Know Teleseminar: Book Marketing Tips / E-books bestseller list / Electric Publisher iPad book apps / Internet video is still hot / tools for mobile websites / tweets you can use / useful search engines / Marketing Nonfiction Books Using Free Articles and Viral Videos /
specialty retailers / / How to Sell Big-Ticket Coaching Services / specialty retailers / tweets you can use / useful websites for book authors / PR Toolkit for Authors and Publishers / How to write, publish, and market a children's book / Something you should never do: Trash your competitors

Mobile book marketing websites / book marketing toolbar / specialty retailers / Online PR for Online Sales / Tweets you can use

Mariner magazine / Teleseminar: Finish Your Book Now /
Trailmeme a guide to your website / tweets you can use / upcoming events / eBooks you can use / iphone/iPad/Android apps developer

ebook sales almost double this year / Real Estate Book Reviews /
tweets you can use / upcoming events you might be interested in / iPhone/iPad apps developer

Encouraging people to tweet your book or service / getting your books the distribution they deserve / author success stories / tweets you can use / Do you want to be a celebrity? / blog carnivals / Any New Books?

Publish an ebook today using Amazon's Kindle / 15,000 Eyeballs Program / Page 99 Test / tweets you can use / Florida Publishers Association /
How to Create a New York Times or Bestseller /
book interview and giveaway program

John Kremer's new email address / Publish an Ebook Today Using Amazon's Kindle / John Kremer's recession-busting bookselling offer / tweets you can use / Florida Publishing Association

Make up to $150,000 before your book is published / specialty
retailers / speak and grow rich / Tweets you can use /

Write a client-attracting book fast that makes up to $150,000
before it's published / Florida Publishers Association / Tweets you
can use / Pathways magazine / 21st Century Book Marketing Event

How to write, publish, and market a bestselling children's book / Marketing advice from a Victoria's Secret model / specialty retailers / Tweets you can use / daily book giveaway / quotable books on Kindle / article marketing tips

publish Kindle ebooks / is paying authors / specialty booksellers / tweets you can use / fundraising site / / Get free Author 101 Resource Guide

If you love a writer, help them out / Shelf magazine / tweets you can use / create a children's photo-picture book / PW Select / two free ebooks redesign / How to create a page-turning book / Kickstarter fundraising for publishing books / tweets you can use / Revision3 video network new shows / Get more publicity for your books

best pure book trailer / how to use social networks to sell more books / specialty retailers / three secrets to getting on TV / tweets you can use / Kaching / Successful Author Secrets / 21st Century Book Marketing

How to sell more books working with the major bookstore chains / Alert: the ultimate book publicist / specialty retailers / How to use the latest Internet marketing techniques to sell books / Drew's Publicity Results / tweets you can use / 21st Century Book Marketing / Reporter Connection

screenplays for novels / blog posts on book marketing /
People You Should Know teleseminar series / tweets you can use /
free sample ebooks for book authors

syndicating your feeds / FPA President's Book Awards /
tweets you can use / Do you know your real Google rankings?

knock-your-socks-off questions that draw readers in / Real Fast Book Marketing / & / tweets you can use / author success story /

Write a Book Before You Die poll / subtitle for new book poll / Ten Million Eyeballs in Carlsbad / specialty retailers / tweets you can use / Getting on a Reality TV Show / Canadian Libraries List / defeat writing monsters

specialty retailers / Ann McIndoo's Speed Writing System / email column builds a platform / tweets you can use / social networking success for authors / A&E Star Tracks looking for articles

Ten Million Eyeballs in Carlsbad / ebook conversion and distribution / specialty retailers / Book Marketing Magic / tweets you can use /
Reality TV feedback needed / poetry interviews / get your own radio show

Ten Million Eyeballs in Carlsbad CA / Book Marketing Magic /
Working with bloggers / Tweets you can use / Reality TV sells books / Selling your online columns

celebrity testimonials / Book Marketing Magic / in praise of Smashwords / tweets you can use / reality TV sells books / How to Write a Book Proposal eClass / newsletter testimonial / graphic novels special offer

How to Sell Your Children's Books / Reader tip: Sell your books to schools / How to work with Books Are Fun to sell thousands of books / Free ebook: Social Media and How to Use It to Grow Your Business / tweets you can use / Kickstart to raise funds to sell your book / Reality TV sells books / You added 95,000 sales for me / Promotional websites - free

Weird holidays / How to use web 2.0 tools to build your author platform / tweets you can use / Reality TV sells books / Reader question: Looking for a publisher / consulting session audio / website collaboration tools

book marketing tips from a reader / Dr. Clarity's Consulting Session audio /
1 million titles in 2009 / how you can become a media darling and ultrafamous / tweets you can use / free speech is alive in book publishing / IBPA Publishing University / great tips on marketing books /
Arizona home and garden & lifestyle magazines

Reality TV Summit coming to Hollywood in August / How to use article marketing to sell your books / Breaking News free teleseminar / tweets you can use / free speech is alive in book publishing / Write Your Book Proposal teleseminar / What Rich Authors Do Differently

Real Fast Book Marketing / specialty retailers / How to Tie Current Events into Your PR Pitch / tweets you can use / Tax Season Special: Half-Price Consulting / Another way to benefit from the current iPad launch

relationships are the key to marketing / Tax Season Special: Half-Price book marketing consulting / specialty retailers / Write books fast and sell them via cruises / tweets you can use / Daughter-in-Law Rules iPhone app / other iPhone and iPad news you can use / Reality Creation 101

What does a trade publisher do to create a bestseller? / The Giftionary / Spiritual Media Blog guest bloggers / Be a guest on radio shows / Tweets you can use / Scribd and ebook sales sites / Pixability videos / Get paid to speak about your book or about your expertise

creating iPhone apps for your books / Canadian publisher sponsors nationwide contest / tweets you can use / Get discovered at the National Publicity Summit / Library Journal, School Library Journal, and Library Hotline sold / Horn Book and Junior Library Guild / specialty retailers

ebooks hit the mainstream / Colorado specialty newspapers / Harvey Mackay's new book a bestseller via video campaign / websites you can use / From Bestselling Book Cover to Blockbuster Brand / Tweets you don't want to miss / specialty retailers / Colorado pet stores / new article writing course from Eric Gruber / syndicated columnists / The Denver Post

sell your books in B&Bs / social networks you might want to join /
resources for audio products / Book Promotion for the Bold and the Bashful / How to Plan Sponsorship Events / some author sites /
tweets you don't want to miss / housewarming party book launch /
RIP: Gourmet, Cookie, Elegant Bride, Modern Bride / persistence pays

Giving books to radio/TV hosts / Tweets you don't want to miss / Using a Virtual Assistant to Help You Sell More Books / #17 hit / turning lemons into lemonade / Reporter Connection / specialty retailers

Why give away a book for free? / Red Oak Shopping Cart /
Tweets you don't want to miss / Make Your Website Sell More Books / specialty retailers / How to Sell Your Novel Like a Pro

Author to give away 1 million copies / Book Giveaways / Report Connection / another author's passion: New York Times bestseller / using social media to sell more books / How to Sell Your Novel Like a Pro

Author to give away 1 million copies / AOL update / sponsored tweets / Tweets you don't want to miss / Speaking: Converting Your Passion into Profit / Word Search Puzzle update / How to Sell Your Novel Like a Pro / Author 101 University early bird special / Get your memoir reviewed

John Kremer's Birthday Gift to You / AOL: It's going to need help /
an interesting author promotion / How does your book marketing
campaign compare to others / Word Search Puzzle / Author Media Training / free report on making more online sales

John Kremer's birthday gift / People You Should Know teleseminar /
JV Alert Live / National Indie Excellence Awards

specialty retailers / valuable tweets / John Kremer talks with
bestselling author Mark Victor Hansen / book PR guru Rick Frishman

Free publishing seminars / some valuable tweets /
specialty retailers / Query Letter Contest / Costco Connection

TweetBrand / John Kremer's People You Should Know teleseminar series / NanaBlogs for savvy seniors / specialty retailers / Spirit magazine /
The Art of Public Speaking Boot Camp

John Kremer's People You Should Know teleseminars / All Headline News book reviews / specialty retailers / author success story /
an interview with John Kremer

directories of retail stores / John Kremer's People You Should Know Teleseminar Series / American Way / journalists, etc. on Twitter

John Kremer's People You Should Know Teleseminar Series / journalists on Twitter / a really useful iPhone app / book signing tips

John Kremer's People You Should Know Teleseminar Series / Frankfurt Book Fair: first time visitor tips / What is April? a Jeapardy answer / specialty retailers / Buy a Book - Support a Good Cause / Using eWorkshops to build a revenue model for your writing / Kindle and ebook formatting

self-publishing success story / The Author Hour: top 50 novelists / another way to get radio publicity / How to Work with Freelance Writers to Boost Free Publicity / Reading Library for Underprivileged Children / MyMediaInfo media database / Kindle formatting services

Kindle, Sony Reader, and ebooks formatting / Flying Pen Press / local newspapers and magazines / Twitter tip helps author, an update

Twitter tip helps author / iMinds / key tweets from John Kremer / metaphysical retailers / Author 101 University

100-year book promotion / art museum stores / Ten Million Eyeballs / key tweets from John Kremer / sell more books with Twitter hashtags

Global Talk Radio / Paris Cookbook Fair / specialty retailers / Red Hot Special / / ForeWord Reviews / free media teleseminar

Red Hot Special / specialty retailers / Florida School Libraries / Florida Publishers Group / Sell Books by the Truckload / key tweets from J Kremer

key tweets from John Kremer / specialty retailers / reader feedback: public access TV / free audio players for your website / Bridging Heart and Marketing III / a true #1 Amazon bestseller / 21st Century Book Marketing

Consulting Follow-Up Wednesdays / specialty retailers / Spirit of the Berkshires TV show / natural foods retailers / Reader's Digest book editor / how one author sells $2.7 million per year online

Free downloadable ebooks on writing / 21st Century Book Marketing Event / Nautilus Book Awards / Get 5,000 Twitter followers / National Publicity Summit / Creating Events and Getting Sponsors / Author 101 University / Use FriendFeed to find a ton of customers

Consulting Follow-up Wednesdays / First Time Authors Only Book Club / Ultimate Book Marketing Prize Package / book trailer feedback / novel podcast / 5,000 More Twitter Followers

specialty retailers / more websites for authors / Making the Big Game book trailer / Midwest Independent Publishers Association meeting

TweetBeep for more customers / specialty retailers / Become an Online Bestselling Author / How to Profit from the Intellectual Property in Your Book / Author website sample: / Three Big Secrets to Getting Booked on Top National TV Shows

The Power of the Platform / websites for authors / specialty retailers / monitor Twitter conversations / free virtual author tour / Virtual Boot Camp: YouTube videos with 3-D sound

specialty retailers / make $2,500+ per day as a professional speaker / booksellers on Twitter / lessons learned: Devil's Island Flash game

report from BookExpo America / specialty retailers / Happiness Happens Month / Conscious Media Radio Tours / promoting novels with a flash game

specialty retailers / promoting a novel with a Flash video game / self-publishers and booksellers / Book Marketing Bestsellers blog / getting sponsors for you and your book

Book Marketing Blast-Off Seminar / airline magazines /
specialty retailers / / Snow Lion catalog

Great Writers Book Marketing Series / Are you ready for Oprah?
book covers: from bad to great / Write Stuff 60-Second Video Tips NewsBlogs / free download of Publishers' Assistant software
Blogger LinkUp guest post service

Englewood Review of Books / specialty retailers / Red-Hot feedback / Rocket Builders business books review / tracking promotional results / Cossman Home Study Program

Girlfriend We Gotta Talk radio show / NConnects teleseminar service /
make money with electronic products / Author 101 University /
boost business with your book (a webinar)

NSA Virginia / BookExpo America in NYC / Ten Million Eyeballs Red-Hot Special / specialty retailers / reader success story: selling foreign rights / Author 101 University in New York City

hand-written notes sell books / Twitter matters / reader success story: Twitter and blurbs / specialty retailers

Getting sponsorships for your books / getting marketing services and book exposure for free / Top 700 Independent Bookstores / book promotion / reader success story

Amazon is stupid feedback / specialty retailers / getting sponsors for your book at $10,000 a pop! / selling books to schools

Amazon Gets Stupid

Twitter website boosts / Amazon Bestseller Campaigns / Soovle keyword search tool / Author 101 University / newspaper and magazine book reviewers / Are You Taking Online Media Seriously? / specialty retailers

Amazon Bestseller Campaigns / We Follow Twitter Directory /'s Alexa rank jump / Christian Self-Published Author Book Awards / specialty retailers / Author 101 University / /
National Indie Excellence Book Awards

book reviewer for outdoor sports, health, nutrition / Florida Library Association Conference / Greatest Hero song / Publishing Round Table /
Twitter tools and resources to make promotion easy

free polls and online chats / more Twitter tools and resources / Women Webinars / Words Matter Week teleseminars / / Tell Your Life Story / Book Marketing Bestsellers blog posts word art / GoBrevity business book reviews
TwitPwr tweeting tool / great video on the National Publicity Summit
Nautilus Book Awards / email headlines / Social Engine for websites

Twitter resources / celebrity gossip for National Enquirer / specialty retailers / Lexington Herald-Leader faith blog / reader question: pricing your book / Arizona Book Publishing Conference / PDF search engines

free online marketing teleseminar / 60th Birthday Bash teleseminar / specialty retailers / Your Pitch Sucks / book cover critiques by John Kremer

Harper's book columnist / Author Stores / Marketing Christian Books / more free books / SmashWords ebooks / Calgary Public Library / reader suggestion: mp3 audios / National Indie Excellence Awards /
Sell Books by the Truckload / An Article a Day

John Kremer's birthday gift and teleseminar / USA Today story comments / Speechable talk bubbles / Internet Advancement scam / specialty retailers / Book Marketing Tips ebook / Words to Inspire Writers

Reader feedback: customer service video / Amazon Bestseller Campaign mentoring course / Reader feedback: money mindsets / specialty retailers / Reader tip: military media / book marketing scandal?

Specialty retailers / Self-publishing success stories for novelists / Power Query Letters / Reader Q&A: money / Corporate sponsors

back issues / Safari browser bug / Top Daily Newspapers / influence and persuasion tactics / Small Business Book Club / browser icon tip

Tell Your Friends widget / North Carolina literary trails / great customer service video / make money as an affiliate marketer via videos
specialty retailers / Bestseller (or Not) blog / Google Friend Connect

Author success stories / specialty retailers question
video spokesperson on your website / Advertising on your website or blog
Free CD of John Kremer teleseminar / Thank God I Amazon campaign

Author success story / 101 Ways to Twitter Effectively / The Lord's Prayer viral video / Procrastinator's Guide to Authorship / Specialty retailers

Books Are Fun/Imagine Nation Books / Book Marketing 101
Marketing your book through social media / specialty retailers
Gumbo Writers / 12 days of Christmas for writers / corporate sponsors

101 Best Websites for Writers / New England children's bookstore tour Oddcast avatars starring on many websites / Nautilus Book Awards Professor looking for books on political transition / Diabetes book search Select the best video camera for your Internet marketing needs

Redwing Book Company / children's book tour in New England / Viewzi
specialty retailers / set up a low-cost membership website in two hours

Wall Street Journal on books / Speaking at colleges / Ten Million Eyeballs / Free promotional audio seminars / The School of Podcasting

self-publishing success story / Ten Million Eyeballs offers /
I Love to Write Day / Research Wizard Pro / book marketing online / / CEO Space: build your publishing empire

author success story: local TV / Ten Million Eyeballs /
The Versatile Freelancer / great testimonial / Nautilus Book Awards /
Imagine Nation Books / author success story: iPhone novel / writing greeting cards / teleseminar with Jack Canfield

when to use Google Adwords for book promotion / free teleseminars / Books Are Fun shocker / Imagine Nation Books / Ten Million Eyeballs Event online / how to become a socially relevant breaking news report / Popular Mechanics / specialty booksellers

Wondertime magazine / Book Marketing Plus gift wholesaler
Free Teleseminar List free listings / Specialty booksellers / Inc. magazine
U.S. High Schools List (9,600 schools!)

PC Photo magazine / Radar magazine / / Men's Vogue
Journalism critics wanted by
U.S. News & World Report

Knol: Google's knowledge-sharing site / Veranda magazine / Free polling website / Solidarity sells: Enlist friends to help promote your book! / / Mississippi magazine / specialty retailers

Book Hub distribution / create a stir on the Internet / Small Business CEO magazine / Dark-Hunter YouTube video / three national PR opportunities for your authors and your books / printing credit at a discount

Everyone's an Expert: Help a Reporter / specialty retailers
create a stir on the Internet / reader feedback / sell truckloads of books

an unusual one-page book sales page / Free teleseminar: Sell Books by the Truckload / Veranda magazine / Today's Internet Marketing Secrets

Ten Million Eyeballs Event / John Kremer's Free Q&A Teleseminar
Jeff Rivera interview / Travel Ad Network / Video Traffic Guys: Free Trial
Select markets / newspaper book review editors / top publisher websites

John Kremer's Free Q&A Teleseminars in July / a golden nugget
speaker teleseminar / Wabi-Sabi Gifts / News Release Wire

Paste magazine / Scholastic online media room / Hooray for Books
follow-ups from this week: MCX, ebooks, Premium Book Company, PR

Ebooks as Viral Agents / Membership Site Bootcamp / Master Speaker Workshop / Useful Internet tools / / Premium Book Company / Yearbook of Experts / Corporate Sponsorships / Mother Talk / Idlewild Books travel bookstore / Get Paid to Do Your PR

Marine Corps stores / The Booklegger / Los Angeles Times Books / specialty booksellers / newspaper columns / Ladies' Home Journal: Health

John Kremer's Free Q&A Call-In Day / Ten Million Eyeballs in Minneapolis, Minnesota / more on

A great bookstore promotion / 10 Million Eyeballs: why you should care
two more great promotional ideas / John Kremer's Q&A call-in day

Google Friend Connect, PMA University, Ladies' Home Journal
Internet video / African-American book clubs / Better Blogs teleseminar
partnering with non-profits and corporations / Impact: How to Get Noticed

Making the most from your videos / Solutions for Writers series
Daughter-in-Law Rules: 101 / Mega Business University

Fast Company website / HarperCollins new publishing endeavor,
NPR's Takeaway morning show / new book:

10 Million Eyeballs examples of success / 101 ways to promote your book: lists for your blog / buying your book: pros and cons / teleseminars

Online Success Stories / Craigslist / bookshelves to books
Mental Floss / John Kremer's Q&A / Ken McCarthy interviews John Kremer

John Kremer's free Q&A call-in day / Amazon's new POD move
John Kremer's 10 Million Eyeballs Event

The Adventures of Saffron Sally / TV Directory sale / FLA display
Women for Hire Career Expo / upcoming book trade shows

John Kremer's Exclusive Book Marketing Online Seminar /
FPA Retreat / upcoming teleseminars / Indie Excellence Book Awards

upcoming free teleseminars / Library Thing social network / Shvoong
Dylan Thomas Prize / CIPA's College / Trash-Proof News Releases

UPumpItUp / John Kremer's Free Q&A Teleseminars / Brickman Blog
National Special Events Registry / Media Bistro interviews John Kremer

John Kremer's Free Q&A Teleseminar / new pages
annual household spending on books / a good book trailer for a novel

Important Notice / Q&A: Targeting websites / annual household spending on books / Best Website video on successful websites

Teleseminars on gift market and corporate sponsorships / Brix Wine Spot / getting people to your website / doing seminars in hotels: contract issues

Nexus Newspaper Reviews: Education / USA Today's Open Air magazine / widget / why you should give your novel away free: 100 million copies sold! / new social networks from John Kremer / Cool Book of the Day / Bridging Heart & Marketing conference

Bright Ideas from Bestselling Authors / more Seattle Post-Intelligencer blogs / Publishers Bookstore / Fred Gleeck insight / social networking sites alert / notes from a bookstore owner / drives traffic

John Kremer's Birthday Bash additional bonueses / Monastic Moments / Amazon Sales Rank widget / PeelAway ads on your website / Q&A: Selling Books by the Truckload / Wired How-to Wiki / How to Do Things website / OnceWritten: Meet the Author

Book Marketing Bestseller blog / Tim Ferris interview / free Internet marketing ebooks / finding important people / Blog Talk Radio interviews / Women for Hire

U.S. News & World Report alert / Novelists: Stephen King connection / tip from Entertainment Weekly / Country Real Estate weekly column / useful free reports on Internet marketing

Top 700 Independent Bookstores / Reverse Shoplifting TV / Doppelit Train interview / Imbibe magazine / Pulse Interview Merchandising / remarkable rights clause and promotional idea

Seattle Post-Intelligencer blogs / Create Amazing Friends Course / Tikkus / Women's Day / some new free ebooks available at

Cooper Square Publishing / Psychology Today / The Sun / Persimmon Tree
Waterfront Media /
The Atlantic Monthly

syndicated columnists / The Cincinnati Review / Town & Country / Sleepytime with Grandpa D / specialty retailers / American Way / RideTexas / Edinburgh International Book Festival / submit photos to Publishers Weekly

Elle / syndicated columnist / specialty retailers / iFogo / Citiscapes Metro Monthly / Beadstyle

17 specialty retailers / The Doppelit Train: John Kremer teleseminar / Wine Enthusiast magazine / David Rozansky writes about Book Marketing

The Doppelit Train / Trump book promotion / talking turkey at Thanksgiving
Esquire fiction editor / The Huffington Post

one way to sell books / Publishers Weekly Online / / free novel ebooks / WidgetBuck blog ads / Squidoo Video Showcase / SquidBids / The Ever Project / specialty retailers

Book Opinion Blog / 20 metaphysical retailers / 5 children's retailers / The Frugal Editor

the long tail in book publishing / books about publishing and marketing / Condé Nast Portfolio

one million books sold / newspaper book editors / sports reporter who likes books / speaking at colleges / specialty retailers

sell a million books / HearSay with Cathy Lewis / two recycling websites / blogging for authors / Church & State / The Debutante Ball group blog

InStyle magazine / Book Marketing Bestsellers blog / The Motivational Manager / blogging a book

QBR: The Black Book Review / a novel blog / Spirit of Aloha
another great publicity gimmick / Mother Jones / Bookmarks / More

Ode magazine / Today's Author Internet radio show / Todd Communications / specialty retailers / some interesting websites / Tree Banking Inc.

Cleveland Plain Dealer / The Secret in marketing / 20 specialty retail shops

newspaper book reviewers / great publicity gimmick / New York Times buys book blog

Rolling Stone magazine / creating membership websites / Real Simple magazine / Self Pub News

Marketing News / Women for Hire Speakers Connection / Highways / Self Pub News / Forest / Gift List Media / Book Marketing Network / Gourmet

Sunset / PressKit 24/7 Quick Kit / Alibris Basic for Publishers / ESPN magazine / Book Proposal Service from Reader Views / Incentive / Ebony

Big River Distribution / Q&A: marketing a POD book / great book trailer / IPPL News / Q&A: literary agents / blog book reviewer / Southwest Spirit

The Word of Mouth Manifesto / Promo / YourGenie / The Cartoon Bank
BookEnds Media List Service / SponsorFest Event Marketing / Book Marketing Network

Making Friends Who Count / Brooklyn Bookstores / Manhattan Bookstores / Meetings & Conventions

Food & Wine / Q&A: Marketing a romance novel / Playboy / Amnesty International / Q&A: Search engine marketing / The Costco Connection

Chicago Sun-Times / Dungenes River Audubon Center / Bottom Line/Health newsletter / podcasting by authors / The Good News / Radio Publicity Manual

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