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Interesting Take-Offs from Twitter

People are doing wonderful and odd things with Twitter. Below are some of the many ways people are playing off of Twitter to have fun, play games, create contests, answer questions, ask questions, etc. If you know of any other fun Twitter take-off sites, please tweet @JohnKremer.

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Twitter: Miscellaneous Sites

Breaking Tweets: — World news, Twitter style. Alexa rank: 268,887 on April 19th.

Check for an easy to follow summary of above site.

Commuter Feed: — Lets you see reports on traffic incidents in your local area via Twitter. First, you follow @commuter. Then log in incidents in this format: @commuter LA [use their city codes] accident on Main at Oak. Alexa rank: 850,943 on March 13th.

Dear Tweetie: — A new advice column that uses the Twitterverse to answer people's questions. If you’re an expert: Shoot me an @deartweetie with your field of expertise, and when a question comes in that applies, I’ll copy you on a retweet of the question. If you need advice: Send me a tweet and I’ll do my best to match you up with an expert who can answer in 140 characters or less. Alexa rank: no data on February 2nd, 8,114,465 on February 12th.

Food Feed: — Allows you to share what you eat with everyone, from anywhere. First, you add @having as a friend on Twitter (this creates a user feed such as Then post your food updates as @having bacon and eggs (e.g.). Your food selection will be fed to your Twitter followers as well as posted on Food Feed. To avoid messaging your friends, post d having bacon and eggs. Alexa rank: 239,685 on March 13th.

I Know Tweet: — This site searches Twitter for phrases such as Does anyone know? and Why does? and collects them in one place for people to have a chance to answer the questions. But does not list the answers. Alexa ranking: 707,106 on May 18th.

Joint Venture Announce: — If you tweet your joint venture announcement with the hashtag #jvannounce, this website will feature your tweet. Alexa rank: 10,1110,244 on May 17th, but rising.

Lazy Tweet: — Add @lazyweb or @lazytweet to any question you ask via Twitter that you want an answer to. Then, if you don't get an answer from the people following you, you have a second chance for an answer as they feature your question on the LazyTweet website. Alexa rank: 357,813 on March 6th.

Micro Plaza: — Search on any topic and see what Twitter users are saying about that topic. Especially valuable for tracking news and web innovations. Alexa rank: 373,099 on March 14th.

My Tweetheart: — A singles meetup area powered indirectly by Twitter. Alexa rank: 581,073 on March 8th.

My Twitter Story: — A collection of stories about people's Twitter experiences. You can submit your story online. Alexa rank: 1,061,733 on March 6th, 707,844 on April 3rd.

Secret Tweet: — Post your secrets anonymously via Twitter. Alexa rank: 107,366 on April 19th.

To Answer: — To use this Q&A site, tweet to @toask. The site is currently down due to too much activity. Being redesigned to handle the task. Alexa rank: 1,099,052 on May 18th.

Twackle: — Features all the tweets about your favorite sports or sports teams. Alexa rank: 253,347 on May 8th.

Tweba: — This site allows you to auction off your stuff, sell things, or link to your sales page in one of three ways: list directly on; tweet using the #ihave hashtag; or tweet using the @wanttosell hashtag. Your tweets will then be featured on Tweba under specific categories (again using hashtags). Alexa rank: 350,788 on May 28th.

Tweet Aways: — Features giveaways from various tweeters and companies. Twitter giveaways to @twitaway. Alexa rank: 2,862,777 on March 6th, 1,557,380 on April 3rd, 758,557 on May 23rd.

Tweet Hunters: — Sponsors a scavenger hunt via tweets. Alexa rank: 2,268,812 on April 19th; 4,141,144 on May 23rd.

Tweet My Gift: — If you enter your Twitter ID and password, you will get $997 in gifts but, in turn, you will be forced to send out a spamming tweet to all your followers and follow 11 Internet marketers. The marketers are good people to follow. The spam tweet is not a good idea. Not recommended.

Tweet My Jobs: — A website that allows job seekers and recruiters in select cities to find each other using Twitter. Tweeting over 17,000 jobs in mid-March. Alexa rank: 842,923 on March 13th; 260,682 on April 19th.

Tweet Registry: — A place for tweeple to register their desired gifts for any occasions. Alexa rank: 547,613 on April 3rd.

Tweeting Too Hard: — Where self-important tweets get the recognition they deserve. Alexa rank: 224,764 on May 23rd. 40% of their traffic comes from Twitter.

Twesents: —  Allows you to send virtual gifts to your Twitter friends. Pick the gift, choose your recipients, and sent the gifts. Alexa rank: 382,058 on April 15th.

TwiHaiku: — A free Twitter app that lets you share your thoughts, feelings, views, or ideas in a poetic manner. Entries are reviewed, discussed, and rated by users and then retweeted to Twitter.

Twit Interviews: — TwitInterviews lasts for approximate 30 minutes with Kim Beasley asking the featured interviewee questions about their industry. The whole purpose of the interview is to allow the interviewee to share knowledge that would help business owners grow their business or develop their online presence. Alexa rank: 785,909 on May 28th.

Twit QA: — A Q&A site that interfaces with Twitter. Tweet your question. Maybe you'll get an answer. You can also, of course, answer other people's questions. Unorganized interface. Alexa rank: 1,174,076 on May 18th.

Twitter Is Not a Competition: — Check it out. Makes a big point. Alexa rank: 2,312,336 on March 18th.

Twitter Job Search: — A very effective way to discover job offers via Twitter. Featured almost 30,000 new jobs in the past 7 days. Alexa rank: 382,114 on March 19th.

Twitter Me This: — This site asks random questions. If you're the first one to answer the question via @twittermethis, you win $5. Note: You can sponsor questions and get a lot of attention that way. Give away a book, service, product, cash. Alexa rank: 1,734,619 on March 6th.

Twitter Stars: — A blog which, among other things, features posts by special tweeple. Alexa rank: 390,628 on April 2nd.

The Twitter Tag Project: — Play tag with other friends. Also will tweet you your milestone followers via Alexa rank: 552,547 on March 18th; 289,972 on April 10th.

Twitter Taos: — Features tweets about Taos, New Mexico. Alexa rank: no data on April 10th.

Twitty Pop: — Who's the hottest boy or girl on Twitter? Vote for your favorite. Alexa rank: 606,110 on March 17th.

TwttrStrm: — Ask a question and let your Twitter followers answer it for you. A great way to get your followers and other Twitterers involved in your blog. Also a great way to research a book, article, report, or other product. Alexa rank: no data (probably because it's new and goes to

Winning Tweet: — A Q&A context.

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