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The following websites will help you make better use of Twitter for promoting and marketing your books, products, services, and websites. Check back to this page regularly as I add more Twitter resources. If you know of a resource or service that will help others Twitter more effectively, please tweet @JohnKremer.

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Resources for Tweeting Attachments

Ask 500 People: — Allows you to set up a poll or survey question with answers ranging from strongly disagree to strongly agree. Alexa rank: 80,611 on March 10th.

Bettween: — Allows you to track the conversation between any two Twitter users. You can embed such a conversation into your website or blog (within any date range you set). Alexa rank: 155,530 in August 2010.

Blip.FM: — Allows anyone to start their own music station and broadcast tunes to Twitter and other status sharing services. Alexa rank: 45,629 on March 10th.

Last.FM: — An Internet radio and music social network. Based on what you listen to here, the site will recommend you new music to listen to. Alexa rank: 321 on March 10th.

LastFMLoveTweet: — Once you sign up, any track that you love on will generate a tweet from you that has the track's artist, song name, and a link so your followers can listen in. Alexa rank: 737,586 on March 10th.

LastTweet: — Allows you to create a widget to share your last tweet with your sidebar (and friends). Alexa rank: 859,262 on March 10th.

Long URL: — Allows you to see the expanded link of a shortened URL so you can see where the link points to. Also available as a Firefox add-in. Alexa rank: 513,021 on April 19th. — This website organizes links shared via Twitter into an easy-to-read newspaper format. You can create newspaper formats for any #tag or any Twitter user.

Check out:

PlayTwitter: — Allows you to play mp3 files directly from links in Twitter or A really neat trick. Good job! Alexa rank: 708,594 on March 10th.

Pockets: — Allows you to leave a private voicemail for anyone on Twitter. Enter a person's user name, verify your Twitter account, Pockets will call you to let you leave a message, and the recipient will get an @reply to pick up the voice message.

Screenr: — Allows you to record what happens on your computer screen and then automatically share it with your Twitter followers. Alexa rank: 23,380 May 2010. — This service installs as a bookmarklet to all major browsers and lets you post to Twitter from any web page. It can capture the page link with built in URL shortening, title and any highlighted text. It also lets you post up to 240 characters (2 formatted sequential tweets) when needed. Formerly known as Alexa rank: 92,264 in August 2010. — Allows tweeple to instant message easily and securely with other Twitter users without polluting their Twitter timelines with DMs or @ messages. Alexa rank: 20,459 May 2010.

Tiny Bin: — This site allows you to convert 5,000+ character blog posts and/or images/video content into tiny URLs and then share the content on many social platforms. In addition, you can restrict who sees the content if you want. Alexa rank: 832,939 on March 7th, 454.704 on April 5th.

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Tiny Chat: — You can create your own chatroom in one minute and invite people via a simple link to join in a chat with you. You can also engage in a chat with other Twitter users who you invite, using the Twitter interface. Alexa rank: 246,147 on March 7th.

Tiny Paste: — Type or paste in any amount of formatted text and save it here. This service gives you a shortened URL you can share on Twitter, Facebook, Plurk, your website, blog, etc. Also comes as a Firefox extension. Alexa rank: 29,639 on April 5th.

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Tumblr: — Allows you to post anything. Tumblr makes it effortless to share text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos, from your browser, phone, desktop, email, or wherever you happen to be. Not the easiest interface and not easy to use. Sorry. Alexa rank: 2,474 on March 8th.

John Kremer's on Tumblr: (just a short sample page)

TuneIn: — Allows you to tweet videos via their interface. In Beta right now.

Twapper Keeper: — Allows you to organize and archive tweets via hashtags. New service. Alexa rank: 1,040,924 on August 12th. — Gets your weekly artist data from and sends a tweet listing your top 3 listened to artists for the week with their play counts. ShotBeak Alexa rank: 867,925 on March 10th, 630,020 on April 5th.

Tweetake: — Allows you to back up your followers, friends, favorites, tweets, and/or direct messages on your Twitter profiles. Does a good job of backing up but burps on some tweets. Not sure why. Alexa rank: 286,663 on August 12th.

TweetChat: — You can set up tweet chats with other tweeple via this website. Alexa rank: 110,794 on March 8th, 77,390 on April 5th.

Tweetizen: — Allows you to create, share, and embed Twitter groups. Alexa rank: 165,961 on April 5th.

TweetJ: Include #tweetj when you post about a song, and it will be posted to a public playlist at this site so other people can discover new music (and buy it if they like it). Alexa rank: 743,444 on March 10th; 559,884 on April 15th; 2,890,912 on August 12th.

Tweet Photo: — A new free service for sharing photos on Twitter. Alexa rank: 654,698 on April 5th; 46,245 on June 25th.

Tweet Social: — Destined to be the premier Twitter social community where you can share Twitter ideas in longer posts. Alexa rank: 384,592 on April 10th.

Tweetube: — Allows you to share YouTube videos on Twitter via a short URL. Check out the song video I shared: Alexa rank: 408,474 in early February, 209,236 on March 10th.

Twickie: — Allows you to follow a conversational thread, export it to text file, and then re-blog it if you like.

Twisten.FM: — Crawls Twitter for tweets about music, which you can then listen to. Alexa rank: 259,343 on March 10th.

Twistory: — Allows you to add your Twitter tweet feed (or any other user's feed) to your favorite calendar application. Alexa rank: 2,624,878 on August 12th.

Twit Blogs: — Allows you to tweet with more words. Alexa rank: 367,462 in early February; 161,409 on March 10th; 330,262 on May 25th.

TwitGoo: — Allows you to tweet photos. Alexa rank: 62,043 on May 25th.

Twit Longer: — Write what you need and a link to what you said will automatically be posted to your Twitter account. Alexa rank: 364,045 on April 5th; 75,466 on May 25th.

TwitPic: — Allows you to share photos on Twitter. See their widget below which allows you to feature photos and comments that you tweet. You can have from 1 to 4 photos displayed at one time. Alexa rank: 19,635 in early February, 7,481 on March 8th.

John Kremer on TwitPic:

Twitter Calendar: — Allows you to post to your Google Calendar by sending tweets. Alexa rank: 489,340 in mid February, 431,643 on March 10th.

Twitter Fountain: — Allows users to create mashups of Flickr photos and Twitter tweets and are tagged with the same name or keyword. Alexa rank: 916,246 on March 10th; 757,731 on May 25th.

Twitter Gram: — Allows you to share your Flickr photos automatically with your Twitter stream. Alexa rank: 935,858 on March 23rd; 911,572 on May 25th.

TwitURM (aka Twitter Ur Music): — Allows you to share your music on Twitter. Login with your Twitter id, upload your music, and send a link. Alexa rank: 441,744 on March 10th.

TwitVid: — An iPhone app that allows users to record video tweets and post them to Twitter. You can also upload and share videos via the website and Twitter.

Twitwall: — Using your twitter ID and password, you can post longer blog entries, videos, widgets, music, other audio files, etc. Their motto: When it's too long to tweet, but too short to blog, just TwitWall. Alexa rank: 71,580.

TwitXR: — This java applet on your mobile phone allows you to take photos with your mobile phone and share them on social networks (Twitter and Facebook) and photo sharing websites (Flickr and Picasa). Also allows you to tell your friends where you are and what you're doing. Also allows you to add your location to your photos and status updates. Alexa rank: 132,503 on March 13th.

Twt.FM: — A music-sharing service. Type in the name of an artist, track, and your Twitter id, and this website will generate a track page using your Twitter background so you can share your favorite songs with your followers. When I tried this service, it really messed up the song. All static. Terrible. Hope you don't have the same experience. Alexa rank: 419,623 on March 10th.

TwtMuzik: — Allows you to upload your music and then promote it via your Twitter account.

TwtPoll: — Allows you to create a simple survey question and possible answers and share your poll on Twitter and Facebook, or via email. Check out the results of an Internet marketing poll I created: Alexa rank: no data on February 2nd, 133,095 on February 12th.

TwttrBlogs: — Allows you to post tweets that point to longer posts. Alexa rank: 2,359,624 on April 3rd.

Twyndication: — Allows your friends to syndicate a series of your tweets (50 minimum up to 100).

100 Twitter Twynidication members tweeting 50 of your tweets per year with only 1000 followers each would equal 5,000 tweets being exposed to a least 50,000 followers over a year. You do the math if 500 Twynidication members with 3,000 followers each select your TWEET-SET. — Enter your text (no matter what size) into a field and hit save. This service then gives you a shortened URL that you can share with your friends on Twitter, Plurk, Facebook, or anywhere else. Alexa rank: 324,623 on April 5th.

I posted the above paragraph at

Yfrog: — This site makes it easy to upload an image, add a message, and tweet. A service of ImageShack. Alexa rank: 24,715 on May 23rd.

Zoofs: — Collects the top 42 YouTube videos cited or recommended via Twitter. A very useful tool for spotting up-and-coming hot videos.

Twitter Groups - Tools and Resources

Tinker: — Allows you to set up events so everyone can tweet to a specific Twitter profile and share what's going on at an event. For example, the group tweet for BookExpo America in New York City is located at Send tweets to @bookexpo to join in the conversation. Track the conversation at the link directly above. Alexa rank: 43,483 on May 28th.

Tweet Works: — Allows you to create public and private groups via Twitter. Allows you to post tweets just to your group or to the Twitter public timeline. Alexa rank: 82,593 on March 8th.

Note: Users with free accounts may create one private group and participate in up to three private groups. A premium account with unlimited private group access will be released in the near future.

I've just started a group at Tweetworks for anyone interested in marketing and promoting books. You can Twitter with other people interested in marketing books via this group. Join here: or here:

Tweetizen: — Like Tinker, this site allows you to discover the tweets that matter to you. It actually allows you to create a group tweet. Alexa rank: 77,860 on May 28th.

When you tweet your discoveries to @bookexpo while at BookExpo America, you can also follow the group tweets via

Twickle: — Allows you to track and display conversations between two or more people on Twitter. Pirillo Alexa rank: 28,245 on March 8th.

Twit Tangle: — Allows you to create groups as well as rate and tag your friends. Alexa rank: 366,253.

Twit Vine: — A social application which lets twitter users share rumors, sayings and goings on via twitter. Messages with ‘twitvine’ or @replies to @twitvine are picked up and displayed on the twitvine homepage. Alexa rank: 4,524,702.

Twitter Groups: — Allows user to create or join Twitter groups in their local area as well as by topics: teachers, journalists, artists, travel, elearning, etc. Alexa rank: 92,137 on March 8th.

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