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The following websites will help you share your Tweets back and forth between your blogs; also includes Twitter advertising tools. Check back to this page regularly as I add more Twitter resources. If you know of a resource or service that will help others Twitter more effectively, please tweet @JohnKremer.

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Twitter to Blog and Back

DlvrIt: More efficient and feature-rich than TwitterFeed. Allows you to post any RSS feed to Twitter or Facebook.

Loud Twitter: This batch-tweeting service allows users to set up automatic posting of their tweets to their blog (a listing of tweets once per day). Alexa rank: 245,254.

Ping Vine: A free service that takes an Atom or RSS feed from your blog, lifestream or favorite website and posts it to Twitter, and/or Hence, you can automatically post your blog posts to Twitter via RSS feed. Alexa rank: 363,646 on February 12th.

Selective Twitter: A Facebook app that allows you to point only select tweets to your Facebook status by putting #fb at the end of your tweets.

Twibler: Allows you to post your eBay listings to your Twitter account by linking your Twitter account to your eBay account via Twibler. Alexa rank: 2,089,287 on March 13th.

TwitterFeed: Allows you to feed your blog to Twitter and several other microblogs. Alexa rank of 103,740.

Yotify: Allows you to feed your Twitter stream with regular feeds on jobs, deals, music videos, stocks, housing, classifieds, blogs, news, tickets, or sports (with specific cities if you want). Or filter by keywords. Not sure this is a good thing. I prefer tweets that come from real people (although I do like TwitterFeed for posting new blog posts to Twitter as long as they are blog posts you are making).

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Twitter Advertising

Note: Don't allow any advertising service to feed ads to your Twitter feed if you are a professional using Twitter to brand yourself. If you are simply a consumer tweeting about what you are doing day by day, you can make a little money allowing these services to feed ads to your friends.

AdCause: Motto: Saving the world one tweet at a time. Connects tweeters with businesses looking to advertise. Tweeters display relevant ads via their Twitter feed. As a publisher you can earn money for yourself, donate it to your favorite charitable causes, or do both. You can select how often ads will be fed into your Twitter stream. Alexa rank: 171,805 on March 13th. Allows you to monetize your Twitter links by shortening the links and then running a text-based ad at the top of the resulting page. Pays cents per thousand followers.

Twittad: Allows you to make some income selling ads on your Twitter page. Alexa rank: 110,198 in early February, 88,482 on March 13th.

Tweba: This site allows you to auction off your stuff, sell things, or link to your sales page in one of three ways: list directly on; tweet using the #ihave hashtag; or tweet using the @wanttosell hashtag. Your tweets will then be featured on Tweba under specific categories (again using hashtags). Alexa rank: 350,788 on May 28th.

Twittertise: Allows you to schedule ad tweets on Twitter and track the success of your tweets. Alexa rank: 92,590 on April 19th.

Twollars: Thank someone by sending them twollars. Receive twollars by helping people. Donate twollars to charity (via sponsoring corporations). Alexa rank: 1,038,285 on March 13th.

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