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The following websites will help you design your Twitter profile page as well as promote and share your Tweets across the Internet. Check back to this page regularly as I add more Twitter resources. If you know of a resource or service that will help others Twitter more effectively, please tweet @JohnKremer.

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Design Your Twitter Backgrounds

If you really want to brand yourself on Twitter, you need a customized background. These websites can help you create a great one.

Custom Twit: Offers free Twitter background themes. Also custom themes. Alexa rank: 3,320,975.

Custom Twitter Background: They offer some free Twitter backgrounds as well as custom Twitter backgrounds for only $67. Alexa rank: 581,684 on March 6th.

Customize Twitter: You can get one now for only $10.00 on this website. Or, better yet, use My Tweet Space below. Quicker, easier, cheaper, but not as flexible. Alexa rank: 907,524, 348,131 on March 6th.

Doctor Twitter: Offers Twitter backgrounds and patterns, including special backgrounds images for April Fools, Rihanna, Barack Obama, etc. Some free patterns. Also custom background patterns. Alexa rank: 2,134,460 on April 1st.

Free Twitter Designer: A flash app that lets you personalize your own Twitter backgrounds. Alexa rank: 546,330 on March 11th.

Hip and Twendy: Cool free backgrounds for your Twitter or MySpace page. Alexa rank: 760,167 on March 7th.

Killer Tweets: Features a gallery of Twitter background designs. Designs as low as $9.00. Alexa rank: 824,945 on March 6th.

My Tweet Space: A free service that allows you to customize your Twitter page. I used this service to produce my first Twitter background in five minutes (note: I'm no longer using that one). Alexa rank: 1,266,1213 on February 2nd, 172,315 on February 12th, 86,860 on April 1st.

Pimp My Twitter: Twitter backgrounds for $75.00. Alexa rank: 507,315 on March 7th, 437,116 on April 1st.

Tweet Backs: A few free Twitter backgrounds. Alexa rank: 426,706 on March 7th, 360,676 on April 1st.

Tweet Image: This site offers free as well as $5.00 and $10.00 Twitter backgrounds. Alexa rank: 1,403,578 on March 7th.

TweetPlate: Free and custom Twitter backgrounds. Alexa rank: 4,350,267, new site on April 1st.

Tweet Skins: Offers custom Twitter backgrounds from $47 to $97. Alexa rank: 753,469 on March 11th, 697,449 on April 1st.

Tweet Style: Free backgrounds. Also provides custom backgrounds. Alexa rank: 333,355 on March 7th, 284,319 on April 1st.

Tweety Back: Standard and custom Twitter backgrounds.

TwiBackgrounds: Free and custom Twitter backgrounds ($49). Same as Twitter-Images. Alexa rank: no data.

Twit Backs: One of the easiest free tools for creating nice looking Twitter backgrounds. I've seen some good backgrounds result from this website. Alexa rank: 55,518 on March 17th.

Twitter Backgrounds Gallery: A showcase of unique Twitter backgrounds submitted and recommended by Twitter users worldwide. Get inspired, vote for your favorites, find a designer or DIY resources. Proud of your own twitter background? Submit it by tweeting @TwitterBGallery. Alexa rank: 75,015 on March 6th.

Twitter Backs: Provides specs and sample backgrounds that you can modify to create a custom Twitter background. Alexa rank: 92,159 on March 7th, 74,721 on April 1st.

Twitter Gallery: Lots of free patterns. Features one-click installation into the background of your Twitter page. Alexa rank: 95,843 on March 7th, 85,613 on April 1st.

Twitter Images: Free and custom Twitter backgrounds ($49). Alexa rank: 148,725.

Twitter Patterns: A nice selection of free backgrounds that are readily downloaded. Alexa rank: 199,733 on March 7th.

Other Tweet Design Effects

Flip a Text: Allows you to flip text upside down. Can be used to spice up your Twitter posts, encrypt links, create strong passwords, mess with your friends, make upside down logos, etc. Alexa rank: 926,005 on March 6th.

Twitter Compressor: Compresses your tweets by eliminating the spaces and capitalizing every letter. Neat little trick when you need a few more letters.

Twitter Keys: Allows you to add music notes and many other symbols to your tweets. NextWeb Alexa rank: 139,911 on March 10th.

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