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I wish I could just pick one of the following to recommend to you, but the listings are great additions to what I've done above. 101 Ways is short and sweet, with good ideas. A Geek's Guide is 40+ pages of good content. Using Twitter is short and a bit dated. I think you'll find it worth spending a little time with each listing below, especially if you are serious about using Twitter to market your book, product, idea, cause, website, or service.

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The following guides are now several years old . . .

101 Ways to Rock and Be Rocked by Twitter: A great blog post on using Twitter to promote yourself.

The Best How-to Twitter Video I've Seen by Paul Colligan: A thank-you gift for following Alex Mandosian in Twitter @AlexMandosian.

Eight Awesome Firefox Plugins for Twitter: 05/06/8-awesome-firefox-plugins-for-twitter If you use the Firefox browser, you'll find these plugins handy.

8 Things I Learned About Using Twitter as a Participation Tool by Oliva Mitchell: This blog post provides tips on how to use Twitter in a presentation before a live audience. Twitter can be a useful interactive tool for giving live presentations.

A Geek's Guide to Promoting Yourself and Your Online Business in 140 Characters or Less with Twitter by Geekpreneur: TwitterBook.pdf. A very good read. Useful. 48 pages.

How I Read Tweets by Robert Scoble: ch/6118-scobleizer/357808-how-i-read-tweets A wonderful video on how Scoble handles his 60,000+ followers and friends.

How to Get Retweeted by Guy Kawasaki: Good stuff on how to get retweeted. Key stuff for Twitter dominance.

How to Grow Your Follower Numbers to Over 10,000 in a Week by Matthew Magain of SitePoint: Good article on how this website built its follower numbers by 10,000 in a two-week period by giving away a great PDF book.

Looking for Mr. Goodtweet: How to Pick Up Followers on Twitter by Guy Kawasaki: A good description of how to build your number of followers from a man who has more than 78,000 followers on Twitter.

More Twitter Tools from A very useful list of 140+ Twitter tools.

The Science of Retweets by Dan Zarrella: 17/twitter-retweets Great advice.

6 Tips for Using Your Twitter Profile to Get New Followers by Sara Rosso: A good short blog post about creating Twitter backgrounds and profiles to draw interest and followers.

7 Sexy SEO Secrets by Allen Jesson: A basic book about tweeting. Great title. Alexa rank: 1,058,165 on March 7th.

7 Ways to Be Worth Following on Twitter by Jo-Lynne: This short blog post gives some great tips on how to make it worth other people's time and attention to follow you on Twitter.

17 Reasons Your Business Should Be on Twitter by Rodney Rumford: A short blog post with some good reasons to be on Twitter. Alexa rank: 397,075 on March 7th.

6 Effective Ways to Use Twitter as a Lead Generation Tool by Christian Fea: A short blog post offering good advice on making connections.

Ten Point Twittequette by Brandilyn Collins: http://forensicsandfaith. Good advice on how to get started tweeting.

Ten Twitter tricks I've learned without even directly touching the Twitter API by Chad Capellman: 02/ten-twitter-tricks-ive-learned.php A creative blog post describing how he pulls information out of Twitter to feature on his websites and blogs. Plus other creative uses of Twitter.

Tim Ferriss on How He Uses Twitter as a Microblogging Tool: A good short video on how to have lots of followers, few people followed, and make best use of your time.

Top 10 Things New People to Twitter Should Know: twitter_should_know A short useful blog post.

Twapps: A great listing of Twitter applications and tools, but time-consuming to use. Alexa rank: 4,998,283 on February 2nd, 233,545 on February 12th, 180,608 on March 7th.

Tweetshops: Offers workshops on how to use Twitter. Hosted by Wayne Sutton. Alexa rank: 1,205,277 on March 8th.

Twitdom: Features a database of 500+ Twitter applications and websites. Alexa rank: 43,032 on March 13th.

Twitter Drives Traffic, Sales: A Case Study by Sarah Milstein: A new study on how

Twitter Etiquette: Five Dos and Don'ts: 480318/Twitter_Etiquette_Five_Dos_and_Don_ts_ A short CIO blog post on do's and dont's.

Twitter Fan Wiki: User-maintained wiki that provides lots of tips and resources for using Twitter. Check out new applications at

The Twitter Handbook Listing of Tools: A great listing being put together by the authors and many helpers. Twitter Handbook Alexa rank: 137,035 on March 7th, 132,782 on March 14th.

Twitter: How to Get Started Guide for Business People: http://www. People A short CIO blog post guide.

Twitter Jump Start by John Haydon: A guide for non-profit organizations, including 10 Twitter tips to increase online donations. Also includes a great discussion on choosing your Twitter name and look.

Twitter Know How: Lots of information to help you market yourself and make money on Twitter. Alexa rank: 327,872 on March 7th.

Twitter Marketing Secrets: Provides you with a free Twitter marketing cashmap to guide you in using Twitter as a marketing tool. With an upgrade offer to an advance course. Alexa rank: no data on February 14th or March 6th.

Twitter Music Promotion and Marketing Guide by Bob Baker of The Buzz Factor: A good set of resources if you are a musician or love music.

Twitter Passion: Includes links to some 400 Twitter resources. Alexa rank: 1,340,638 on March 7th.

Twitter Power Strategies: Features more than 100 Twitter tips and secrets. A useful guide to getting the most out of Twitter. Alexa rank: 119,732 on March 7th.

Twitter Power by Joel Comm. The book on using Twitter to make sales, build reputations, expand your brand, and create instant buzz. Alexa rank: 215,447 on March 14th.

Twitter Tango: Teaches people how to tweet and get the most out of Twitter. Alexa rank: 2,496,782 on March 16th.

Twitter Tips: Darren Rowse of hosts this site full of Twitter tips and articles. A wonderful resource. Alexa rank: 209,621 on March 7th.

Twitter Toolbox from twitter-toolbox A handy, but dated list of 60+ Twitter tools.

Twitternet Marketing: A social network on Ning for Internet marketers. Currently 362 members. Alexa rank: 575,599 on March 17th.

Using Twitter for Business by John Jantsch: A free 7-page ebook on using Twitter to expand your business.

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