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Twitter People: Resources and Tools
for Finding and Following Tweeple

The following websites and tools will help you find interesting people on Twitter. Use these tools to find people to follow and build relationships with. Check back to this page regularly as I add more Twitter resources. If you know of a resource or service that will help others Twitter more effectively, please tweet @JohnKremer.

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Twitter Tools for Finding People

Australia's Top 100 Journalists and News Media People on Twitter:

Book Authors on Twitter: — A list maintained by Jennifer Tribe.

Book Publishers and Other Book Trade People on Twitter: — A list maintained by Jennifer Tribe.

25+ Celebrity Twitter Users: — A blog post featuring celebrities who tweet.

CelebWitter: — Allows anyone to track the posts of thousands of celebrities: 1,283 authors, 473 comedians, 150 fashionistas, 1,708 Internet celebs, 2,458 movie people, 7,308 music people, 1,890 sports stars, 7,216 TV people. Alexa rank: 309,706 on March 9th.

DoesFollow: — Allows you to find out if a specific user is following another user on Twitter. Especially handy for finding specific followers of celebrities.

ExecTweets: — Features the top business executives who tweet via Twitter. Features their tweets as well. Execs are catagorized by government and education, health care, media and adveritisng, retail, technology, and others. Also categorized by featured (paid?) and most popular. You can nominate people to be featured on this site. New site. Alexa rank: 1,956,563 on March 30th.

50 Great Travel Tweeters: Twitter-50-great-travel-tweeters.html — A listing of the top travel tweeple.

100 Hip-Hop Heads You Must Follow on Twitter: http://therapup. — This blog post features hip-hop artists who tweet.

Holistic Twitter: — A social network for like-minded holistic Twitterers. 215 members. The site is powered by Alexa rank: 743,300.

Just Tweet It: — Choose a category (covers almost any job description) and find other Twitter users. You can also list your name to make it easier for people to find you. Make sure you're on the lists that describe you best. Alexa rank: 54,466 on March 10th.

Media Outlets That Twitter: https://twitteringjournalists.pbwiki. com/Media+Outlets+Using+Twitter. This list is maintained by the users, so you can add more media twitterers on this list. And include yourself if you have a blog talk radio show, newsletter, or other media outlet.

Museums Using Social Media: museums-using-social-media — A blog post featuring about 20 museums that tweet.

PlayWitter: — Allows anyone to follow game developers, designers, publishers and others who use Twitter to tweet about the industry. Alexa rank: 1,324,152 on March 9th.

RetweetRank: — Reveals the most retweeted people on Twitter. Retweeted people are the ones other people consider the most valuable to follow. Alexa rank: 88,993 on April 16th.

John Kremer's retweet rank on April 16th: 341 —

TechWitter: — Allows users to track the tech wizards, software developers, web celebrities who twitter. Alexa rank: 807,851 on March 9th.

Tracking Twitter: — Tracks consumer brands, media, television, and celebrities on Twitter. Features the company Twitter username, number of followers, most recent tweet, and some personal notes. Alexa rank: no data as of March 9th.

Tweet Catholic: — Features a great way to connect with Catholics who tweet. Alexa rank: no data on March 6th.

Tweet Exorcist: — Monitors which celebrity accounts are imposters as well as those celebrities who use ghost writers for their tweets. Alexa rank: 3,361,246 on May 24th.

Tweet Scan: — This website allows you to search tweets for any keywords you want to track. Then you can choose which twiterati you want to follow based on their tweets. Alexa rank: 59,617.

Twellow: — A yellow pages search engine that allows you to find people, organizations, and subjects on Twitter. Alexa rank: 68,477.

Twibs: — Features the top-followed businesses on Twitter. Alexa rank: 308,639 in early February, 106,304 on March 19th.

Twitority: — Allows you to do keyword and phrase searching sorted by authority of the twitterer. Alexa rank: 8,121,488 on February 2nd, 272,797 on February 12.

TwitteRel: — Allows you to search for other tweeters around the world with interests or hobbies like yours.

Twitter Moms: — A social network for mothers who use Twitter. 7,235 members. The site is powered by Alexa rank: 75,263.

TwiveAway: — Designed to quadruple your Twitter follower count by running your own Twitter giveaway context, all on complete auto-pilot. The one bad, bad thing that this site requires before you can use this tool: they force you to RT a tweet that you might not want to tweet. Forcing tweets is not kosher; it's spam. Users should have a choice. Alexa rank: 977,906 on April 10th.

A Twitter giveaway is just that: You give away something in return for your visitors taking some sort of action. An example would be giving away a free ebook to anyone that retweets a message you would like them to retweet.

We Follow:  — You can list yourself in this user-generated directory of Tweeple by sending a tweet as follows:

@wefollow #tag1 #tag2 #tag3

One tag should say #author if you are an author. The other two tags can be your keywords. You are limited to 3 tags.


Alexa rank: 4,537,190 on March 15th (the day it was released).

Following People Tools

See also the Twitter Influence Ranking Tools at

Auto Twilot: — A tool for gradually following people based on YOUR interests. Currently in beta but you can ask for a beta invite. Looks promising. Alexa rank: 14,328,263 in March 2010.

FlashTweet: — A mass follow tool that simplifies the process of adding your twitter friends. You can see who you are following that is following you back, follow friends from other users and even unfollow multiple friends at once. Alexa rank: 45,706 in March 2010.

Follow Cost: — Calculates what it will cost you in time to follow any Twitter user by providing average updates per day as well as average updates per day for the last 100 updates. Note: 46% of all recent tweets are @replies. Alexa rank: 373,624 in March 2010.

Follow Fridays: — Features a live Twitter stream for the #followfriday hashtag. These are generally good people to follow (but, of course, the system can be gamed). Alexa rank: 4,851,430 in March 2010.

FollowerWonk: — A very useful tool for finding people on Twitter by how they describe themselves. Alexa rank: 156,880 in March 2010.

Friend or Follow: — Find out who's following you that you are not following and who you are following who's not following you. Alexa rank: 8,352 in March 2010.

Just Unfollow: — Allows you to easily unfollow those people who don't follow you. Useful for weeding out those who have indicated that they don't really want a relationship with you. Also the best tool for allowing you to unfollow people who follow you, then unfollow you as a way of building their followers. Alexa rank: 267,558 in March 2010; 33,940 June 2010.

Mr. Tweet: — Helps you build meaningful relationships on Twitter, showing you the followers and influencers you should follow. Also recommends you to enthusiastic users relevant to you. Alexa rank: 266.902 in March 2010.

John Kremer on Mr. Tweet:

My Cleenr: — Allows you to sort your friends by their last tweets. Thus you can get rid of the inactive accounts you are currently following. Currently only available to people with 700 friends or less. Alexa rank: 211,711 on March 13th; 165,874 on August 17th.

Top Follow Friday: — Features the most recommended tweeple via the #followfriday hashtag. A tool for finding good people to follow (as recommended by other tweeple). Alexa rank: 316,006 in March 2010.

Top Twitter Friends: — Allows you to see who you interact most with on Twitter. Alexa rank: 374,767 in March 2010.

Top 237 Twitter Users Who Will Follow You Back: http://socialnews — A blog posting featuring the top tweeple who will generally follow you back.

Topify: — Sends you notifications of new followers with more detail than what Twitter sends. Even allows you to reply direct from the email. Alexa rank: 411,137 on April 15th.

Twarket Place: — A site where you'll be able to buy, sell, or trade Twitter user names. Could be valuable if someone has a user name you want to feature. Not yet active. No Alexa rank.

Tweepler: — Provides a way to process your new Twitter followers. It's a great way to enable you to follow those who are following you, especially to back track to people who began following you weeks or months ago. Alexa rank: 295,605.

Tweep Me: — For $12.95, this website allows new members to join and automatically be followed by all other members. At least, that's the theory. But when I looked at some of the members, they only had 300 or so followers (but the site has thousands of members). So not sure why the system isn't working as advertised. Personally, I'd rather have more control over who I follow. Alexa rank: 3,750,061 on March 18th; 90,511 on April 10th.

Tweep Tracker: — Allows you to find out who's following you that you don't follow back, who you're following that doesn't follow you back, as well who your mutual friends are. Currently in beta. Alexa rank: 2,062,746 on May 28th.

Tweepz: — A search engine for finding people on Twitter, incuding people interested in the same things you are interested in. A really useful tool. Alexa rank: 993,620 on April 15th.

Tweet O'Clock: — Type in a Twitter username to find out when it’s best to tweet them. Alexa rank: 16,409,472 on March 6th.

Tweet Replies: — Allows you to receive emails anytime a Twitter user sends @reply to you via Twitter. TweetLater also offers a similar service. Alexa rank: 489,798.

Tweet Stalk: — A Firefox addon that allows you to follow someone on Twitter without them knowing that you are doing so. Alexa rank: 260,674.

TweetSum: — Allows you to quickly follow or ignore people who are following you. Alexa rank: 1,008,625 on March 7th; 116,343 on May 10th.

Twibes: — You can pick 10 of the people who are following you and recommend them to others. You can also check other tweeple's recommendations and follow those people. Alexa rank: 7,757,451 on March 23rd (new site).

Twimailer: — If you have Twitter set up to notify you when you get a new follower, this service will expand that notice to include the follower's description, URL, and most recent tweets. Alexa rank: 189,222 on April 10th.

Twitoria: — Allows you to find out which of the people you are following are inactive. You can search by people who haven't tweeted in one month, two months, six months, etc. Alexa rank: 76,704 on April 10th.

Twit Seeker: — Search for people by what they're talking about A neat tool for finding people but if you use their bulk follow app, they send a stupid tweet to your list of followers for everyone you follow. That means a lot of useless tweets mucking up the Twitter stream. That's terrible. Sadly, the service works fine in terms of finding people who are tweeting your subject, but that bulk tweeting is bad juju. Alexa rank: 331,962 on March 6th.

Twitter Friends: — Allows you to track your Twitter relationships. Provides data on who you reply to and who replies to you. Also provides lots of data on your tweeting activity. Alexa rank: 87,380.

Twitter Hit: — A tool for following people who tweet about the things you are interested in. The free version will retweet a promo for Twitter Hit AND direct message all your followers. Very BAD. You can add up to 20 people at a time for a limit of 100 per day. The paid version costs $27 per month and allows you to add up to 1,000 people daily with no retweet promo or advertising. Alexa rank: 2,852,410 on May 25th but moving up quickly.

Twitter Sheep: — Builds a tag cloud from the biographical information of your Twitter followers. Provides a visual representation of the topics and conversations that most interest your followers. Alexa rank: 57,018 on April 19th.

John Kremer's followers tweet about marketing and the Internet:

The Twitter Tag Project: friday.php — Use this tool to find people you'd like to recommend on Follow Friday. Type in your Twitter username and this tool will scan your last 200 tweets, count the duplicates, and then return your most active frieds and output the results as a #followfriday ready tweet. Alexa rank: 289,972 on April 10th.

Twitterless: — Allows you to track your followers by notifying you when they unfollow plus follower filters, search, and history graphs. Alexa rank: 105,069 on March 13th.

Twitter Must Follows: — Features people you should follow, and tells you why you should follow them. You can nominate yourself for the Must Follow honor. Alexa rank: 13,490,991 on March 23rd (a very new site).

Twitter Snooze: — Allows you to turn off people you are following for up to 30 days. Especially useful if someone you are following goes excessive. Alexa rank: 587,995 on March 13th.

Twit Ya!: — Enter a Twitter username into the box and quickly view their tweets, conversations, and the profiles of the user and their newest friends. Alexa rank: 7,241,568 on March 13th; 1,828,627 on April 10th.

John Kremer on Twit Ya!:

Twollow: — Allows you to auto follow people on Twitter based on the keyword phrases in their profiles or tweets. Alexa rank: 77,102 on March 6th.

Twubble: — Searches your Twitter friends and followers and suggests people you might want to follow. Crazy Bob Alexa rank: 119,694 on March 6th.

UnTweeps: — Allows you to selectively unfollow tweeple who have not tweeted in 7, 30, 60, or 90 days. Useful for weeding out tweeple who are not active. Alexa rank: 137,220 on May 10th.

Who Should I Follow?: — Go to this website, put in your user name, and it will suggest people to follow. Really the best tool for finding people to follow. Alexa rank: 203,894.

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