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Use these tools to shorten the website and blog links in your tweets. Many of these tools can also be used to track responses to your tweets or blog posts.

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Note: You can edit the tweet before you send it out. Allows you to shrink a URL for Twitter or anywhere else and then track the number of clicks. Alexa rank: 153 in August 2010.

BudUrl: Motto: Shrink it. Spread it. Watch it grow. Allows users to shorten URLs and then track how many people click on your link. Multiple budurls can point to the same URL but track various sources. Can schedule tweets as well. Alexa rank: 5,799 in August 2010. A URL shortening service with tracking. Alexa rank: 10,446 in August 2010. A URL shortening service that can combine multiple URLs in one link. Alexa rank: 519,075 in August 2010. Shortens URLs shorter than any other service. Over 200 million URLs have been shortened thus far. redirects 50 million visitors each month. Alexa rank: 8,860 in August 2010. A URL shortening service that allows tracking via Alexa rank: 3,866 in August 2010. Scans every shortened link to ensure it doesn't go to a phishing scam or virus page. Alexa rank: 990,816 in June 2010; 563,714 in August 2010.

SnipURL: A URL shortening service that has snipped 37,730,000 URLs which have been clicked 48 billion times. Alexa rank: 21,387 in August 2010.

Snurl: An affiliated URL shortening service with a shorter URL. Alexa rank: 181,834 in August 2010.

Snipr: An affiliated URL shortening service with a shorter URL. Alexa rank: 96,684 on May 24th. An affiliated URL shortening service with an even shorter URL. Alexa rank: 120,798 on May 24th. A URL shortening service for music links. Alexa rank: 237,240 in August 2010.

Tiny Paste: Type or paste in any amount of formatted text and save it here. This service gives you a shortened URL you can share on Twitter, Facebook, Plurk, your website, blog, etc. Also comes as a Firefox extension. Alexa rank: 2,787 in August 2010.

Tiny Song: Allows you to share music links with your friends. Alexa rank: 246,661 in August 2010.

TinyURL: One of the first URL shortening services. Now, far from tiny. Alexa rank: 555 on March 10th. URL shortener for all things music. It's how fans and members of the Twitter community share music and cool music content. Alexa rank: 423,966 in August 2010.

Tweet Burner: Allows user to create short URLs for tweeting and then to track the open rates (or follows) of those links. Has generated more than 5.3 million twurls that have been clicked more than 34 million times. For example, click on this twurl: Alexa rank: 65,773 in August 2010

TwitClicks: Shortens URLs, can send them to Twitter, and tracks the clickthroughs. Alexa rank: 1,054,896 in August 2010.

Twit Lik: Shortens URLs for use in Twitter. Alexa rank: 5,571,130 in August 2010.

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Note: You can edit the tweet before you send it out.

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