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The following websites help you track trends in Twitter, monitor your own Twitter reputation, and get alerts when people tweet about keywords you are interested in (from your name, you topic, your company, etc.).

Check back to this page regularly as I add more Twitter resources. If you know of a Twitter tool or service that will help others, tweet @JohnKremer.

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Twitter Trend Tools

Breaking Tweets: — Motto: World news twitter-style. A great way to track world news as it happens. Alexa rank: 650,974 on March 8th.

Favrd: — Features the most favorited tweets from the previous day. Also can search by keyword. You can also see who has favorited a particular tweet, which allows you to follow like-minded people.

HashTags: — By placing a # sign before a word, you can tag your tweets. This site tracks the most popular hashtags. Alexa rank: 109,847.

Nearby Tweets: — Allows you to search for tweets within 100 miles of any location for any keyword you want. For example, check who is tweeting furniture, pizza, ice cream from within 100 miles of your retail store or service. If you search on #followfriday, you can locate good people to follow within your area. Alexa rank: 287,084 on March 6th. — Features the top retweeted links covering entertainment, gaming, lifestyle, science, sports, technology, world & business. Alexa rank: 104,399 on August 20th.

ReTweet Radar: — Allows you to see what's being passed on via Twitter retweets (as displayed in a tag cloud). Alexa rank: 101,829 on April 20th.

ReTweetist: — Allows users to see the hottest retweeted links and then enables them to click directly to the referred website. Alexa rank: 379,979 on February 12th; 48,995 on April 20th; 67,582 on August 20th.

Stuff to Tweet: — Features the hottest topics on Digg,, Twitter, Lifehacker, TMZ, YouTube, Mashable, WikiHow, CNN, New York Times, Viddler,, blogs, and recipes. If you want to be hot in your category on Twitter, retweet this stuff. Alexa rank: 80,523 on August 12th.

Tinker: — A simple way to discover events people are chattering about. You can follow the Twitter and Facebook streams for various events: award programs, sports events, new TV shows, NFL draft, conventions, seminars, software releases, book launches, etc. Alexa rank: 164,820 on April 10th; 43,483 on May 28th.

BookExpo America: bookexpo. To join in the discussion and share location, parties, people, giveaways, meetings, etc., tweet @bookexpo.

Tweetmeme: — Features the most popular links on Twitter. Useful for jumping on bandwagons. One of the hottest Twitter apps. Alexa rank: 29,704 on May 10th; 5,519 on August 12th.

Tweet Tag: — Allows you to search by keyword or phrase to find out who's blogging about a subject that day. Doesn't seem to pick up everything. Missed my posts on book marketing when I entered that phrase into their search box. Alexa rank: 363,020 in early February; 160,554 on April 10th.

Tweet Volume: — You can enter up to five keyword phrases or words to find out the comparative volume of tweets for the various terms. Alexa rank: 174,837 on May 28th.

Twerms: — Enter any Twitter username at the end of the above URL and see what they are tweeting about. When I tested it on my name, it really didn't reflect what I was tweeting about in a way that truly reflected my focus. Not sure why it missed the focus of most of my tweets.

Twidentify: — Find Twitter trends, search influential twitterers, and engage in conversations. Alexa rank: 20,159,083 on February 2nd, 521,830 on February 12th.

Twioogle: — A Twitter search engine. Alexa rank: 9,012,670 on April 13th.

Twistori: — Features tweets scrolling by about love, hate, think, believe, feel, or wish. Often fascinating. Alexa rank: 93,952 on April 3rd.

Twit Scoop: — Checks hundreds of tweets every minute and extracts the keywords people are using, ranking them by the number of mentions. The results are displayed in a tag cloud where the bigger keywords are more popular. It's a useful way to track the popularity of certain ideas. When I checked it the evening of February 1st, the biggest words were snow, snowing, snowed, closed. Alexa rank of 128,092 in early February; 26,993 on April 10th.

You can input a twitter username or keywords in the search box to track a conversation, topic or conference.

Twit Stat: — Provides real-time analytics of the Twitter stream. Check once in a while. Alexa rank of 106,355 in early February; 80,187 on April 10th.

Twitter Analyzer: — Allows you to see a ton of things about what you tweet, how you interact with your friends and followers, and much more. Real depth. And now even more features. Very useful for tracking your Twitter activity. Alexa rank: 187,081 on April 15th; 46,969 on June 30th.

John Kremer being analyzed :)):

TwitterFall: — Provides a rolling, visual guide to the latest tweets. You can filter messages by hot search topics or custom terms, as well as view your own timeline. Invaluable for knowing what’s hot and what’s not in the Twitterverse. Alexa rank: 75,077 on April 3rd.

Twitter Power Search: — A new search tool for search tweets by key words or names. Alexa rank: 1,034,560 on April 10th.

Twitter Vision: — Features real-time tweets and the location on the world map where the Tweeter lives. Alexa rank: 72,602 in early February, 50,020 on April 3rd.

Twitturls: — This site grabs the links people post in their Twitter feeds, visit those links, count them, and list them, thus featuring the most tweeted links each day. Alexa rank: 175,145 in early February; 71,311 on April 10th.

Twitt(url)y: — Tracks what URLs people are linking to as they talk about them on Twitter. Alexa rank of 86,417 on March 9th; 44,373 on April 19th; 29,374 on August 12th.

Twook 4 It: — This simple page features the tweets of anyone looking for something (i.e., any tweet with the words looking or searching in it). Alexa rank: 679,527 on May 27th.

Twopular: — Allows you to search for the most recent trends on Twitter (and then, if you want, to follow some of the top trendsetters). Alexa rank: 251,676 on March 6th; 163,157 on April 10th.

Twitter Influence Ranking Tools

Note that some of these ranking tools are flawed. There seems to be a lot of difference in how each of them determines a person's influence. But they are still useful tools to see how you measure up compared to others.

ReTweetability Index: — A tool created by Dan Zarrella to measure how retweetable any twitterer is. Still does not recognize @johnkremer on April 14th. Not sure why. Odd. Alexa rank:  5,570,588 on March 6th; 238,904 on April 14th.

Tweeple Rank: — Ranks the top tweeple for #FollowFriday, #MrTweet, and #TweepleTuesday. Alexa rank: 376,974 on April 10th.

Tweet Stats: — Allows you to track your Twitter account for tweet frequency, daily average tweet density, aggregate hourly tweets, who you are @replying to most, what interface you use to access Twitter, and more. Can also view the stats of other Twitter users. Alexa rank: 58,141 in early February; 42,707 on April 14th.

Twinfluence: — Measures a Twitter users reach, velocity, and social capital. Tells you how many second-order followerers you have. Alexa rank: 69,815 on March 9th; 59,900 on April 14th.

Twitalyzer: — Ranks any user for influence, signal, generosity, velocity, and clout. See the site for definitions of those terms. Alexa rank: 601,332 on March 18th; 67,738 on April 14th.

Twitter Break: — Features a tweeter of the day. Not sure how you get featured. Also features little games and trivia to break up your twittering. Alexa rank: 241,491 in early February; 201,162 on April 14th.

Twitter Counter: — Provides stats on anyone you want to follow. Includes the Top 100 twitterers. You can pay to be the featured twitterer. Alexa rank: 163,316 in early February; 7,973 on April 14th.

John Kremer on Twitter Counter:

Twitter Grader: — They also provide grading services for Facebook, websites, and more. Alexa rank for 42,813 in early February; 4,733 on April 14th.

John Kremer on Twitter Grader: kremer (rank on March 6th: 8,311 out of 1,500,053 tweeple, with a 99.5 grade out of 100; rank on April 14th: 6,342 out of 2,006,655 tweeple, with a 99.7 grade out of 100). By May 27th, I was 12,825 worldwide out of 2,235,686 with a grade of 99.5 (obviously losing ground, alas).

Twitterholic: — Find out where you rank in the world of Twitter. The front page features the top 100 tweeple. Alexa rank: 107,889 in early February, 17,017 on April 14th; 12,279 on May 27th.

Among people in New Mexico on February 15, 2009, I was ranked as the second most popular New Mexican, more popular than either New Mexico senator or the governor. At the time, I was about 13,000th most popular worldwide. By February 18th, I was #1 in New Mexico and 10,717th in the world. By April 14th, I was 1,546th worldwide and still #1 in New Mexico.

You can check anyone's rank if you know their Twitter name. My page on Twitterholic:

Twitter Score: — Allows you to check your Twitter popularity. Alexa rank: 99,398 on May 27th.

John Kremer's score: On May 27th, I ranked 1,081 out of 70,408 with a Twitter score of 8.8, although my score should have ranked me in the 640s.

Twittra: — Allows twitterati to tag themselves and be searchable via those tags for interests, passions, hobbies, etc. that they engage in. But it seems to have problems. I wasn't able to tag myself when I tried in early March 2009. Alexa rank: no data on February 2nd, 1,862,952 on February 12th, 1,667,148 on March 6th; 2,812,851 on April 14th.

Twitter Search and Alert Services

Tweet Beep: — This service will alert you via email anytime your name, book title, company, or other keyword is tweeted about. You can set up similar alerts using TweetLater. Alexa rank: 60,990.

Twit Seek: — A Twitter search tool for keywords, names, etc. In beta as of February 14. Alexa rank: 1,688,889.

Twit Tag: — Allows users to quickly search for tweets tagged (#) with any keyword. Alexa rank: 1,272,867 in early February, 935,704 on March 18th.

Twitter Hawk: — Allows users to set up alerts for keyword phrases, with advanced search options. Currently free, but they are working on a pro version that will cost money. Alexa rank: 1,286,731 on February 14th; 339,966 on March 6th.

Twups: — Allows you to search for popular topics on Twitter and see a real time list of tweets featuring that topic.

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