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The following websites will help you make better use of Twitter for promoting and marketing your books, products, services, and websites. Check back to this page regularly as I add more Twitter resources. If you know of a resource or service that will help others Twitter more effectively, please email

Caution! Avoid programs such as TweeterGetter, Tweet Virus, Viral Tweets, etc. They say that they are not spam, but they are because they don't give you a chance to do anything but promote their website with your tweet. Why not build your followers legitimately by being a real person doing real things that are really interesting? That, to my mind, is a better policy and will produce far better results.

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Twitter: A free blogging platform for 140-character posts, especially designed for text messaging via cellphone and instant messaging. There are millions of Twiterati. Alexa rank: 599.

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Twitter Search: Use this Twitter service to search for tweets.

Twitter API Wiki: Twitter encourages people to create new Twitter apps using their API. You can follow this wiki to read about all the different ways you can get data out of Twitter.

Paul Colligan: The entire purpose of Twitter is to get people to take action.

In late January 2009,'s Alexa rank was 169,421. On May 17th, it was 81,872. The 87,500 difference in four months was due to @johnkremer's Twitter activity. Take the 30-Day Twitter Challenge:

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140+ Ideas on What to Tweet

Twitter Attachment Tools: Tweet photos, big posts, videos, polls, etc.

Twitter Away: Miscellaneous Twitter Happenings

Twitter Blog Connections and Advertising

Twitter Design Tools: Make Your Twitter Profile Look Better

Twitter People: Resources for Finding and Following Tweeple

Twitter Promotional Tools

Twitter Short: Tools for Shortening URLs (and Tracking Clicks)

Twitter Tools and Social Networking Tools

Twitter Trends and Tracking Tools

Twitter User Guides, Handbooks and Blog Posts

How to Get Retweeted on Twitter: /04/how-to-get-retweeted-on-twitter.html

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