Don't Waste Your Time on Twitter.

There's Only One Reason to Tweet:
To Build a Fanatical Base of Followers


If you've made it this far, you know that Twitter is one of the hottest social networks in the world today.
The sad thing is that most people
don't know how or what to tweet.

They don't know how to use Twitter
to build a list, to increase their followers, and to create fans out of those followers.

Fans mean sales. Fans buy from people they trust. Fans will buy from YOU!

Twitter Mania Manual was written for only one reason: To help you build a large group of followers who will love everything you say, everything you write, everything you create, and everything you sell.

“Why wait another minute to get started using Twitter when you know you could be building your lists, building relationships, selling more products and services, and building your credibility faster?” - Mike Filsaime of The 7 Figure Code

Learn how to...

Take the 30-Day Twitter Challenge: Learn how I doubled
the number of visitors to my website in
only four months simply by tweeting.

Get Retweeted: Getting retweeted is the key to building
a large committed group of followers.

The Ins and Outs of Following and Unfollowing Tweeple:
Who you follow and why you follow them is key to building
real relationships with your followers. Learn the 27
reasons to unfollow people as well as the 11 reasons why
you should follow other people.

151 Ways to Tweet: Learn what to tweet and how to tweet.
Get creative. Writing a variety of tweets will keep your followers coming back for more. And will allow your sales tweets to stand out and be noticed.

12 Tips to Enhance Your Twitter Reputation: Learn how to
get recognized for the value you give via your tweets.

Plus . . .

Discover more than 100 tools that save you time in
managing your Twitter accounts. And tools that allow
you to tweet even while your sleep!

Note: You should have multiple accounts to back
your different promotions.

Convert your followers into customers. The only reason
you should spend time on Twitter is to create customers
and joint venture partners.

Avoid common mistakes. There are many reasons someone
won't follow you. Learn what they are - and avoid them!

Maximize your Twitter traffic. Learn how to get more
people to not only read your tweets but also act on them.

Track your Twitter results. Learn how to use specific
tools to track which of your tweets people like and
which ones are generating real response.

How to link Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, other social
networks, your blogs, and your websites into a network
that drives traffic back and forth - thus building your
Twitter following at the same time as you build your
customer list.

Here are a few ideas on what you can write about when you tweet. If you can't figure out what to tweet, start using ideas from this list.

Note: These are just the first few of over 150 tips on how to tweet effectively so people want to read your tweets, track what you say, and retweet what you write.

Be helpful. At least 50% of your tweets should answer people's questions, respond to others' remarks, or be involved in helping others or creating relationships. Less than 10% of your tweets should involve any kind of direct selling.

Be supportive. When people are having a rough day or dealing with a negative comment, support them.

Sample tweet: @annkeelerevans:
@JohnKremer my thoughts and prayers are with you. may it go well.

Be interesting.

Sample tweet @skinnyjeans:
Interesting concept: Beauty = weapon of mass attraction.

Be shocking. It works for the news, but I'm not sure how to do it in Twitter. I haven't seen a good example yet that I can showcase here. Perhaps this would be considered shocking:

Sample tweet @bekamop:
Forget Ustream. Two of their guys just RTed @Pogue's accidental tweet of his cell #. The only creeps to do that so far. Go Mogulus instead.

Sample tweet @johnkremer:
TweeterGetter, as far as I'm concerned, is spam. They say it's white hat, but I find them offensive.

Sample tweet @StirringTrouble:
That creep Dan Brown with $ signs in his eyes has written another crappy book. Expect a huge promotion by his publishers and another film.

Be funny.

Sample tweet @RoseannHiggins:
RT @JohnKremer Messy women make good lovers. — Patrick Jane, The Mentalist RH: There you have it. Why my office is a zoo! That's funny. :)

Sample tweet @KCBooks:
@JohnKremer Messy women do make great lovers...when they can find their significant other in the clutter ;)

It's okay to repeat your important tweets. Just do it in moderation.

For more than 150 ideas on what to tweet and how to tweet to get more fanatical followers and buying customers, order the Twitter Mania Manual for only $4.95. That's an incredible bargain, less than many people pay for their morning coffee.

You'll find the first 20 pages of this 95-page book worth far more than this small price. The remaining 75 pages will feel like an incredible bonus.


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