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Top 100 Video Sharing Websites

This page features the top 100 video sharing websites as well as websites that allow you to create and edit videos and slideshows. If you'd like to nominate a video sharing website for this page, email John Kremer. Thanks for your support. — John Kremer, host of the Ten Million Eyeballs Events

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Video Sharing Websites

Babelgum: — A free internet TV platform supported by advertising, Babelgum combines the full-screen video quality of traditional television with the interactive capabilities of the Internet, offering professionally produced programming on-demand. Especially favors independent film, independent music, and underwater film. Also channels for nature, comedy, travel, and sport. The Babelgum player provides content owners with a secure platform on which to distribute their programming worldwide and a business model that allows them to monetize their assets. Sponsors the Babelgum Music Video Awards.

Barely Political: — The website behind the Obama Girl videos. No user-generated videos.

Betawave: — Formerly known as GoFish. Offers a network of partner websites featuring celebrity entertainment, extreme sports, cartoons, anime, and more. “Our network consists of a select group of youth-oriented publishers for whom we sell advertising and through which we can distribute our original online video content. Betawave offers a comprehensive package of services to publishers including marketing services expertise, premium advertising, access to exclusive packaged content, reporting, and streamlined payment process.”

The Big 50 Videos: — Features the top 50 comedy, sports, and entertainment/movie videos. Also includes a hall of fame. They invite you to send them videos.

BigGlide: — Encourages users to show the world your talent. Lots of models. Alexa: unranked in September 2011.

Big Oven: — Create and share your own cooking and food-related videos.

Big Think: — This interactive site allows you to browse, rate, and respond to the the opinions of celebrity experts. Also allows you to present your creative ideas. Alexa rank: 88,363.

Our task is to move the discussion away from talking heads and talking points, and give it back to you. That is Big Think's mission. In practice, this means that our information is truly interactive. When you log onto our site, you can access hundreds of hours of direct, unfiltered interviews with today's leading thinkers, movers and shakers. You can search them by question or by topic, and, best of all, respond in kind. Upload a video in which you take on Senator Ted Kennedy's views on immigration; post a slideshow of your trip to China that supports David Dollar's assertion that pollution in China is a major threat; or answer with plain old fashioned text. You can respond to the interviewee, respond to a responder or heck, throw your own question or idea into the ring.

Blacksite Media: — Features videos about paranormal events and doings.

Blastro: — Features hip-hop videos and urban videos.

Blinkx: — Video search tool featuring 35 million hours of video. If you have video content on your website or blog, you can submit it for indexing via RSS to Blinkx at:

Blip Snips: — Allows users to tag YouTube videos with the key moments in the video so they can share those specific moments with other users. Alexa rank: 769,699 in August 2010.

Blip TV: — Features short, funny entertainment videos. They allow you to upload video via the website, an FTP address, a desktop utility called UpperBlip, or your cell phone. You can also cross-post videos automatically to many blogging platforms. You can embed videos into your website as an image thumbnail, a Flash player, a pop-up window, or a new browser window. Plus you can provide viewers multiple video formats to download (Flash, iPod, cell phone playback, etc). Finally, BlipTV offers optional revenue sharing. Currently features 48,000 web shows and 22 million viewers.

BlueString: — Upload and share photos, videos, and music from your PC. Just drag and drop to share. With StringIt, you can share your creative collections (for example, from a wedding or other event) and then invite family and friends to add their own photos, videos, or music to add to the story. A service of AOL.

Bofunk: — Features videos: awesome, crazy, cute, funny, interactive, nasty, painful, ridiculous, signs, stupid ideas, and what the heck.

BookCaster: — Features book trailers and other book-related videos. You can add your own videos. Very new. Few videos (September 2009).

Book Screening: — Features book trailers from authors and potential authors.

Bopsta: — An online lip-syncing competition where anyone can upload music videos. Formerly known as GoogleIdol.

Boxee: — The best way to enjoy video from the Internet or your computer on your TV.

Break: — Videos especially for guys (ages 15 to 35). 18 million unique visitors each month. They show 12 million videos per day. They have partnerships with Tivo, Lionsgate, NBC Universal, Vivendi Games, Twisted Pictures, Limelight Networks, and more. Break offers a full package of free services to website owners that will help drive traffic and increase your site's reach and ad revenue. You can embed every video on Break onto your website with a customized embeddable player. On Break you can also create a tricked out customized personal page where you can send updates to subscribers, post bulletins, and include links to your site for all the people who are finding you for the first time through Break. Their Girl of the Day widget allows you to have the hottest girls from all over the web delivered to your site every morning. Alexa rank: 488 in October 2010.

Brightcove: — A video publishing website. They provide professional video services to MTV, Warner Music, and other big companies, but they also offer a personal video sharing service that is free. You can sign up for a Brightcove Network account to make money by sharing advertising revenue (50/50), offer downloads or rentals using AOL Video distribution (30/70 split), or third-party syndication programs. You can upload videos via the website or their desktop PublishPod application. Their Aftermix online video editor lets you record directly from your webcam, adjust your videos, import videos from YouTube and others, and use images from Flickr and Facebook. Their Takeout Box widget allows you to create thumbnail listings to promote your Brightcove videos all across the web. Page rank of 8.

Bubble Cast: — Provides widgets for forums, WordPress blogs, and websites to showcase videos -- and even allow visitors to immediately record a video and post it via the widget to your blog or site.

Bubble Guru: — With this service, you can create a pop-up video that appears when visitors come to a page on your website. Costs from $5.95 to $49.95 per month. Other serivces: Bubble Tweet, Bubble Joy, Bubble Comment, Bubble Testimonial, and VidTweeter. Alexa rank: 1,152,674 in October 2010.

Bukisa: — A place to share how-to videos and articles (and earn money doing so. Alexa rank: 7,243 on May 28th.

BuzzNet: — A video-sharing site that is part of the Video Egg ad network. Features music, celebrities, pop culture in photos, music, and videos. Alexa rank: 876 on April 30th.

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