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This page features the top 100 video sharing websites as well as websites that allow you to create and edit videos and slideshows. If you'd like to nominate a video sharing website for this page, email John Kremer. Thanks for your support. - John Kremer, host of the Ten Million Eyeballs Events

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Video Sharing Websites

Facebook Video: (you must be a member of Facebook to see this page) - Their video player offers better quality and privacy controls than many other video sharing sites. You can send video voicemail back and forth between friends. It supports most mobile providers so you can take a video on your phone and email it to and have it posted to your Facebook page. Page rank of 10. Alexa rank: 2 in July 2010.

Facebook VideoFriends: - VideoFriends is an application for Facebook that allows you to tag your friends in the videos you share.

Factual TV: - Offers a big library of fact-based videos (short and long-form, free and for sale as downloads). Features over 1,000 titles. FactualTV is service provided by, an aggregator and licensor of documentaries and factual video for global online distribution.

Famster: - Designed as your family's private social network. Allows you to upload and share photos and videos. Also includes blogs, recipes, calendars, scrapbooks, and more. A membership website (free for two weeks). Page rank of 5.

Fancast: - Allows you to watch many old and new TV shows and episodes. - A video recommendation site that combines functions like StumbleUpon and Pandora for videos. You can create individual channels of your favorite videos and then share them on Twitter and FriendFeed. Their new bookmarklet allows you to share videos you view on YouTube, Vimeo, or other video-sharing websites and post the videos to sites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, StumbleUpon, and more.

The Filter: - Helps anyone to locate more web videos like the ones they already enjoy. Also features most-viewed videos in many categories: music, entertainment, sports, autos, pets and animals, film and animation, news and politics, people and blogs, education, comedy, science and technology, travel/events, and how-to and style. The Filter will also recommend music, movies, and TV shows based on what you already like.

5 Minute Life Videopedia: - Israeli site focused on 5-minute or less how-to videos in the following categories: arts, business, extreme, fashion, fitness, food, games, health, home, music, parenting, people, pets, spiritual, sports, tech, travel, wheels, life tips, and knowledge. In early January 2008, their highlighted videos were viewed from 200 times to 122,650 times. Alexa rank: 6,228 on April 30th.

Flektor: - A division of News Corporation, this site allows you to create mash-ups from text, chat, videos, movies, slideshows, postcards, and more. You can also create your own quiz or poll and share it on your MySpace page. Allows you to make customized slideshows, glitter text, or edit a movie. You can even record and broadcast yourself live on a webcam. When finished, you can post to MySpace, Facebook, Blogger, Ebay, or your own website.

Flick Life: - Motto: Watch, publish, make money. Upload videos featuring people, news, entertainment, pets/animals, politics, sports, technology, music, funny, and how-to. Their top-rated videos seem to feature primarily soft sex. You can sort by just submitted, most viewed, most discussed, top rated, and top favorites. Almost all of the top videos, again, are sex related.

Flip Clips: - This site allows users to create flip books from their home videos. The printed flip books cost from $9.00 to about $20.00 depending on size and number of movie stills. A neat way to use new technology to create an old-style technology.

Fliqz: - Offers fully-customizable, plug-and-play video solutions. They offer a free video play for your site as well as other video solutions for any budget.

Flixtime: - This website provides an app that allows you to create video slideshows from photos in 3 easy steps.

Flixwagon: - This website allows users to broadcast live video from your mobile phone. You can broadcast live to the web, keep videos for later, stream to your blog, and even Twitter live broadcasts. An MTV website.

Flixya: - Flixya pays you to share videos, photos, and blogs. Page rank of 6.

Flurl: - A video search engine that also allows you to upload videos.

Foooo: - A video search engine featuring 220 million videos in more than 100 video-sharing websites. Features the most popular videos each day, as well as videos for news, sports, pets, comedy, entertainment, animation, music, business, autos, art, games, movie/TV, people and blogs, science, events, education, and sexy. - Like the Ted conferences, features talks by experts on the economy, environment, politics, science, technology, and culture. Some videos are free but most are pay-per-view programs from major conferences and events. Alexa rank: 19,741 in December 2010.

451 Degrees: - A social network focused on fashion, culture, nightlife, and entertainment. Featuring videos, photos, music, calendars, and announcements.

Fox Interactive Media: - A division of News Corporation, Fox Interactive Media is a portfolio of social networking sites including MySpace, Photobucket, Spring Widgets, Flektor, FoxSports, and more. 298 million videos viewed each month (3.3% market share, #3). 35.8 million unique viewers in July 2007.

Free Documentary TV: - Features thousands of documentaries culled from other video websites. Alexa rank: 674,136 in April 2011.

Free IQ: - A video sharing site where people vote for the best informational videos. But it is also a information product showcase where the FreeIQ takes a percentage of any products you sell. They encourage you to showcase your knowledge and expertise via videos and then close the sale there. “Search for any topic you’re interested in learning more about – from business management to marketing to software to your favorite hobby – and see all the experts and authors and speakers on that subject.” They'll host entire presentations that last hours or short clips.

If you are an expert on just about any topic, Free IQ is the perfect solution to display your ideas and showcase your knowledge. We will host and stream all your content for free, whether it’s video, audio, articles or ebooks. While we reserve the right to eventually set limits, currently there is no limit to how much content you can upload. And if anyone buys an electronically deliverable (downloadable) product from you, we’ll deliver it for free as well.

For content providers, there is no monthly fee to use the Free IQ shopping engine to sell your information products. We host and stream (and digitally deliver) an unlimited of audio and video for free. For any sales you make, we charge just 5% of the sales price (plus credit card processing fees.)

For Free IQ content providers, not only can you sell your own information products, like ebooks, audio and video seminars and courses, teleseminars and webinars, live seminar registrations, subscription newsletters, training and coaching programs, or telephone or in-person consulting . . . but you can also get paid every time one of your customers buys something from anyone else on the entire web site – for a whole year!

You can join their affiliate program here:

You can add new content to Free IQ here:

Free Video Lections: - Makes available educational videos from colleges and universities, categorized by subject and university. Alexa rank: 118,850 in August 2010.

Funny or Die: - Funny videos. 3.8 million unique visitors per month. Their biggest hit was their first hit: The Landlord, with 57.8 million views. It's been death since then. Funny or die? Dying. Alexa rank: 2,056 in August 2010.

Fuse TV: - Fuse Networks, 11 Penn Plaza, 17th Floor, New York NY 10001; 212-324-3400; Fax: 212-324-3445. Email: Motto: Fuse: Where music lives. Alexa rank: 66,293 in August 2010.

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